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nana and papa came for easter wkend.  quinn bought ellie the cutest gift  (it was a bunny)  from florida.  how cute!
then uncle jon and aunty gus came for a quick visit fri night before jess's flight. she's going to sasky to visit her dad
ellie took right to jon. zero tears!
and loved aunty gus too!
they reflected on life together
watching the snow melt
then at supper, i turned my back for 1 second and found this!
ellie took the spoon from the bowl and fed herself
too cute!
my little easter miracle in her sunday dress

my 2 kids!
like the pink bow on ellie's dress?
well so did she!
so much that she tore it off and tried to eat it!

nate saw ellie and told me he didn't hardly know who she was she looked so pretty. then he gave her a kiss and told her that he loves her!

great weekend so far! mental note to take pics of my kids with my parents! 1 comments

welcome to 2013!

yesterday was a very exciting day in the eigenheer house!  nana and papa plumps aka muetti and vati aka chris's parents from ont got themselves a snazzy iphone! hahahahaha.  after sharing with them my love for my phone and how simple it makes communication they got one!  so we did a quick face time with them before we headed out the door!

so exciting!  i texted my mother in law last night :)  so cute!

welcome to the iphone muetti and vati 1 comments


i set up a small easter decorations at the church yesterday
i took a hola hoop, spray painted it white, tied on colorful flowers on it
then got some fabric, cut it up, had chris string it from 3 points in the weird shaped room
voila. springy and simple 
cross in the corner
my old christmas wreath at the bottom,  i cut all the christmas berries and decor off it
threw some left over flowers in the jug and tossed some rocks 
another shot
the room is weird shaped and impossible to get a pic of. it;s simple and if i had more time i would have loved to do more with it but honestly i just don't have a lot of time :) 3 comments


a friend sent me this link today and i thought it was a good read, so i thought i'd share it!

i am sharing it because it brought up a few points that i never thought of before. i am NOT  saying home education is the only way to go (well it is for us!) and if you don't you are missing out on all the fun.  so read it light hearted or skip it and have a great day!



I’m going public today with a secret I’ve kept for a year—my husband and I are homeschooling our children.  I never dreamed we would become homeschoolers.  I wanted my kids integrated and socialized.  I wanted their eyes opened to the realities of the world.  I wanted the values we taught at home put to the test in the real world.  But necessity drove me to consider homeschooling for my 2nd and 4th graders, and so I timidly attended a home school parent meeting last spring.  Surprisingly it was full of doctors, lawyers, former public school teachers, and other professionals.  These were not the stay-at-home-moms in long skirts that I expected.   The face of homeschooling is changing.  We are not all religious extremists or farmers, and our kids are not all overachieving academic nerds without social skills.

An estimated 2.04 million k12 children are home educated in the United States, a 75% increase since 1999.   Although currently only 4% of all K12 students nationwide are educated at home, experts are predicting an exponential boom in homeschooling in the next 5-10 years.  Most states even provide free online public schools, known as virtual schools or virtual homeschools for K12 students.  An information site called College@Home provides some useful information. 

For a year I was afraid to tell any of my work colleagues that we were homeschooling.  People would stereotype me as a right-wing kook.  My boss might assume that I couldn’t possibly be committed to an academic medical career.  I wasn’t sure I could homeschool my kids well.  I feared the whole year would be an academic failure and emotional nightmare.  I was so unsure about this homeschooling experiment that I even kept a spare school uniform in case I had to send my kids back to school at the last moment.
This week our kids are finishing their standardized curriculum and we will spend the rest of the school year doing enrichment activities.  Alas, I think we can call this success.

We’ve had our kids in both public and private schools, but homeschooling has turned out to be the best option for our family.  Here are 18 reasons why we have joined America’s fastest growing educational trend:

1)      We spend less time homeschooling each day than we used to spend driving.  With four kids in four locations last year (including a newborn at home), school drop-off and pick-up took four hours, on a good day.  We’d get home at about 4:30 and still have homework, music practice, sports, chores, dinner and bath to fit into the 4 hours before bed.  Now we spend about four hours per day homeschooling, instead of four hours in the car.

2)      We can’t afford private education.  Even on a doctor’s salary, private education has become unaffordable, especially for larger families.  Which choice would you make: save for college, save for retirement, or pay private school tuition?  Few families can afford for all three, and most can only afford one.  As educational debts loom larger for each successive generation, this financial crunch will only get worse.

3)      Our kids are excelling academically as homeschoolers.  Homeschooling allows us to enrich our children’s strengths and supplement their weaknesses. The kids’ education moves as fast or as slow as required for that particular subject area.  They are not pigeon-holed and tracked as gifted, average, or special needs.

