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home again

 we spent most of sunday with my parents, mom was sick for the weekend so we took the kids out to the land with dad so she could have a rest. 
 the kids showed me the massive hole they dug last week
 joey carried her shovel
 and papa helped joey
 my little crew
 so many rocks to throw in the river!
 little river girl
 tree boy
 monday morning ellie and i dropped nate off at the zoo for his class. i had to laugh at hr outfit of choice. such a girl
 her face at drop off because she isnt old enough to go in.ha


conf 2017!

 i found this little blessing like this the other night
im so grateful for her

 she LOVES to sit beside me and read the paper. pointing things out. adorable
 see! a BABY!
 the other morning joey went  missing. i checked her bed, she wasnt in it. i came back to the kitchen and found her like this
 having a great time!
 thurs my parents came up to moncton to watch the kids for our annual home educator's conference.  chris and i left fri morning and came home sun around noon.  conference was a huge sucess. numbers, attendes, memberships went up. the speaker was AMAZING. it was Steve Demme, the dude who wrote the math u see books. he is the face on the videos too.  but i was blown away by how NICE he was.  he was in the kitchen with us board members, he sat and talked to us. he knew our names by the time the conf was over. after conf was over and it was just the board members and a few other ppl the girls stood in a circle and just chatted, he walked over and joined in. he was so funny, he let us tease him and ask questions, take pics and make videos for our kids (i didnt have my phone on me) he also signed books for the kids and just was an over all great guy.  conference was a huge success, the board works well together and we get along nicely. which is nice, it was A LOT of work. but as chris says "someone needs to do it"...he says that when i complain about it. haha
 heading out. im now a selfie pro. haha
 chris is THRILLED to go
 i took the time this yr and sat in on all of steve's sessions. i didnt have a chance to take in any of the work shops, but i was able to sit with a coffee and relax...the coffee was awesome. haha. i made it all wk end. ha
 instead of shelling a redic amount of money on an over priced hotel room, we stayed at jason's cabin again. it was so nice to sit in front of the fire
 while chris was on his phone.
ha.  actually he was dealing with conference issues. he was not on his phone for other things
 sun morning we were up early but just stayed in bed until 9:30. just enjoying the silence.  we took our coffee(s) out to the gazebo
it was AMAZING!

conference was enjoyable this yr. yes, i do wish we didnt have to serve the whole thing at times but its a great cause.  i was able to connect with other home educators and make new connections. i was able to get a few books at a GREAT cost, buy my planners and somehow sell 10 more because i kept showing it to ppl. haha  and with that we are starting to wrap up another yr of school and prepare for the next one! 1 comments

last of the trip

 i totally forgot to come back and finish my blog from last week.  oops. got distracted by life...this was the back of cry's suv. filled to the MAX. haha
 we repacked the car the lasst night in a walmart parking lot. this couple pulled up and sat and watched us. towards the end he put down his window to complement us on our mad packing skills. haha
 the damage. sigh
but it was SUPER fun! ha
 the drive home was spent eating crap. just because we can. haha
 so sad to leave
but until our next trip my sis!  0 comments

the wkend the moms ran away! part 1

 last wed chris took a few days off to allow me the opportunity to go away for the long weekend with my sister.  i am SO thankful that chris was totally cool with me taking off for a few days to go to just outside boston.  well, that plan changed...but....ill get to that later.  first, i was THRILLED to drop the kids off at chris's work wednesday at 2:30 SHARP!  to start the 10 HR drive to our hotel in vernon, ms...about an hr past boston (i think, im directionaly challenged)

the first on MANY selfies on this trip...haha

so at the border to the states my sis and i chatted up the border control dude, who casually mentioned "you know new york is about a hr from your hotel"  to which i said to cry, hello. we (as in you) need to look into that

so my sis did and e discovered that new york city was about a 45 min drive from our hotel to union (i think its called) station is and an  hr and 45 min train drive, so we JUMPED on that. 
 right, the train station was in new haven. ha.  we felt safe leaving the car super close to the police
 after 2 coffees, i didnt sleep well the night before (ok, 1.5 hrs) we took the train into NEW YORK CITY! 
 us! at grand station. and let me tell you its GRAND!  i was blown away by the size and how clean it was!
 the windows and ceilings were AMAZING
 then we stepped out on to the streets of new york

ive always dreamed of going to new york, i even had a bucket list of things i wished to do. so when my sis asked me fri night what i wanted to do in new york, i was quick to list off the things. the only thing we didnt do was see the memorial for 9/11 and watch a Broadway play (ill save that for next time. ha) 
 the building we so high.  we found this church, simply amazing. 
 it was HUGE and the walls and ceilings were all breath taking
 but i left with cry saying "last time i checked god didnt charge for prayers"
 i cant imagine what the cathedrals and churches are like in europe


part 2

 after walking a few blocks we found this bad boy! trump tower! this was the high light of my day!!!
 armed guards outside
who took their job SO seriously
 then inside. it was gorgeous . rich. glitzy. glamorous.  but ill admit, i found it to be a bit dated...looking late 80's early 90's
 we took the escalators  to the top. the roof side terrace/garden was closed for reno's but it was still neat to see the building
 there was a roof to floor water fountain, it was super cool
 yep.  trump tower baby
 this is the pic i emailed to chris.  we did NOT tell the men we were going. chris was shocked to see this. hahaha
 check off the bucket list
 i went to trump tower
 as close as i could get to the armed guards...shawn, i totally respected what you told me 9 yrs ago "respect the space around a cop" and i did. see!