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land pt 2

 chris starting up the machine. after we gave the kids a serious safety lesson
 joey was all prepared
 and off she went. chomp!
quinn and nate tossed a tree in. they were given clear instructions and chris was there to help. i even fed one in.  super scary! ha
 bang. see the dust. that is a powerful machine
 ellie found this scary thing
 it was a bunny face of some sort. very freaky
 joey helped daddy hang up all the tree cameras
 what a helper she is
 heres a nail daddy
 there you go!
 what a helper!

 taking a break from cutting the trail
 talking to daddy. in her bare feet. both girls like to run in the woods bare feet!
 beautiful land. i love it here
 coming back up from the river. quinn was there to help
 and carry joey
 and hold her hand
it was a super fun night! 


Ursi said...

So happy to see Chris actually wearing all his safety gear. Not something he learned from Vati, but hopefully Chris will keep all his digits ;)
I'm so glad that we got to come and visit and got to experience the land first hand. I can imagine all the fun you guys had, have, and will have there! It's a blessing!

mel said...

yep, chris had a great chat with jeff and listened to his advise and is following it. he;s even watched countless hrs of safety videos ;) haha. i do wish for another adult to be there with him when he's with the chipper. for all the times and hrs chris has been in the shop he's accident free! lets keep it that way! haha

you guys should just move here or digby (hahahaha) and we can visit regularly. haha and i can "help you" with your garden and canning....har har har

love you guys!