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the wkend the moms ran away! part 1

 last wed chris took a few days off to allow me the opportunity to go away for the long weekend with my sister.  i am SO thankful that chris was totally cool with me taking off for a few days to go to just outside boston.  well, that plan changed...but....ill get to that later.  first, i was THRILLED to drop the kids off at chris's work wednesday at 2:30 SHARP!  to start the 10 HR drive to our hotel in vernon, ms...about an hr past boston (i think, im directionaly challenged)

the first on MANY selfies on this trip...haha

so at the border to the states my sis and i chatted up the border control dude, who casually mentioned "you know new york is about a hr from your hotel"  to which i said to cry, hello. we (as in you) need to look into that

so my sis did and e discovered that new york city was about a 45 min drive from our hotel to union (i think its called) station is and an  hr and 45 min train drive, so we JUMPED on that. 
 right, the train station was in new haven. ha.  we felt safe leaving the car super close to the police
 after 2 coffees, i didnt sleep well the night before (ok, 1.5 hrs) we took the train into NEW YORK CITY! 
 us! at grand station. and let me tell you its GRAND!  i was blown away by the size and how clean it was!
 the windows and ceilings were AMAZING
 then we stepped out on to the streets of new york

ive always dreamed of going to new york, i even had a bucket list of things i wished to do. so when my sis asked me fri night what i wanted to do in new york, i was quick to list off the things. the only thing we didnt do was see the memorial for 9/11 and watch a Broadway play (ill save that for next time. ha) 
 the building we so high.  we found this church, simply amazing. 
 it was HUGE and the walls and ceilings were all breath taking
 but i left with cry saying "last time i checked god didnt charge for prayers"
 i cant imagine what the cathedrals and churches are like in europe


Ursi said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! Sometimes I miss having a sister (or sis-in-laws that are close enough😜)
But my big question did Chris do at home???

mel said...

chris did great. the kids all had fun, they ate and slept. i cant complain. haha. having a sis is fun. your girls will have that sister bond! and we can take off for the night when you come for a visit!