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why 5?

i read nate the david and Goliath story. he loves the action and the killing. ha! i've read/taught the story lots and lots but today. i put the book down and thought

"why 5 stones?"

why 5 and not 1? he was little but he really trusted god

so did he have little faith and needed some back up?

david knew about the giant and knew how he worked

but how?

he just have watched his enemy= he did his homework

he then tried on the armour

but he took what HE was most comfy with a staff and a sling= he used what he knew best

then he took 5 stones

not 1


after doing a quick study (and i mean quick google) i discovered this

goliath had 4 brothers



david was prepared to kill goliath with the first and the bro's (in case they came after him) with the other 4. he was ready to take out g's family

david knew god would protect him but he also planned/studies and prepped himself. he was prepared for war

so. am i prepared like david was?

(this is MY thoughts. take them with a grain of salt and little study time)

creating and breastfeeding?

we had 4 HUGE banana's that were going bad. so i rushed stat into the kitchen and saved them from the garbage and created them into these cups of yummie-ness. oh my! they are like a mini firework show in your mouth. SO good
sorry, no recipe it has a bit of this and that and oh yeah....more that
but there is NO butter, oil, sugar, milk or eggs
and chris LOVED them
yeah for me!

crack me up
nate was tired and wanted to snuggle
this is how he chose to put himself
chris was very envious

haha! 0 comments

wise wisdom wednesday!

Watch live streaming video from faithwordnetwork at

i am playing catch up with being away. i listened to this this am and i just had to share it. p.pat was right on powerful-good!

(i wait until i have an hour of some quiet, if i am cooking, cleaning 1 room, surfing etc...and listen to them. that way i can still get things done and catch up at the same time)


totally tuesday!

let's learn about evaporation! what else can you do on a hot sunny day with a bored child?! take a glass fill it up

make sure it's the same amount

cover one with a plastic bag and mom's hair elastic

put it outside for 2 hours and check back

sorry no pic. the water was lower in the uncovered i explained evaporation/heat and even the green house effect

the white paper was his idea. ha!

big boy on his big boy bike

hooking up his wagon to make his "wagon machine"

and away we go

this is for you sarah! we love it! it's in the middle of the lawn in the back yard. everyone knows we are swiss here. ha!

a leaf i found in mapleton this am. boo! red already!????!!!

making mud with spit, just like jesus did to the blind dude. it was a great hand on visual to explain that story to him. he loved it when i spat 3 times to make mud


chilling with the ducks

times have changed. instead of riding in the stroller like the past, he walked! the whole way! and he did little complaining....little....


how was your day?


my lily's exploded while we were gone. i love them. i took these shots the day we got back and was utterly delighted when 3 more opened yesterday. i will take pic later...cause i know you wanna see them. ha! my roses also survived the winter but they are not nearly as wonderful as muetti's!

i can not get over how much they grew and grew and grew! i am off to pick lily's to make bouquets to adorn my home!

my garden. sob. sob. wedding is in my future! this is what happens when you use cheap soil! shout out to pat steeve's soil! we used it last yr and i did not have 1 single weed. nadda. zip nadda! this yr we just used cheapo stuff and this is what i got! pat's stuff is what you want!

have a sunny saturday everyone!
nothing like waking up to the sound of the horns
seriously. i loved it (they played around 9ish not to early ;)
*this is a redic long post of our vacay to ont. i think it takes 3-4 pages for all the will need coffee

coffee time. nate loved this. why? he got special coffee and sugary treats. coffee time is a very serious tradition at the farm. very serious. do not mess with it. we have it often, like 4 times a day

jon, vati is checking your rock out, yeah. i said ROCK


he was VERY thankful for it and enjoyed receiving it from you!

then we swung from the redic gigantic swing that vati made for muetti. how many feet is this sucker??? it was scary but fun!

now you's all know where chris gets his thinking from!

then for a stroll to pick berries to have with....what else? coffee....

"bye mommy, go shopping. daddy and i are going camping"

cool! shopping you say? see ya!

men folk doing manly things in the kitchen. they were making spinach pie. it was actually really good! we had it at....wait for time! ha!

then my little swiss child blew some tunage for us. so cute. i love him!

it's not a family vacay with out NUMEROUS stops to look at. windmills. fun stuff!

it was hot. hot. hot. hot. i LOVED the weather! i even went in the water. pic to prove it

it's time to work!

3 generation of working eig's

nate LOVED the tractor and helping papa plumps work

not sure why he's holding his shoe. i was busy running after the tractor to take pics

we picked muetti up on the way to the work site. how could we not? she's so cute!

then we rode in the front of the loader (?) on the way back. it was fun

at the work site. that's right. teach them young, they are never too little to earn their keep

we had such a great time at the farm, everything was awesome, the visits, chats, food, coffee...haha. we were VERY busy, c said we put over 5000 on the van. ha! what can i say....that's my kind of vacay! thanks v and m for having/putting up with us!


we took nate to the toronto zoo, he loved it. it was also a test to see how long he could walk, in heat, with out a stroller and not whine. he did great! walked the whole day and only complained 12 times, which is great for him. haha he's almost ready for disney.

family boat ride

hippo's. love them. they are hip. hip. hipo's

they had the coolest penguins. nate ran to see which one he was the same height as

turns out it's the king penguin

then off to the largest water park to cool off

but not before you check the map

like father like son

so much fun

we spent almost all afternoon here

time for a break

i see a mole

do you see a mole?

i see 2 actually!

turtle time

we convinced nate that this huge spider was real

i feel bad about actually convincing him but it was so funny

he had to make sure it was real and found out it was fake


good times

we are bad parents

it was a great day at the zoo!


nap time. nate would throw his blanket over his head and sleep. funny kid

vati and muetti joined us in the camper beast for a trip to tobermorry for a camping adventure. it was a great time of eating, coffee drinking, rock climbing, swimming and memory making

setting up the camp. nate helped (he actually was a help)


car seat in the camper is so much fun!

another nap, ignore the unrotated pic you get the point

chris's funnest memory! climbing in a hole, hiking over a cliff to go swimming in the grotto


nate climbed all by himself

the cliff that he climbed (chris and i too)



climbing down

the water was Caribbean looking but Atlantic feeling

v and m joined us. nate helped them

i love going to this place! so nice

but i was even more happy to see the farm. plumbing, showers...that's my style of vacay!