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animals everywhere

hummm maybe a little nate was here?
how they looked this morning
doubly busted!
seriously, where is my little boy? hello? where did he go?
victoria park, in the fall...
simply splendid!


buzz. buzz and more buzz. nate was stoked with his mail from nanny and poppy

buzz stickers, buzz album and lots of activities to do
he was thrilled!
i asked nate to smile and say thank you. this is what i got. so thank you nanny and poppy! nate loved his gift!

there is a giraffe in my house

and i think i will keep him
running giraffe boy!
i had nate pick out his halloween costume all by himself. i told him he could be what ever (as long as it was in the party rule) he surprised me by picking the giraffe...he loves it and will not stop asking to wear it!
i think he's a cute giraffe. don't you?

and this morning

this is me

not actually me. i will spare that from your eyes

i went to bed early last night, like 9:30. woke up this am with a huge, red, swollen shut eye! it's SO sore. i have been hot packing it to get it to it's just sore. and red. and puffy...i have a zumba class this am with friends, i stayed home last night from it but i refuse to stay home this morning! so with a puffy eye, i go. ha! 1 comments

this is me

sinus pain. need i say more?

on a + note. nathaniel's behavior today has topped the charts. seriously. who is this kid? i asked him to go to the bathroom before we left this morning which would normally turn into a huge deal...i ran up the stairs, came back down and could not find him anywhere...then i went into the bathroom and there he was.

is it sad that i was stunned that

a-he obeyed
b-he obeyed the first time
c-he obeyed

i rewarded him with chocolate. his behavior only IMPROVED on our errand running morning. he was then blessed with more chocolate

and now he's napping

but i am not


the pain in my face, needles everywhere...and the pressure in my head....owwww

back to the couch i go

blah. sinus. blah 1 comments

morning nateness

nate was busy with getting his animals ready for church this am. note how they all face the same direction. also note how his clothes are on the floor and not on his body...haha
while i was prepping my lesson for the kidlets, chris did some education with nate...loving the hand placement on the pencil bud

yeah! i did it!


i love playing play doh with nate. he can create and use his imagination. the thing is with boys you don't make butterflies, angels and tea pots. boys want spiders and a web....
and 10 seconds after i snapped the pic, he destroyed it

playing marbles
*i made the spider and the web, nate was the creative influence behind it

no cutting corners here

i dropped by chris's latest project to see these corners that he was going on about
as having done many, many jobs with drywall/mudding...i can now understand his dismay...
and more.....
insert a very cranky boy
and more corners....

now he can complain all he wants. i totally understand!
my mother in law gifted us with the best gift ever. i opened my fridge this morning, smiled and thought "man. this gift rocks"
she bought me a bottle of wine (don't be getting religious on me now) which i will note is still unopened, i didn't drink it while they were here...haha
and many jars of jam (we already ate 2 of them) they are fun jams. all different flavour and kinds. being swiss, we go though a lot of jam and bread...speaking of bread...she baked me FOUR loafs of my most fav bread "sunday bread" and they are now snug in my freezer...
*in my house sunday bread is for any day...hahaha

i have been told that the dreams will stop

they haven't yet

they are haunting like

it's dark out, very hazy, like ireland after the rain

i am running. i see my silhouette
i am dressed in black
i have boots on
my hair is wild

i run
i hear my boots pounding on the ground
my heart is beating
i feel panic

i run
i can't find him
his bed is empty
he's not in his car seat
he's gone

where is he?
panic, fear, alarm is racing though my body
i feel tired but i must go on
he's not safe
he's alone
out there

i run
who will hold him
who will care for him?

where did he go?

why, why did he have to go?

i feel empty. my family is missing another little boy

when will these dreams stop?

"i can guarantee this truth: you will cry because you are will feel pain but your pain will be turned into happiness" john 16:20

my 8 buck boots

last year i went on a find the perfect boot
i could not find it...i searched high and low
i wanted the boots to be:

-flat or a 1" heel
-knee length
-water proof
-riding boot style with a tab that you can pull down
-zippered so i can wear them with jeans

i finally found them! and guess how much they costed? (check blog title) (and yes, i made that word up)

8 BUCKS!!!! how??

ok...they were marked down from 149.99 to 89.00!
then from the 89 another 50% off
then...another 50% off
then if you use their store credit card you get another 50% off
i didn't have a card so i signed up
then they gave me another 10% off PLUS a 10.00 gift card....

so after taxes they came to 8.49

then i payed the credit card off on the spot...

yep. i can shop

i wore them all morning (yes, to the PARK) i looked super cute and very fallish...i shocked chris by showing up to visit him in something other than my mommy suit (yoga pants and jacket)

ha! 4 comments


i had nate hold the bread in his hand and stand perfectly still....why?....
to see how close the birds would come to him. there is a wittle, tiny bird sitting on the branch, literally 2 feet away from us...nate was thrilled

so much that we had to "have a picnic in the woods" and he ate the rest of the bread
ok. is it just me or does nate look SO much like vati? he has the lean going on, the leg placement and the smile/smirk
then we had a giggle looking up at the sky through the many colors
after nate declared it was "too cold!" we left for warmth. coastco? sure! our weekly stop. nate found this redic nutcracker thingy...he loved it...guess how much this thing was????
144.95. that's right....ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR dollars
i could pick me up a sweet pair of boots that that flowage!

and another guest

bright and early this am, uncle johnny surprised nate. jon joined us last night and will be staying for a few days...ummmm jon, the table is for nate....haha
then they read a book (i know shocking isn't it)
about spiders.....ohhhhhh
then to see the mail box...which uncle jon and aunty jess filled...with an adorable kanga!
and a round of marbles was played... all this before 8 am!
jon will be staying with us until his lovely wife is out of the hospital. she had a major operation on her back yesterday, she came out good and cleaned up but is now in recovery, which will take a few days. jon will crash with us until she goes home
get better jess!
nate funny
nate found the car map. he INSISTED that i show him where nana and popa plumps live so i did. then he filled though the book. closed the book and came back...he then hound the page with brussels on it and FOUND where they live. sharp as a whip this boy is!
another funny
yesterday i found a rock in nate's pocket. so i asked him about it. here's the convo
m-nate, why do you have a rock in your pocket?
n-it's only 1 rock. i need 2 rocks
m-why do you need 2 rocks?
n-i have 1 rock but i need 1 more rock. so i put it in my pocket then i find another rock i have 2 rocks
m-why do you need 2 rocks in your pocket?
n-i need 2 rock in my pockets because i have no sling shot to put them in. i need 2 rocks to kill the giant. but i have no sling shot to put them in so i use my pockets
get it? hahahahaha
david had 2 rocks to put in his sling shot to kill the giant. hahahaha
is it sad that i want to make him a sling shot? but then i also like my windows in tack so i am leaving the whole sling shot for now!

and they are gone

ohhhhh whatcha got poppa plumps?

follow the leader
be careful little feet where you go...
the eig's
nate showing where the hole where nate stirs up trouble
young leading the older
having a little break in the woods
ohhh the green, green moss
gone fishin
i love you poppa plumps!
well the house is empty. quiet, messy.... and it's sad. muetti and vati left this morning and i have 1 sad little boy on my hands today. he cried. 3 times so far...break my heart!
we had such a great visit with the eig's...i was sad that it was over...i wished that they stayed time they must!
isn't it crazy nice to want your inlaws to stay longer?