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rainbows, nate talk and life

yesterday while driving home we saw the most amazing dbl rainbow over the house. it was the closest, most vivid rainbow i've seen!

see the second one starting just above the one you can see?

from the back yard. i thought it was super cool!

we've been with out Internet for a DAY! i can not get over how much our lives work around that computer! everything from communication, paying bills and video watching was gone! instead c and i talked, played with nate and started on our 'school work'. seriously, i hugged my lap top when it started back up and everything was right in my world again. haha

yesterday am while driving over to v's house for a WAY over due visit nate had a chat with me in the car. it was a hoot and i want to share (grandparents!)

n-mom, i don;t want to be a doctor anymore

m-why bud?

n- it's too much work to be a dr. all that work all day long! instead i want to be a super bunny!

m-a super bunny? why?

n-because a super bunny gets to fly all over the world to save the day!

m-well, dr's save lives you know

n-they do? how?

m-then i went into much detailed elaborate stories of how dr's saved his life, papa's life, papa plumps life etc...

n-naw, i want to be a super bunny. they get to fly

then today on the way to get chris (i swear the best stories come in the van driving to places)

n-mom. do we live on planet earth?


n-is this road on earth?


n-are we driving to daddy on the road on earth?


n-this earth is huge

stopping to pause

n-is it true that god can hold the whole world in his hand?

m-yes....(while thinking.....where did he hear this????)

n-so we are driving in the van, on earth and god is holding us

m-yes. while thinking holy crap where does he get this, at 4 i was playing with dolls

n- i wonder if it tickled god's hand when we drive all over it

seriously? i busted a gut laughing.....i wonder if we tickle god's hand. haha

boxing day stuff

i shoveled while nate scooted. yeah, it didn't pan out all that well for him
then i went into the kitchen and saw that my oven was on. odd, i didn't turn it on...what ever could be in there?


really? CHRIS was drying out his make something in the shop, i forget what for exactly......

then i hit some stores that were open on boxing day (shoppers and what not) bec i was feeling restless and i came home to the boys in the shop

nate was building a rocket ship

and chris turned my old treadmill into a rock tumbler to make something with, again, can't remember what....

yeah....that's us in a nut shell. a very relaxing, wonderful day we had!


the tree and the gifts

so excited!

then he saw....

my trap. haha

i told him that the rules for christmas morning were

1-stay in his room until the light goes on (normal rule)

2-eat his snack in his room (yes, i leave snacks out for him)

3-don't go down stairs until we all go together

and to make sure that worked. i marked it off so he couldn't


ripping that old ribbon off!

and down we go!

"for meeeeeeeeeee?"

look at that!!!!!!!!!!!

then he ran and slid under the tree, totally reminded me of uncle lego!

very serious concentration as he opened

then we went to church, me and nate in my very comfy cosy jammies! came home for a nap, woke up and was very hungry so i announced we will be eating soon...

we did racklette (sp???). so good. i am still full today!

we had a very quiet, blessed and wonderful christmas together as a family. i really enjoyed it. we join my family this weekend for new years!

merry wonderful, joyful and memory filled christmas

may this coming year be so full of awesome things, dreams filled, relationships made and all that great stuff

should i be concerned?

chris took nate shopping for my christmas sock, the only gift we buy each other, value to more than 20.00...they came back with the above bags

yeah...........can't wait for this one!


i dare you!

in keeping with my tradition of sporting only my jammies on christmas day....seriously it's like the only day you can stay in your jammies, guilt free all day! i've decided to wear my jammies all day christmas day


christmas falls on a sunday this yr

we have church on sunday

so i have 2 choices

1-stay in jammies and skip church


2- wear jammies to church

i choose 2. after talking with a few friends, who also said they would do it, if i did it (but all have chickened out bawakkkkkk...haha you know who you are!) i've decided to stay true to my word (bible says to keep yes a yes! haha) i am so gonna do it

now to find a pair, that are super cute, this close to christmas????mission impossible i think. oh well

so! who's gonna join me?

