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this and that tuesday!

 my mom found this high chair by the side of the road, so she picked it up and gave it to give to chris to fix (it was in bad shape), clean up and paint.  but we showed joey before we (he) fixed it up. she LOVES this baby high chair
 and promptly put pooh in it

meanwhile i found this poor guy in jail
 sunday after i put joey down for her nap, i came to find this
the baby in a diaper, joey asked nate to put the diaper on the baby, with a puppy and a HAIR clip in her hair!  adorable
 close up of joeys work
 while rushing out the door the other morning, i walked into the garage and found this and heard ellie saying "i can help you joey, im the big sister"
 and she did help!

 great job ellie!
 "more daddy more!"
 for 2 days in a row around 10 joey has taken herself down stairs and ASKED to go to bed!  im thinking growth spurt?  im ok with 3 hr naps. a lot of school has been getting done around here!
 i was in the kitchen making supper and i could hear ellie playing but couldnt find her
then i found her
can you?
 such a funny girl!
the high chair is now red, thanks to ellies color choice
 in an attempt to bring more of god into our daily life i created the fruit tree. each day one kid gets to pick the fruit from a basket, ellie hangs it on the tree and we have a brief devotion about the fruit of the day.  i was surprised by how they have gotten into this and ask me first thing whos turn it is to pick the fruit
 the BEST thing about home school?  after lunch play dates at EMPTY parks with home school friends!
even better? NOT telling the kids they are there
the BEST? sitting on a lounger, in the sun, sipping coffee and talking to a friend
the BEST monday afternoon. ever
 ellie and judah
 i hear "look (which sounds like wook) mama, look!"
hahaha stinker found ellies old sooky from 3 yrs ago and went to town
 i am so loving this weather. i cant remember an october when i was still wearing flip flops!