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sunny sunday!

 eliana rhe of sunshine
she is such fun to have around and quite the older, bossy sister at times. ha
 im so grateful for the life she brought into our home, i cant believe she will be 5 this summer!
 sunday afternoon it was nice out, no rain!  sunny skies! and after vegging for a few hrs i said to chris "lets go to the park" and we did
we spent almost 2 hrs!  the kids had a blast, i enjoyed adult conversation, and the kids slept well sunday night (and i finished my book. haha)
 little joe setting off into the big, bad world!  joey's not quite able to walk long stretches so we still bring the stroller along, sunday she walked about 1/2 of the way. im thinking this will be the last summer with the stroller
 ellie discovered this large for her cliff, and with daddy standing at the base coaching her with " you can do it, you got this" and me taking pics. ha ha ellie climbed the hill by herself
 our little mountain climber
 joey held my hand
my little jo
 my crew heading off on a trail that the stroller wouldn't go on, so i stuck to the path
 see. i was there too
 coming out of the trail, even joey went along
 so nice to have spring!
 nate testing the waters
 tossing joey  in the water
 not really. she laughed the whole time and said "more!"
 see how close i got to the squirrel!  no zoom lens, the little critter was super friendly or very hungry
 more trails, nate pushed the stroller for us
 ellie was "making soup"
 and found a walking stick
by the time we went home all the kids were wet, dirty and happy
 leading the way
 then we parked ourselves on a bench and watched the kids from a far
 see.  from over there they are. far, far away from we could talk. and nap. haha
 zoomed in to make sure they werent in the water
 the long way home. the girls were tired, so chris pushed them back. i should have taken the chariot. oh well...they had a blast traveling like this
 our little girls
who would have thought id have 2 girls!
 thankful for them!
we stopped at dairy queen to use up the last free ice cream coupon...all 5 of us shared 2 cones. haha we had a great family afternoon...with the weather getting nicer we can do more of this! 


wk-eigenheer said...

I am so glad for you!, and enjoy in thought the walk with you. Thank you Melenie for so faithfuly doing your blog. Love you all. Muetti

shirley said...

I will also say thanks for your blog, love the pics of your lovely family, xoxxo

mel said...

awe. thanks! i love you both so much!