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home school rambles!

with a yr under my belt and 15+ yrs left ahead, i have learnt, discovered and enjoyed my journey through this crazy world of home education! and i wanna share them with you! cause, that's what i an open book, i wear my emotions on my sleeves so you can see. ha

starting out last yr was rough. not gonna lie about it.  i was alone, felt alone and cried a lot.  i was also adjusting to a new born, healing from the pregnancy and learning to live with chris being around more (he was on pat leave)  i joked a few months back at home school get together that i quit every friday from sept-dec. i wish it was a joke, i did quit in my mind. i even looked up and got the contact info for the school nate would have been going to; more than once. ha. i   got his bus route and teacher's name but for some reason, each monday morning i couldn't make the call

one wkend in late nov. i was crying on chri's shoulders again about how miserable and alone i was.  all my friends and i mean all of them had sent their kids to school that past fall. i didn't.  i was scared.  i felt the weight of nate's education rest completely on my shoulders.  most days it got to the point that i didn't even like my own kid! i lost my patience time after time and got jealous when i missed out on another social gathering of the mom's that don't have kids at home...i felt that their invites was rubbing (gloating?) their freedom in my face, while i struggled on. alone.  that night, as i snotted over chris's shoulder...he asked me why i was h/s...i was very evasive about answering...finally he said something along the lines of "mel i will support you no matter what. if you want nate in public school im ok with that.  if you want to keep h/s im ok with that too but what is the main reason why you are doing this?"  and he threw the one dreaded question at me "what has god called you to do?"

with a sob and fear.  a fear so strong it kept me pinned to his chest while i mumbled along the lines of "what does it matter about god?  h/s is too hard and i want out"

chris,knowing me so well asked me a question that changed everything. he asked if he could take the weight and the burden of the responsibility of nate's and ellie's education and carry it for me.  he asked if he could be the one that would carry the burden of it for me, so i could be free to be me."  kinda like god wants us to do right? hahahaha 

i kept my head on his shoulders for a few more minutes and with snot on my face, hair messed up i put on my big girl pants and said "god has called me to home educate our kids" 

and that was that. i haven't looked back.  i don't compare myself to anyone else. what they do for school (or don't) 

i have however observed a few thing about home schooling in general i thought i'd share....

-if i had .01 for every. single. time.  i have heard "you are so lucky, i don't have the patience to do it" i'd be in florida right now.  no, i do NOT have patience for it. but anyone can home school!

-socialization- im not even touching this. it's so out to lunch and a waste of my quite typing time to elaborate on this outdate and narrow minded view towards home education

-grade levels....ummm what are those?  h/s usually work at their kids pace, public schools make grade levels for the kids....nate is in grade what ever he's working at!

-ive seen with my own eyes and heard from the teachers that h/s kids play/work/socialize well with all age levels.  there is nothing like watching a 10 yr old stop and help a 5 yr old during gym class

-there is little, if any concept of "cool".  so clothing, games, t.v, materialistic things are not labeled as anything

-close family relationships.  i have seen this over and over. the families are close and tight and opposite to that is 'normal' teens actually grow closer to their parents as they age, not separate

-we don't understand home work, what is that?  or snow days.  or tests/exams/report cards (at least for the lower levels)

-the kids wear what they want. no one tells them it's not cool. or silly.  personally, i love seeing the kids wear their fun clothing one can have too many spider-mans at science class

-one last thought before i get ellie up from her nap. ha.  the stereotype that home schooled are weird or socially unaware is simply not true....i have met many, many public schooled kids that are quite odd.....cough......

so there you go.  an off the cuff blog on home education ramblings and such!

happy new years eve eve!


snow day!

 the weather yesterday was perfect for some snow fun.  personally, i loath the cold and pretty much hibernate from nov-march.  i consider myself an active mom during the warm weather but not so much when it's cold. anyways. i also forced chris to join us....

nate did some practice slides in front of the house while chris chipped away at the ice on the driveway
 ellie all bundled up (with chris's gloves on her lap)
 she LOVES being outside
 the men are way in the back...
 we hit up the new developments at the back end of the division. personally i LOVE this house. i want to snoop in it....maybe ill take a stroll out on monday when the workers are there (the houses are locked when the workers are gone and for the most part they are fine with us neighbours walking through them)  nyways, i love it!  now i want to build another house.....but thats another story. nothing bigger than what we have now, just more compact and more in tune with our lifestyle....chris.....cough....haha
 back to the winter fun!
 watching nate slide. and slide. and slide
 and slide
 it was beautiful out!
 now its ellie's turn
 and they went down! only once. they wiped out and ellie wanted back in the safety of her sled. ha
and  more sledding!  it was fun and i did my 1 time outside activity....cant wait till the snow is gone. speaking of they are calling for a storm today......oya.... 0 comments

family pics

these are the last of the batch that were taken last wkend in hali.  my entire family, all together!  2 comments

part 2

 nate was saying "ohhh look ellies socks. so cute"

then after everything was opened, jon and jess joined us and we surprised nate with his big gift

a bit happy about his new game
 the men folk played the game
jess and i chatted
 afternoon fun. ellie slept through it all, she was having her standard 3.5 hr nap
 then we stuffed ourselves silly with raclette
 ellie woke up to play some more with her doll house
 my baby doll!
 point, press
and that was christmas in a nut shell around here!  from us to you, merry christmas everyone! 2 comments

merry christmas! pt 1

 christmas eve saw spent relaxing and fighting off this super powerful ninja!
 very scary....haha

