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 i walked into the school room the other day to this!
nate was showing ellie how to make her letters
what caught me off guard was how tender and soft he was to her\its moments like these that gives me the boost to keep going
 i was cutting ellies school the other day, and she wanted to join me.  i snapped this pic as she said "hey!  stop that"
 she then made letters with the scraps of paper left over from cutting
we started the next lesson with her preschool. the letter T!  i am blown away by how quick she is to catch on. 
 she told me she can make the t's on her own and did NOT need me to show her how to make the letter. so i gave her the pen and she did these!  good job for your first try ellie (age 4)
 then we moved on to Popsicle sticks. she likes to make letters with the sticks. she tried to make the E from memory....first try
 then she did this when she was not satisfied! i was impressed
we skipped our party place play date this afternoon and went to the library.  joey promptly found her babies and took great care of them...

life updates!  (long)

about 5 weeks ago, i thought i had a sinus infection. my ears hurt, they rang, i was stuffed up and feeling quite a lot of pain.  i went to the dr, she put (walk in clinic) put me on an antibiotic for 10 days...

12 days later im still sick.  but the symptoms changed. i felt pain in my throat and behind my ears and like there was a huge glob of crap stuck in my i went to my family dr.  ONLY bec i had my yearly check up. i told him about the glob in my throat....he checked me out and put me on a strong antibiotic for 8 more days....

so i finish the antibiotic and im still feeling like crap. sore/loud ringing left ear and stupid glob of crap in my throat.  then i got the idea last week to go to the dentist....

for those who know me well, i have a not normal fear of the dentist.  id even say i am petrified to actual tears and scared of my teeth and dental decay.  i take redic great care of my teeth. like brushing 6 times (im NOT kidding) a day, flossing at least once and mouthwash 2 for me to call the dentist is a HUGE deal

i saw him on monday. after a routine check he saw NOTHING!  then he took a special x-ray ( like a lot of money special) and came back to show me the results

my upper left teeth (all of them!) roots have somehow (he thinks joey's pregnancy) grown INTO my sinus cavity!!! but  one tooth's roots have died, he thinks the sinus got infected and bec its in bedded into my sinus cavity it just passed the infection back and forth

so now i need a root canal! this will be my 3rd!  BUT i havent had one on 9 YRS!  i decided to face this fear and book the appointment only with him ( i totally trust this dude dentist)  i go for my root canal next thursday and ill have 6 days to heal before i go on my trip....then ill do part 2 when i get back....

AND on monday we woke up to a DEAD water heater. so we have been living for 3 DAYS with NO hot water!  i boil my water to wash dishes and shower....i am praying we can get the heater tomorrow!

ellie funny!

i was putting ellie to bed last night and she rubbed her eyes and said "mom, im NOT tired. i just have something in my eye"

i asked her what do you have in your eye?

she said "cereal. i have cereal in my eye" 


- i am terrified to have the root canal on thurs but im facing my fears....i can do this!


some pics of the week

 we had a busy week, a lot of home school get together s landed every afternoon this week! it made a full and enjoyable week

we went to the party place on wed, they had 4 giant bouncy castles and a race car track set up.  i sat and talked to the moms. ha

joey was quite taken with the car track
 i FINALLY have a plant that ive kept alive for 2 YEARS!  its a cactus. hahahaha but i bought it after i had joey, 2 YEARS! ago and its still alive!
 ellie has really gotten into her school time.  everyday she begs to do school.  sometimes nate joins her...ive only put 2 weeks together of her lessons and i have a lot more to do but i figure that it will be worth my time bec i will re use it with joey
 ellies little school corner
the program i bought is faith based, everything "flows" together.  there is a theme, color, number, bible verse and lots of mini books
 oh and a song, story and poem
we look at the cards, read the mini book, sing a song and verse. then spend the rest of the time working in her work book
 mini book

 little cards on sticks that she holds and shows me the word when she sees it in her lesson
 the stack i need to finish. sigh
ive also added wooden letters, stamping and a few other hands on activities to keep her busy during school
 she made the L at the top
 and she did these on her own
 her almost filled book!  ellie LOVES working on her school
 i found this for ellie and i work on together at sally ann, i had to buy it bec of the sticker! haha
 cry!  tell me the store, the date and the department. hahahahah
took me right back to the great zellers days!
 home school club!  joey came too
 and growled like a dinosaur!
 shes growing too fast!
 and into everything
 the kids played and made apple nachos. so good. then they played some more
 ellie too
 we spent some time outside before the rain fell
 see joeys little face peeking out?!
 ellie came to me like this. rubber boots in the house holding a box and said "cleo and rubble are sleeping"
 lol. yes, they are!  great job ellie
 ellie told me she was pooping. hahaha
 little joey, she refuses to sit in her booster and took her place at the head of the table
 peek a boo baby
 we love you joey!
 joey found this pic and came to me saying "look, nana, papa, mommy, daddy"

and with that long post, ill wrap up another home school week!



 my friend aralee is a huge outdoor enthusiast, she also is a member of  the new brunswick orienteering group and invited nate and i along to join her today in fredriction. so we drove 2 hrs each way, 4 hrs in total! to go!  it was raining the whole way there and i was praying it would stop bec i did NOT want to walk around outside, in the woods in the rain!

on the way there we drove through a rainbow!  a dbl rainbow!  it was the neatest thing
 we drove about 5 kms until we went through it.  so very cool
 just entering the rainbow
 ive never seen anything like it
 going through
 we arrived at the park for our start time, 10:30 and i was blown away by how cold it was. ha and the beauty of this park!
 getting our maps and chips to begin the race
 following the paths of freshly fallen leaves

 there was no red leafs on the trees but there was plenty of yellow and orange
 the contrast between the white flag pools and the bright yellow trees
 so pretty
 the kids found a marker
 this was the best way to spend a sunday morning. it was so nice out, after i adjusted to the cold!
 finding another marker and mapping the next check point
 run kids! run!
 the morning really reminded me how much i MISS being outside in the woods and how i need to do this more
 after the race, we let the kids play in this retro park. i was telling nate this is the kind of parks i grew up with!
 so neat!
 remember these parks?!
 we came home, nate went back to his friends for the afternoon and i watched the girls dance together...