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mail and the lap top

nate was playing with is laptop
a pc of metal chris brought in from the shop
nate can make anything from anything....he's artzooka! ha

we walked to the mail box yesterday and nate was thrilled that he got his own mail! we rushed home to open it
ohhhh a book

a letter "that you can read to me mom, i can't read yet"

and off we went to read it, as you can see by the pile of books behind him we were reading before we hit the park. ha

it's a gret book ursi! thank you! i've learned so much from it. did you know why your feet stink? ha

nate woke up this morning and said "i know why i get goosebumps!"

thanks u for thinking of n. he was very happy!

trucking and granola

driving home yesterday i saw this. it took me a second to clue in....something was about the back door is wide open and the contents are moving around!

it was coke cans and something in boxes...i stayed back cause i didn't want to get hit

as the truck went up the hill and hit the bumps the lid came down

it was funny and well neat so i blogged it!

i got this amazing recipe from my friend shannon for home made granola. SO good. you MUST make this NOW! i modified it to what ingredients i have on hand

i threw in

2 cups rolled oats

.5 cup bran

.5 cup flaxseed

1/4 c chia

1/4 c sesame seeds

1/4 poppy seeds

1/4 sunflower seeds

.5 cup raisins

.5 c cranberries

.5 c dates (that i soaked in hot water to soften them up)

2 tbs n. peanut butter

1/4 c honey

splash of vanilla


1/2 tsp salt

i wished i put in apples

then i baked it for 20 mins at 300, then flipped it over and baked for another 20

SO good!

we don't have any yogurt so i mixed it with apple sauce. seriously this stuff should be called granola crack!

make it you will thank me later

another nate funny

yesterday afternoon, i was working away, when i get focused on a project nate just follows me around talking and talking. i normally tune him out and work (oops! me bad?) anyways. i hear nate talking to himself and he says"mom, i have to go have some quiet time and talk to god"

ok dude! i watch him go into is room. he left the door slightly open so i gave him 2 mins and snuck up

i peeked in and there he is on his bed, rolling around with his eyes shut tight and hands folded (while wiggling and rolling) and i hear

".....but god i really wanted a brother. so help me like my sister but i want a boy.please god i want a boy too. can you give me a boy? i will be good today. i am glad i can talk to you......"

then he opened his eyes and saw me...oops...

anyways. it was a hoot! i gotta write this stuff down so i will remember when he's 30

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nate stories!

nate fell asleep last night. in what i call dead sleep. the kind that NOTHING wakes him. i took a pic cause he looks so funny. ha

he's sleeping with his necessities. his leapster, his book, his containers for the goo. the goo in a plastic nag (that he put it in) the x-box, box???? and his blanket. that he calls "hot chocolate"???NO idea why...

2 funny nate stories!!

sat night, before bed, nate comes to me. somber and very serious. he says "mom, there is something very serious i need to tell you about. you will be mad. i am sorry"

i said "what?"

he goes "it's a very serious thing and i have to tell you the truth?"

i'm like "what?" thinking in my head man oh man what did he do????

head down he confesses "not every time i pee i wash my hands. sometimes i do. but if i am busy playing i don't. but i do wash my hands every time i poop. i am sorry. i just don't want to wash them every time i pee"

me "bawahhhhhhh that is ok bud. just try to wash them in the future"
inside laughing mu butt off

confession. does EVERYONE was their hands EVERY TIME they pee????

nate stories

so sat nate was sick. sat night, i put him in bed with me. he wakes up yelling "i have to poop!" i'm like "go dude go!" off he goes and does his bizness. washes his hands and climbs back into bed with me

5 mins later "mom! i have to poop!" i'm like dude go!

off he goes to the bathroom. i can hear him going on and on and making a lot of noise. finally he comes out, climbs into bed with me. closes his eyes

then he jumps up and yells "MOM! oh no! i forgot to poop!" and off he goes to do his stuff. then washes his hands and climbs back into bed

i asked him "let me get this straight, you had to poop but you forgot? then you washed your hands instead?"

BAWAhhhhhhhh i laughed!

22 weeks!

there she is in all her glory. ignore the dbl chin, chris has an uncanny ability to take redic horrid and non flattering pics of me. grrrrrrr. ha

i am up another pound. i weigh about what i did with nate at say.....30 weeks! i hope the weight gain slows down a bit or i am gonna get scared. i have put on OVER 20 pounds! ha

little missy loves to move around. i was out getting groceries this afternoon and i could see her moving through my clothing. v. creepy. alienish. ha

very uneventful!!! week. little spotting. i am happy! 1 comments

our saturday!

nate this morning. he was so sick today. he was up 1/2 the night throwing up/exiting the other way. poor dude. i tucked him in on the couch and i headed out the door. what i great mom i am!

my friend shannon put o a clean eating seminar this am. it was great! lots of info, new recipes and LOTS to sample. i am still full!

i came home to this!

close up

awwwww what a sweet warning! the mess wasn't even that bad and why would i complain!?! he build shelf's in the closet for me. what a guy!

then we made plasma

chris was totally into this

nate not so much

plasma! or slim. what ever. for science purposes it's plasma. ha

then i met a friend for a walk, i love walking with ppl! if anyone wants to go for a walk buzz me!!! anyways, it was too cold to go for a long walk (the wind was shockingly cold!) so we cut it short and went for a coffee instead. no worries shan, we skipped the timbits. ha.

such a lovely saturday!

have a good one everyone!

i want this!

seriously, chris! yes?!
(the bed and water ha not the dog) 2 comments


it was +16 this am, so we ate breaky outside. my plant needed some sun so i took it out too. ha

adorableness in every which way!

the weather is splendid! simply wonderful! we have the ont weather this week but it's calling for colder days this weekend :( sob! i love wearing shorts and flip flops in march! so get outside and enjoy the sun! it's +26 right now!