i may even wear my slippers

*i also plan on bringing my java in my coffee mug and enjoy myself, all comfy cosy!

rubba dubba dub!

nate's in the tub

and daddy too!


nate asked chris to take a bath with him with lots of bubbles and to turn the jets on. so he did. they had (both of them!) so much fun up there

(for the record chris is wearing swim trucks)


some kind of competition. i think it was who can get the most bubbles on? or something like that

*yeah i finally got my blog back on and is somewhat regularly posting again wheeeee!

christmas concertness

he wanted to kiss my hand. my little man

the best pic i could take of him. it's his "surprise" face. all dulled up in his christmas concert finery. this yr, i opt not to go traditional red, black or white. i went blue!

my little group. the 2-3's. we did the chubby little snowman. they did such a great job, i was so proud of them!

then it was nate's turn. this is the only pic chris got. please note that nate was sitting down. for the whole thing! when i asked him why he was sitting he said "because daddy took a pic of me and i didn't want him too" so yeah....i was impressed but he did his lines perfectly and loudly so i forgave him

i wanted vito's for lunch. chris wanted jungle jim's. after discovering vito's was CLOSED this afternoon?what???why???so silly, we went to jungle jim's. which i will add my food was really good. like i would go back and get it again good!

that's our sunday. how was yours?

bottled up tears

last night nate burnt his finger. he was in so much pain. with some over tiredness mixed in he was having a hard time settling in
he asked me to snuggle with him until her fell asleep
so i did (yeah! i LOVE snuggles ha)
as i lay ed there with him he cried, whimpered and groaned in pain
i wiped his tears with my hand
then i stroked his face and hair
catching his tears as they fell
soon i noticed that my tears were falling into the pillow or my hair
as nate cried i said "did you know that jesus loves you so much, that when you cry he wipes your tears and saves them?"
nate was silent for a minute and asked why?
i said "because he loves you, he cares and i think he does it as a reminder. to remind us that we are never alone and every tear matters"

nate fell asleep shortly after

i went and shared this with chris and i said "i was crying because my heart hurt so bad that my baby was in so much pain, i cried for the future knowing that there will be many, many more tears to fall and i don;t think my heart can handle much more"

chris said "you know, i bet that is how jesus feels about each of us"
i think so too
i wonder how many bottles of tears jesus has for me? i know i filled at least 20 this past 2 yrs alone! 1 comments

christmas morning letdown

aka christmas morning disappointment
this happens when all the kids around the world are upset with what they did not get what they wanted/asked for christmas morning. reason being the toys are usually out of the parents budget

this week alone, i have found myself in conversations with other mom's who are expressing grief over what they did not buy for little janie and johnny and how sad their kids will be when they don't get that 300 box of lego, the 500 toy car or the 2000 lap top. for real

i was shocked and didn't say much, just listened. i was amazed that this would bother parents. i have a 4 yr old and his christmas list was redic. he ain't getting anything that he asked for (minus nana and papa who did get him 1 thing that he wanted) i chose to not buy, buy, buy and buy for him

christmas morning is going to come and i wonder how will he respond when he doesn't get things that he wants. i know how he will respond...he will be too excited with the 4 presents that he DID get to be upset over what he DIDN'T get

how do i know this?
bec i know my child. i know that he would rather have me and chris play with him, read him a book than have the big ticket toys

so what is this disappointment? how do we handle it?
we can prevent as much heart ache by buying (the adult carrying the financial burden) our kids as much as we can, so they will never or rarely have to deal with the disappointment (or better yet, as they get older...keeping up with those joneses)


we can teach them, from an early age that life is full of disappointments. suck it up. it's not the disappointments that is the problem it's how you deal with it

so, can we teach our kids how to handle disappointment? if so, how? that i am not sure but i do know that for me, for us and our family. nate will learn from a young age that life is not a free be. he wants something, he's gotta earn it. he had a lot. too much. so i went and stripped his playroom, packed away over 1/2 the toys. did he even notice? nope. he did notice that i took his atrzooka box (a box of GARBAGE) and threw that away...ha

i grew up not getting what i asked for. sure i was sad. but i got over it. from a young age i saw that having a mom at home did not leave a lot of room for money, toys, trips or having what my friends had. i had more. i had a dad too. most of them didn't. nate is going to learn this too :)

i think it's great to buy and spoil your kids. but what's the motivation behind it? really, why are we buying? who for? the kids? or us? hummm

i ponder as i wrap my 4 gifts to nate (all under 50 bucks) and i wonder. will he notice?
will nate notice that chris and i don't exchange gifts?