4)      Homeschooling is not hard, and it’s fun!  We bought a “box curriculum” from a major homeschool vendor, and all the books and the day-by-day curriculum checklist came in the mail.  We have a lot of fun supplementing material through YouTube and online educational sites like Dreambox, Khan Academy, and others.  Our kids do about half of their math online.

5)      Use whatever public school services you like.  Need speech therapy, the gifted program, or remedial academics?  Homeschooled kids are still eligible for all these services.  Some homeschoolers come into public school daily for “specials” like art, music, PE, or the school play.  Your kids can even join high school sports teams once they are old enough.  Our kids are still in sports and scouts sponsored by their old schools.

6)      I like parenting more, by far.  As a mom of school-aged kids, I felt like my role as parent had been diminished to mini-van driver, schedule-keeper, cook and disciplinarian.  And there was no mercy from the schools– six minutes late for pickup and they’d be calling my husband at work, unpaid 5 cent library fine and they’d withhold my child’s report card.  Every day I’d unpack a pile of crinkled notice papers from three backpacks and hope that I didn’t miss the next permission slip.  I was not born, raised and educated to spend my days like this.  Now, I love being a mom.

7)      Our family spends our best hours of each day together.  We were giving away our kids during their best hours, when they were rested and happy, and getting them back when they were tired, grumpy and hungry.  I dreaded each evening, when the fighting and screaming never seemed to end, and my job was to push them through homework, extracurriculars, and music practice.  Now, our kids have happy time together each day.  At recess time, the kids are actually excited about playing with each other!

8)      We yell at our kids less.  Homeschooling forces us as parents to maintain a loving authority in the household.  We stopped spanking our kids.  You can’t get your kids to write essays or complete a large set of math problems if you don’t have their respect and obedience.  Spanking and corporal punishment establish fear, not effective, loving obedience.

9)      Our kids have time for creative play and unique interests.  Once my kids entered school, they seemed to stop making up their own creative play together.  They didn’t have time for creative play during their busy evenings.  Now they build forts and crazy contraptions, play dance parties, and pursue their own unique interests.  My eight-year-old has taken up computer programming and taught himself how to play the organ.  My six-year-old is learning to cook.

10)   We are able to work on the kids’ behavior and work ethic throughout the day.  My son’s poor work effort at school was nearly impossible to address.  The teachers didn’t have time to make my son repeat work they felt was average quality.  We wouldn’t see the work until days after it was completed.  Finally, we’ve been able to push him to his full potential.

11)   Get rid of bad habits, fast.  Dirty clothes dropped on the floor?  They used to stay there all day.  Now there is no recess until they are cleaned up.  I never really had the time to implement most behavioral techniques when my kids were in school.  I knew what I needed to do to get my kindergartner to dress herself, but it was easier to dress her myself then deal with the school complaining that she was improperly dressed or late.  Now, if she takes too long to get dressed, she misses out on free play time.

12)   Be the master of your own schedule.  Homeschooling provides a great deal of family flexibility, which is a tremendous asset for our busy family. For example, we save a lot of money on plane tickets because we have the flexibility to fly almost any day of the week.  Zoos, children’s museums, libraries, parks, etc., are far less busy on weekdays as they are on weekends.  Scheduling anything is eons easier—doctor’s appointments, piano lessons, vacations, etc.

13)   Younger children learn from older siblings.  For larger families like ours, even toddlers are learning during school time. Our four year old sits at the same table during school time as our six and eight year old.  He wants to do his worksheet, too.  Some of that math and phonics work rubs off on him, and he’s learning how to read.  When chore time comes, he asks, “What are my chores?”  And our one-year-old recently tried to clean a toilet.

14)   Save money.  Committing to homeschooling requires at least one parent at home for most of each day.  Although you may lose an income with this commitment, you save (a lot) of money since younger children don’t need daycare and older children don’t need private school.  We also save a lot of money on gas now that we drive less.  Many homeschooling parents still work part-time.  We pull off homeschooling because I work nights and my husband works part-time from home as an independent IT developer.  I know many families homeschooling on family incomes of 40-60K.

Homeschoolers save tax payers money, too.  According to The National Home Education Research Institute, homeschoolers saved the taxpayers $16 billion in 2006.

15)   Teach your kids practical life skills.  Homeschooled kids learn parenting skills, cooking, budgeting, home maintenance, and time management every day.  Time management skills are learned out of necessity.  Our kids have to keep their own schedules and budget their own time.  If they waste time, they have less time for play and their own special interests.  We use old smart phones with alarms to help teach time management.  Our kids help with younger siblings while under our direct supervision.  What better way is there to learn parenting?  I learned to write a fake grocery budget once as a home economics exercise.  My kids write real grocery budgets and help me shop.