we told nate that he could come and get us at 8 am. he came in at 7:55 and said "i just cant wait anymore!" good job buddy!  we got up and opened some of nates gifts while ellie slept till 9:20.  i went up and got her and she joined in on the fun
 my breaky maker!!!! thank you!!!  LOVE it
 ugly tree decoration was scaring me with his freaky eyes all morning
 nate was thrilled with his science kit
 i got my swiss chocolate
 nate too

ellie belly boo
 my baby girl is growing so fast!
 playing with her spinney toy
 nate helped ellie open her gifts
she was thrilled with her doll house, thanks mom and dad

we decided to have a small christmas this yr.  i mean small....from not decorating other than the tree, to buying few few gifts and baking a few cookies. i chilled and chose to relax.  by far it was the best christmas yet.  small and simple is the best! 3 comments

teach them yourself!

its funny how life works or things pan out.  ive been wanting to write a blog for most of the day today. every. single. time. i sit down to type the kids need me.  as i sit here now and completely zone them out, i have ellie pulling at my arms, screaming her demands of what? i am not quite sure....ive met all her needs....nate is jumping down in front of me demanding i do something else for him....and yet i ignore and type. hahaha. this is real life at it's finest....i am teaching them the opportunity to self sooth and learn to do something on their own. life skills 101!

a few months/weeks back i read the most interesting article on line, of course it's lone gone but i havent been able to shake it from my head/heart

i wish i had the link to share but i don't so i will quickly explain how it went (as my kids throw them selves on the floor in disbelief that i am ignoring them ) 

a missionary from the states when to a foreign country.  while visiting one of the larger churches in asia he saw something he never saw he got up to speak at the pulpit on the stage in front, he looked up to the balcony where all the children. and i mean all. sat with their parents. as he spoke that morning he could not life his eyes from the kids, he was waiting for them to be kids, disrupt, yell, be a general annoyance that most north american churches show case Sunday mornings....cough.....but it never happened. the service ended and the kids left with their families

after church, the missionary went to lunch with the pastors of the church and he asked "why were the kids not in sunday school but in the church service?"

 the pastor replied "sunday school? what is that?"  the missionary explained that in north america churches provide the most updated, fun filled, high temo sunday school programs...t.v's, bands, music, games, toys etc...."

the pastor asked but what do these programs do?

the missionary said
they teach the kids about jesus

the pastor said "we have no need for such programs. the parents in our church teach their kids themselves"

ouch.  i cringed as i read that, i see both sides.  i have spent years in kids ministry serving along side and with out chris. i remember thinning to myself, how in the world am i responsible for the spiritual life of all these kids. 1 hour a week, 4 hours a month is NOTHING.  why is it the churches job to teach and instruct? how and when did this happen?  i have used, seen and heard of every gimmick, program, curriculum and i can honestly say the kids who's parents taught them at home shined above the crowds of kids we saw each week.  

 i also see the side of the parents. i am one. one who bring their child to church each sunday to go into a program.  but i can honestly say, and you can choose to read it how ever you want...that i've done my work/homework on teaching nate what we believe. is nate perfect?  hardly, far from it!  i actually don't even want to bring his nate up but you's all know he's my son, so i know you will think of him as an example.  what i mean to say is the church is not responsible for nate's spiritual walk, i am.  i take responsibility for it.  the church is there a help to encourage what we have been (and continue to) teach him until he's the age of maturity to choose for himself what he believes

deut 6:7-8 says 

Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up.  Tie them to your hands and wear them on your forehead as reminders.  new living translation

 Make sure your children learn them. Talk about them when you are at home. Talk about them when you walk along the road. Speak about them when you go to bed. And speak about them when you get up. Write them down and tie them on your hands as a reminder. Also tie them on your foreheads
 message translation 

when i read these verses i see a lifestyle.  teaching them constantly. never stopping. when you play games, watching t.v, eating supper, going for a walk and yes esp during school, for those who choose to home school.  live your life according to gods word and what it says

so that's my thoughts on it!  i totally think the pastor in a foreign land hit the nail on the head! personally, i would like nate to be in more adult church services, but i can say i a ubber proud of him when i do have him sit with me

am i a perfect parent? i hardly ever think so!!!!!  please!  

and for those who are still reading and wondering what the kids are doing now? nate was playing in his room and just came out to read what i am typing. ellie is playing in her kitchen.  both kids left me alone, respected my 15 mins of me time and are playing nicely...but are asking for lunch!

have a wonderful christmas eve and remember to teach your kids yourself. it's your job as a parent! not the church, school or program teacher's. it's your and you are more than equip to do it cause god gave you everything you need to get the job done!



 final group shot!
 melissa from out west (jasper) and her little sis jessica
 jon and melissa
 jess her boyfriend, jon and missy
 mom, melissa, jess and cry
 mom, jess, cry, shawn, me, amanda, aunt ida and missy
 jess, quinn and cry
uncle clyde, missy and dad 0 comments

the long road home

 hee hee they play so well together. love ellies giggles

we left yesterday after church for the drive home. in a snow/rain storm. chris drove and i spent most of the trip on my phone. haha. totally helped with the nerves.  i am SO glad chris is a great driver.  he got us home safe and sound
 nate watching his movies
 ellie falling asleep
 chris is happy, happy, happy!
 me with the kids in the back ground

we arrived home to more snow....chris climbed through it to get the snow blower out
 to make a path to get into the house
what a man!

now to get us ready for christmas~ 0 comments