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bus! wind! grapes oh my!

monday. bus to halifax day!
i told nate this morning that we were going on a bus! guess what he said..."we going to magic kingdom!" umm nope. then he said "we go to animal kingdom!" ummm nope. we go to halifax waterfront! close runner up!
ohhh a water fountain....with cry's belly in it....ha
snack time...grapes! yumm. nate was sharing his snack with poppa
to the waterfront! it was a wee bit windy and cold. so we trucked back to the mall for warmth
super nate!
super quinn!
super me!
preggo and me
the comfy chair...nate trying to get comfy
umm closer
bingo! comfort at it's finest
rest for the mamma to be
nany and nate getting some cuddles
smuggling beverages on the bus...
we just bought our coffee's when the bus came along. no liquid is allowed on the i hide mine in the diaper backpack...cry hid hers in her jacket
muwahhh...defiance at it's finest...bawahhhh

it was one of the best tim's i have had. seriously, this coffee was supreme
best buds going home on the BUS!
nate was a bit tuckered out. he asked for a nap and plopped his head on mom's lap. poor dude. he's had a busy few weeks!
too tired to walk, poppa to the rescue!
seriously, who needs flashy toys and expensive activities. a bus ride was the high light of nate's year! both the boys talked nothing but BUS! BUS! BUS! all week. so we rewarded them with a bus ride!
i bet you are not having as much fun as we are chris!
we love you! we miss you! i can't wait to see you!

saucy sunday

hummm very interesting read
bawahhhhh...sheer evilness.....
cry's turn
shawn you may have the handcuffs but watch your knife drawer...muawahhhh
*get your minds out of the gutters. the handcuffs are for the job. right? right! haah!
after our book learning. we kicked back in the new rocker seats at the theater....trying to get this girl in labour!
cry went to a movie and the next day went into labour with quinn. crossing fingers it will work again!
the movie was hummm....good...and it shall be called from this night forth "THAT movie, that shall not be named"
*the movie sucked*
then home to my boy. mom and dad went out so i spent time with nater. first ice cream and a walk...nate showed me nanny's flower
then inside to escape those bugs! we built a "very, very HUGE tower. for nana. and poppa"
which nate adorned with my head band
with chris being gone for a longggggggg time, it's starting to show on nate. that and being away from home and his normal life. nate was acting out quite a bit yesterday and esp this morning. i was crossing fingers he would be better after his nap. we were able to spend time alone this evening and my old nate is back. i think he likes having me to himself again! he's been super little dude is back!
chris. we miss you. we really, really miss you! you bring SO much to our little family. we want you back!
only a few more days!
i asked nate to smile and say hi to daddy. i got this pic...
then this one
one more day to mark off the calender until you are back on canadian soil....and bearing my chocolate :) my thighs and butt will thank you with the extra poundage i am sure i will gain :) totally worth it thou!

sassy, silly sat cont...

so, cry, shawn, quinn, mom and i went out to eat...and found natey and poppa...having their supper
quinn was quite confused...why is poppy and nate alone, with out me? and where are MY fries?
and back to the house for some shenanigans and mischief
jumping, shouting and an all over good time
then some good old veggie tales on poppa's his big, boy underwares!

sassy sat

and the day began with a timmy's...note the line up...all the way to the road. it only took 5 mins to get through...moncton take note!
i spotted this big, bad, boy for ya chris. it could be yours for 21,000 and a paint job! no worries dude, i didn't buy it
i spent the morning garage sailing (yes, sailing) with my sis, then spent the afternoon shopping with my mom
we came home to this. awww. so super cute! i can't wait for nate to get back to get the full report of his outing!
nate woke me up this morning at 5:30, with a kiss and a cuddle. he refused to go back to sleep! yesterday morning, he did go back to sleep...but no way, not today! after he woke me up he asked "what are we doing today, mommy?" bawahhh
we miss you chris!!!!

fabo friday!

my new baby! whee! after being camera free for 1 day, i begged (yeah right) my sis to go camera shopping...on the way i found a neato decor store and bought new curtains (tiny amount of shine/sparkle) for the orange room...back to the camera. i (ok my sis) picked this baby out for me...i picked the color (shocking isn't it)

yesterday am we took the boys to the wildlife park, but being camera less, i don't have picks...when i woke nate up we had the following convo

m-"natey, guess where we are going today!"
n-"where mommy"
m-"you want to see some animals?"
n-"are we going to animal kingdom?"
m-"umm no, not quite. we are going to a zoo. ok, it's not a zoo but there is a bear"
n-"is there ducks mommy?"
m-"there are ducks"
n-"can we go to animal kingdom and see a crocodile? and a giraffe?
m-"ummm sure"
second day on vacay
ice cream for breaky. it's a must
really, would you expect me to offer her anything different?
it's rainy and icky and cold
what to do? what to do?

shopping you say?!


we took the boys to the mall this morning. chris, i got you an umbrella. haha! with a solid handle. you will love it and i can finally stop hearing you complain!

that's our day in a nut shell so far...

we miss you chris!!!!! just a few more days!

p.s chris. i actually played around with the camera...i read the first page of the manual...and i figured how to use it. all. by. myself. proud of me? har! 2 comments

wonderful wednesday!

the day began with a brisk morning jog
followed by a run in the woods
through the woods and over a bridge...a quick break was taken on the bridge to throw rocks and sticks into the water below...
then a nice, playful round of "steal the cap" lead by nate
which lead to a separation of the boys
quinn on the swing
nate hiked the hill behind...
where he took a break in between....what else?...
why, rolling of course!
which was then followed by a run home
which to keep the momentum up, i created a game called "catch the telephone pole"

nate won this pole
no worries, quinn was catching up...
and tacked nate quite nicely...
and finally, one last sprint towards home!

humm. i ponder why nate napped for 2.5 hrs?
i took the boys on a large walk this morning, bearing promises of wearing the boys out. i did what i said i would do!
big smiles for this mama. today was the last day of work...wonderful, glorious vacay leading into a must wanted, needed and desired mat leave!!!
*now i will begin my master plan to get start her labour this weekend. i have spicy foods, walking among other plans in store for her...bawahhhh*
this may be my last pic post for a while, unless shawn works magic tonight. my camera was dropped (the "not me" ghost did it) and has died. i am at a loss. me. no camera! can not compute! what will i do!!!! wahhhhh