16)   Better socialization, less unhealthy peer pressure and bullying.  Our kids no longer beg for video games we don’t want them to have or clothes we don’t like, or junky snacks they saw at school.  One of our children struggled socially in school, and his schoolmates were ruthlessly mean.  Despite a school anti-bullying policy and our best efforts to work with the teacher, nothing changed.  Last year he played alone on the playground everyday.  Now he’s organizing playground games at our homeschool co-op, and he’s smiling again.  No one has ever said an unkind word to him at our co-op, because every child is there with his or her own parent.  Our kids have plenty of time with friends, but without  the unhealthy peer pressure and bullying.

Research continues to show that homeschooled kids do well socially.  Our kids have no shortage of time with friends—each week they attend homeschool co-op, scouts, sports, dance, choir, piano, religious education and have plenty of time to play with neighborhood friends.  Add in the birthday parties and homeschool field trips, and we find ourselves having to decline activities so that we can get our homeschooling done!

17)   Sleep! A research study by National Jewish Health released in March, 2013 showed that homeschooled students get more sleep than their peers who attend school.  The result may be that homeschooled kids are better prepared to learn.  Parents get more sleep, too!  Now we don’t have to get up early to meet a bus schedule, prepare sack lunches, etc.  Our mornings are great times together to snuggle with our children and talk about our plans for the day.  No more “Hurry up and get your shoes on or you’ll be late for school!”

18)   Teach kids your own values.  According to the national center for education statistics, 36% of homeschooling families were primarily motivated by a desire to provide religious or moral instruction.  Our family is not part of this 36%– we never objected to any values taught in either our public or private schools.  Nevertheless, we’ve really enjoyed building our own traditions and living out our family values in a way that wasn’t possible before homeschooling.  For example we make Halloween a little holiday without too much decadence, but we spend an entire week celebrating Easter.  When our kids were in school, the Halloween parties went on for 2 weeks and they had a Halloween vacation from school.  In contrast, they didn’t get any time off for Easter, and there were no Easter celebrations or even decorations at school.
Homeschooling isn’t right for every family or every child.  I can’t even predict what the future holds for our family—will we continue homeschooling through high school?  I don’t know.  But for now, we’ve found a way for our family to be very happy growing and learning together.


math is the bomb!

yesterday was a big day! nate finished his alpha book from math u see!  he was rewarded with a chocolate (thanks papa for leaving it behind last visit)
because he finished a bit early, i started him on the next level today, beta.  he LOVES it.  he begged me for a test. so i gave him one. of course he got 100.  smarty pants!
then it was off to the shop to show dad
in detail
just like his dad
theni got to listen to chris show me more of his metal thing that he built
yes, chris built this. himself.  why? because he can
its actually neat, i played with it last night and shaved some metal
ellie sucking on a pickle
she liked it
ewww i hate pickles!
hanging out
good morning!  haha
silly sentences!
i am forever buying school things when i hit the states.  i have no clue what i will do with them but if they are neat i buy them!
anyways.  mon night after the kids were in bed, i was prepping nate's work for the week and i saw them
so i wrote random words on them and gave them to nate to make a silly sentence with
he loved it!
then i made one 
i think i will laminate them and keep the cards in rotation for reading
nate at my gym!
 ellie chilled with me

and that's a wrap!


what a big brother had to do!

i found nate hiding from me the other day
can you find him? hahaha
yesterday am ellie was not her typical self  and was quite cranky. chris fed her and put her on the floor to play
she moaned and groaned and protested with cries and whining. which we just ignored
nate finally got upset and told us that "he was going to do what a big brother has to do!"
i kept eating my breaky and we watched nate go and get ellie's chair, bib and food out. nate then made a bowl of food for her and asked us to put her in her chair
then he told us that she was hungry and "a big brother takes care of his sister"
he fed her again

then he told me to get her bottle because she was thirsty and he would feed her because "that is what a big brother has to do!"
i put ellie on the floor to practice her rolling over and came back to this
nate was telling her that "he is going to take care of her"
and he does
what a blessing it is to have him like her.  i prayed and believed that there would be an easy adjustment for him with a baby coming and he's taken it like a champ
what a joy!
ellie jumpy pants. she is so adorable in her jumper!  well i think so!

happy sunny sunday! 1 comments

home school funnies!

the other day chris found my todd wilson joke book
written for home educator and they are so funny!  
some of them are related to moms so i thought i'd post a few and maybe you will have a laugh too

seriously. how many moms' feel this way!
i told chris is is ME and him to a t!

esp just to go to the bathroom!

haha happy funny friday!


big nates!

