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big bed, little boy

there's something that i've been wanting to tell you...

big bed, little boy
rock on elmo, rock on

the house is sold. we signed all of the last papers today~chris and i have been looking for homes in the north end of moncton. so far we have found 1 that could work for us. it's sad to leave our wonderful home for a smaller not so nice house with zero back yard. boo. off we go to look at more this week.
nathaniel stuff- he is now a mean crawling machine, eats all big ppl food, has 8 teeth, refuses to drink out anything but the bottle, waves bye-bye, giggles and loves the bath.
his past times are leaving behind him a mess everywhere he goes, ripping a part his room and laughing at me, crawling behind me and running away from me. he also love to stand in front of the window talking to the cars that pass by. but by far his fav thing to do is play with big bear.


laundry helper

i left the room for just a few seconds...nathaniel thought that i needed his help
what? i didn't do it mom


story time

i came around the corner and saw the best picture. dad reading to his son. nathaniel loves to sit in your lap and read books. it's one of the few times he will sit still and snuggle.

on an us note. we are still looking for a house in moncton. we have seen 8 so far and none are good. we have lots of time, so there is no rush. i know that there is 1 perfect house for us, we just have to find it.

i am looking at it like a journey.....and i chose to enjoy the trip!


bottle boy

so i read this article that one should introduce the sippy cup around 9 months. so i did. which nathaniel promptly tossed to the floor.

so i tried again at 10 months and again it went on the floor.

so then i had a brain fart. why not get nathaniel to give himself the bottle. ha. he will not hold the bottle. he instead looks up at me, smiles, closes his eyes and waits for me to hold it for him.

ok, i admit. i like it. he's not a cuddly baby so this is my chance to get some snuggles in. i know, i know he needs to learn this skill.

so imagine my delight when i walked around the corner last week and saw nathaniel drinking from his bottle, all by himself. i was pleased. and sad. he's growing up so fast.

note- he has not held the bottle since 0 comments

cup cakes saturday

saturday we went to a grad partay for a young couple at our church. with it being a *pot-luck and all i brought mini cup cakes.

being infamous for my lack of cooking/baking skills in the past, i have decided to give in and become domestic.

so my new hobby is baking. and i likes it. chris really likes it and chris's co-workers really, really like it. we are all putting on weight together.

so here is my creation. mini blue iced cup cakes. they were super yummie.

* it is called a pot LUCK and will always be a pot luck. i think pot blessing is so lame. pot luck people POT LUCK. 0 comments

father's day

so i am a week late, what ever. our first dad's day!

we went to church first. nathaniel was great in the nursery, i think he's starting to like it there. then home for naps. then off to the park for a picnic. it was on the cold side so we ate and went for a drive. we had to be back by 6 for a showing. then chris opened his pressies. i may add that he did quite well. he's a great dad.

chris and natey hanging out

nathaniel at the park, picking grass is fun

our picnic food. trust me it tasted better than it looks.

chris's stack of gifts


welcome back

boo. i'm back. after taking a much needed break from the blog. i have returned.

there have been a few changes in our life. our wonderful, fun, filled little boy joined us in aug and in doing so, changed the course of my life forever. nathaniel is a gift of god in every form!

chris is back to work after taking a 9 month pat leave. he's wanting to have another baby so he can go back on leave. ha.

chris is now the children's pastor at our church, i work along side with him, he just sports the fancy title.

as of yesterday we sold our home in memramcook and are looking to move into the city. we both felt that the time was right for us to move. selling the house is a whole other story. god is good.

i am still the same, just with a baby. actually he's almost not a baby anymore. he is growing so fast. i have taken up a new hobby. baking. yum. trust me there will be more on that.

today's natey story.

a few weeks ago chris went to get nathaniel up from his nap and found him in his crib like this. yep, sock hanging out of his mouth and giggling! 0 comments