preschool photo shoot

this morning. after breaky (he ate 3 eggs!!!)



ubber talent

i was thinking man i am posting a lot of pics of ante. then i realised it's my blog i can post what i want. ha!

just before we head out the door nate come to me and says

"who's this guy and why does he look like my dad?"


i told him it was his uncle rudy and they look and sound a lot alike

he said "the one in switzerland?"

i said "yes"

he said 'we should go there sometime so i can ses his real face"


maybe some day son, when we win the lottery! and if that ever happened mommy and little missy will be going to paris, italy and the uk for shopping....



i so want this for nate. how fun. ha!

on a completely unrelated note. i can't believe it's been 2 days since i sat down to blog. we are just ubber busy this week. between regular activities, appointments, meetings, reading this amazing book i can't put down! and church services we are just on the go!

plus side the week is gonna fly right on by! sweet! and nate is napping most days (we are out late) which gives me a nap and a rest, which makes me happy. ha

the baby is really active. she keeps me up most nights, the first 30 mins i am like "awww this is the bestness ever"

then the next 30 is "ok, quiet down i need sleep"

then the following 30+ are spent "if you don't stop kicking me right now i am going to put you in time out!" when that doesn't work i wake chris up and he says "listen here missy! i am your father, you stop moving right now and go to sleep" to which (for real!!!) she always responds with a kick to his face...the fist time she did this chris looked at me and said 'did she just kick me?"i'm like "yep welcome to my day" bawahhhhh

sob sob sob i know she's gonna be just like me
the house will never be quiet again

enjoy the amazing sun you monctoners! and come out tonight for the meeting, this is some great teachings!!!! if nate can sit 2 hrs so can you. hahaha 1 comments

belly sunday

21 weeks

up 2 more pounds. i've lost count now at what i'm at.

we were ubber later leaving church this am, and after running errands we were starving so we went to montana's. it was delish! seriously! amazing. we will be back!

then bec the weather is so nice out today (+16) we went tot he park, the first for this season

my heart!

sliding on the last of the snow


nate was here

spelling lesson from dad

we had such a great weekend! we hit up the home show yesterday am (after having breaky at a new restaurant that was very yum!) where we all enjoyed ourselves, then the men had some men time and i went shopping for our wee one. i found some cute pieces! we spent a lot of family time over the past 2 days and it's nice!

this week is a busy one but it's nice to face the week after a great family weekend!

enjoy the sun everyone!

swimming and mail!

we came home last night from nate's very first ever solo swim! he did smashing! i was so proud of him, he's the youngest kid in the class (by far!) and the only boy to boot! chris got him dressed and brought him to the pool where he proceeded to jump in and swim away for the remainder of the class. chris them took him back to change him up after. next week chris will sit up stairs with me! wheeeeeeeeee our baby is not a baby anymore! good thing we have another baby coming. ha. i was so happy with him i broke my icky fast food fast and went out to eat with them.

we came home to mail for nate!

opening it and seeing the card

he ran to chris who was on the phone yelling "my own mcdonald's card! i can buy mcdonalds for my very own! my own money!"

then he ran back and showed me. i asked him if he would buy me an ice cream. he said no. then he said ok, only 1! ha.

and he snuck some lego building in before his way late, over past bed time!

playing in the snow! he loved it! after i took the pic he asked for his sun glasses to help him see better so he can work better. just like his dad i tell ya!

happy friday everyone and have a great weekend!

antics oh my!

i was in the bathroom last night and i could hear nate singing very loudly "GREEN TREE! GREEN TREE! DANCING GREEN TREE!"
i was like what?
i came out of the b/r and found him singing and dancing and shaking my celery! that he helped himself to from the fridge! silly kid. i promptly threw it out, not knowing where or what else he did with it

this morning, again, i was in the bathroom, i could hear nate working away at something...
he decided to lock me in the bathroom by building a 1" wall with random items he found around the house

i stepped over it and yelled "who's trapped now big boy?" bawahhhh

then he put it all away

the outside view of the great wall of nate

nate was playing at the mall in this car. he then yells (bec i've discovered he has 2 volumes LOUD AND LOUDER!) "mom take a picture of my mean driving face"

so there ya go, his mean driving face



reading and cleaning

so intro'd nate into the world of reading. he's really picking up on it. i found this cool print out of 2 letter words and as i read them in a book, i would stop and have nate find them and repeat what the word says. he picked up on it right quick and soon he was finding them on his own

discovered the word by. he's not reading! just starting the basics and because i've never taught someone how to read before we are both learning together. today he was totally into it and that helped SO much. esp with me feeling so icky and gross* sigh*

then after reading i told him he could have a short video. as i pulled the couch out i found a box of smarties 3/4 gone. i knew i lost it somewhere. ha. anyways, nate fessed right up to taking it from the top of my fire place 4 days ago and he would have a hand full every morning for the last 4 days. (his words!)

so i made him clean up the trashed playroom with NO talking, crying, yelling or complaining. then quietly go to his room and wait until i get there...

i came back to this!

a SPOTLESS playroom! i was stunned!

then i went to get him

and found him here. clearly not his room

i asked him why he was not in his room and he said "i wanted to wait here, it's more of a punishment, i can;t play with anything"

point taken

then i went into his room

sigh. trashed. i had him clean it up and came back to this

seriously! i was impressed

so i took him out to tim's. ha. i figured her earned a reward (me too!)

waiting in the drive though

and that was our morning, well not entirely. this am was dentist day. sigh. i loath the dentist. nate did awesome! very impressive

and now we brace ourselves for this snow storm that is on it's way (is it wrong that i hope it comes and school is cancelled tomorrow? selfish reasons...i don't wanna go to preschool...ha!)