yesterday morning nate created a store
each item was picked for a specific purpose
each item was displayed
he even took his sister's slippers to sell
then he told me his store was open
i asked him what the name was and he said "big nate's!"
chris had taken him a few days ago to a machine shop called 'big joe's"
i bought a baby toy and used, empty baby bottle. i asked nate how much it came to and he said "100.00"
i told him that i didn't have any money and he wasn't set up for debit but i could write him a check
he agreed
as i wrote the check out for him he told me "mom, i never do this and i don't want you to tall anyone about this because then it would get out and people would know....but you don't have to pay. you can have it for free"
thanks buddy! i think i'm gonna shop at big nate's again!
ellie watched him set up
this morning before heading out
chris joined us for a quick breaky
this morning was our last science class. what fun. it was worth the $.  today they studies fingerprints and more crime scene investigations

happy snowy friday! 1 comments

typical home school day!

i have had a few ppl ask me what i do all day so i thought i'd choose a random day, like today and give a quick look into what we do!
ellie joined us for our morning unit study and weather report
we are in the middle of a creation study
i find it's a great way to start the day. nate fills in his weather chart, the date, month etc...
then we read some bible and go from there
i put ellie down for her nap and nate started on his math
he works on his own for the most part in math. i am there to help him and of course teach the lesson
i checked my messages and had my 1st coffee of the day
then i tought nate his math lesson
he picked it up fast
love math u see
on to the word of the day!
we switched dictionaries, nate wants to learn a new word everyday so he picks one, i write the meaning out and explain what it is and he draws a picture
today he choose  dungeon
then some printing from handwriting with out tears
i really like this program
and for a break i read a book and nate works on sheets, usually drawing a picture or something
then nate asked a series of questions which came from the dungeon explanation road his mind was on
he wanted to know what punishment i got when i was in school
i went through the list of what we would get
nate's interest was peeked with what a detention was and wanted to find out what it felt like so i out him in detention for 5 mins
he made it 4...hahaha
then reading with all about reading
this is where he reads to moi
and then little miss ellie pants woke up from her nap super duper early!  
so in the flexibility of school we breaked and i gave her a bath...she woke up with a messy bum!
all cleaned and ready to roll!
chris dropped by and brought me a coffee!
i won a coffee from it! score!
we had lunch. chicken sandwiches
we hoped over to the couch, all 3 of us to finish this book and start another
then ellie played with her new bunny slippers
and her feet

this afternoon nate is playing outside and i am catching up on office work!

i get a few emails from people who ask how home school is going because i don't seem to post a lot about it, which is true.  i stopped posting because i got some back lash from a few things i said.  i also want to be sensitive to nate and his work. i don't want to put his work on display to be criticized or even what we do.  this is my blog and i am responsible for what i post.  the last thing i want to do is come across as a know it all home schooling show off. which is NOT how i feel

but i can't control ppl and how they feel or even how they take something i typed with a light tone to it

so i've decided to open back up and talk about home education.  why?  because it's a HUGE part of our life.  it's who we are!

so to sum it all up, this is my home school update/share all

home school is going quite well over all.  not gonna lie  i had a horrid start to it back in sept/oct.  i am not sure why, if it was all the changes going on, chris being home, new baby, the responsibility/burden of the weight that home school can bring, starting a new thing alone and a complete change of social circle/life style

around nov/dec things got better and with all things over time it gets easier

there are a few thing's i've done that i thought i'd share

1- every home school is different so don't waste your time trying to copy anyone's!

2-throw the clock out the window. the most freeing thing i've done this far is this!  with a baby, our school day is 100% revolves around miss ellie.  be flexible !!!!!!!!  and relax.  prime example today!  ellie woke up very early from her nap, so we didn't do a few what! we'll do them tomorrow!

3- i joined home school groups. scary as it was not knowing anyone. i did it!  stepped right out and made new friends.  i have nate in music, gym, science, nature and a few other things.  this gets us out and nate can be 'social' , it also breaks up the routine and i am able to connect with other moms who get how i feel

4- the social myth is a huge pain in the butt and is the # 1 thing i am asked (condemned) about. get educated!  home school kids are not social deprived. please. moving on now

5- the second question. how do i have the patience (i don't) and how can i make nate do his work.  after a few weeks of me not giving up nate understands that school is just another part of the day, it has rules and he has to follow them, just like making his bed and emptying the dish washer...he just does it.  when he is giving me ttude, i get chris involved but honestly, for the most part this (now) is not a problem

6- i have 1 rule.  do everything with out complaining or arguing :)

i am also blessed and supported by chris who backs me up when i need it, listens to me when i need to talk, gives me the coffee breaks i need weekly and agrees with everything i say. hahaha.

my family is a tremendous support.  they cheer me on. my inlaws are on board and muetti! you have come a long way :) you are interested in what we do and support us!  thank you

so far. so good. and yes, we plan on doing this until high school and yes home school kids can get into university

so i hope this answers some questions and doesn't ruffle any feathers

oh and i have NO problem with public school!  as with all families being different it just wasn't a good choice for us!