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 the weather cleared up for a bit on monday or was it tuesday? the days all bur together. ha so i took the kids for a LONG walk around the neighbourhood....i mean long like 2.5 hrs long!  johana is in love with storm drains. when ever she sees one, she runs to it. and stays there until i say "joey! its time to move on" haha
 ohhhh the storm fun!
 we found a wooded area and hit the trails. there is something wonderful about the woods. im forever telling the kids "you simply can not be in a BAD mood in the woods" we had such great fun
 snap shot
after i took the pic, i said to nate "you know if you were in public school right now you would be sitting in a desk" haha ignore his p.j bottoms
 and off we went
 ellie lead the way
 i looked down and saw this
it looks so simple, but it was in the midst of this amazing arrangement of color, the moss/grass was so green and the leaf was so blue/red/orange that i stopped and snapped a pic. i dunno, but in the middle of crazy its nice to see a splash of color
 somebody put down boards when the area was swampy, but because it was raining the boards were quite slippery.  joey jep falling.  when i caught up to the kids i saw this happening
 nate stopped and took joeys hands and helped her
 then took her hand
im often amazed by how amazing he is a being a big brother
 then i fond this. a bunch of tree trucks all grown together. so cool!
 nate thought so too!
 finally we went back to the house for some jumping
 get all that energy out!
 and nap time! joey insisted on taking all 5 puppies to bed
 as she tried to not fall asleep on the way down
 so tired....Zzzzzz
 wednesday night i was treated to this amazing 4 HOUR coffee date with a great friend
 the best therapy is coffee, a treat and a friend to share life with