such a heavy topic for a fun sat! ha!

have a great day today 2 comments


my heart. they are so much a like
i made a batch of cookies yesterday and had nate cut and roll them. ok, chris did all the rolling but nate did all the cutting and 99% of the decorating himself. right down to the choice of colors...yellow, white and green

cutting away

team work. chris rolled, nate cut and i made the icing

on to the decorating. he did it by himself. sniff, sniff

"this is so good mom!"

and they are

who wants a sugar cookie?


home resting after his tooth extraction

his teeny tooth in the tooth box


this am i took nate to the kids dentist to have his tooth looked at. we went last week to discover it was infected and he was given an antibiotic to clear it up. not knowing what was going to happen today, i prepped nate for everything

but not losing his tooth!

i was shocked and horrified that they decided to pull the tooth. the tooth was infected down below the gum line which would spread to the other teeth as well as make trouble for his adult teeth. so, they decided to pull er right on out

nate was great in the chair. zero fussing, complaining, crying or carrying on. he did so well that they only gave him oxygen while they froze his gum and gave him the needle. he didn't even move for that! they gave his 1 shot of the good gas when they pulled the tooth just as a back up to any freezing that was not complete. nate didn't budge. i was SO impressed. then he sat in the chair while they cleaned him up

he's at home resting now. watching tv and enjoying his mom serving and babying him to pieces

i can't believe he had his tooth pulled ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the mommy guilt! all the would have, should have, why didn't and it's all my fault.....mommy guilt at it's finest

we go back jan 30 for a check up and a peek at the other tooth that was beside the infected tooth. crossing fingers that one can be capped and not pulled! the horror of that! nate will also have a bridge thing put in to space out the teeth so his adult teeth will come in straight

sob sob my toothless baby!

antics, antics antics!

poor dude. i found him this way. death to the giraffe! is it sad that i left it cause it makes me giggle

i've been slack with nate and his messes. he loves artzooka (kids creative show) and loves to spend hours making artzookas all around the house for me

this is an artzooka creation

this morning i woke up to this

a trail of random objects from the back living room to the christmas tree


then i went to the bathroom and found this

poor guys, i hope they didn't suffer much
nate chose to end their lives in my toilet candle rock pretty thing

and more atrzooka at the table


i did make him clean it all up today thou

and last. a trail of money pic taken by nate on MY camera!

i no longer freak over the mess, i think letting him create and explore is good for his imagination but he does have to clean them up now!
hero's come in many forms
my hero came to me late last night with a bottle of tums
i am hitched to the most amazing dude. after a long haul working in the shop chris came to a icky wife with issues...what does he do? he goes and gets the tums (which i could not find) and then stayed up with me till i was all settled

my hero
love you c!

(this is me trying to get back into the groove of blogging!) 1 comments

preschool and santa bag!

yesterday was the "best party ever". ha. it was the preschool christmas party. lots of sugar was around, christmas carols, gifts and good food. a great time was had by all!
nate with his buddies weston and jack getting ready to make their cookies

done and tasty!

when chris got home from work we opened our santa bags from muetti and vati. it's my fav thing of the season!

ohhhh nate remembered the package. he said "this is not the same as last yr. last yr we opened the box over there on that table (living room) and nana and papa were not here"

smart boy

ohhh money for me? ha.

opening the package is very serious. very serious indeed

man. mom and dad are here for a visit and i am way off my routine and this whole blog thing is hard to keep up with! i am going to try to get back at it......