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the land

 wed my crew and i picked chris up and we went off to the land for supper and some play.  the monkeys in the back
 nate in the front
 joey being silly. someone taught her to stick out her tongue
 and a mini nap
 and off to the land we went. quinn enjoyed himself quite well i think!
 cutting the trees, clearing the land, playing in the dirt. great fun
 the kids all drug a tree and joey picked up hers. haha.  it was bigger than her
 the group waiting to watch big bertha eat some trees


land pt 2

 chris starting up the machine. after we gave the kids a serious safety lesson
 joey was all prepared
 and off she went. chomp!
quinn and nate tossed a tree in. they were given clear instructions and chris was there to help. i even fed one in.  super scary! ha
 bang. see the dust. that is a powerful machine
 ellie found this scary thing
 it was a bunny face of some sort. very freaky
 joey helped daddy hang up all the tree cameras
 what a helper she is
 heres a nail daddy
 there you go!
 what a helper!

 taking a break from cutting the trail
 talking to daddy. in her bare feet. both girls like to run in the woods bare feet!
 beautiful land. i love it here
 coming back up from the river. quinn was there to help
 and carry joey
 and hold her hand
it was a super fun night!  2 comments

the fort pt 1

 thursday moring, i loaded the van up with the kids, we skipped naps and drove to aulac for fort beausjour. the kids had. so. much. fun. def one of the high lights of the week.  it was so very windy and cold. we dressed warm, but i was still cold.  after 1.5 hrs of running the fort, and another 30  mins inside the main building we had lunch in the van and took off to sackville.  it was an enjoyable day for all

on the way to aulac a helicopter flew low and kept pace with the van. so neat to see it...see it?
 i tried the wooden shoes. no thank you!  ill keep my crocs
 the kids dressed as soldiers, were given hats and guns. maps and activities.  it was really well done.  they had a lot of fun
 but first my littlest solider had to use the little soldier's room. har har
 heading out
 nate already in position to guard the fortress
 little joeys coming too!
 dragging her gun. that was bigger then her!
 peek a boo. i see another adorable solider
 protecting the fort!
 this is serious

the kids got into the role play so well. they ran and ran and really enjoyed themselves
 strolling through another under ground room, there was 3 in total
 my attempt at group shots
take 1
 take 2
 dragging her big gun
 can you even imagine living inside? crazy!


part 2

 pretending quinn was shot. the other kids were rescuing him to safety
 joey protecting the fort
 ellie. this girl!  always jumping, climbing, running and playing
 run like the wind! RUNNNNNN
 more defending the fort
 and ellie climbed the wall. herself!  i was impressed
 almost there
 tada! the pose!
 nate and i and his gun. it was so windy, i ran back to the car to get my hat!