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woolco anyone?

who remembers woolco?

monday's $1.44 day! tuesdays too late!
the cart
the freaking candy counter???!!!! my fav!
who loves me some woolco? ha! or maybe it was a west thing? was there any woolco's on the east coast?
i grew up in calgary and we had a woolco in the mall about 10 mins from my house. i loved that place. i remember the candy counter and was SO sad when they took it away. i remember all the counters really, they had one for cosmetics, health and beauty, automotive etc...
it's weird the things that come to your mind when you are in bed
yeah. i got me some nasty bug, it started yesterday in the afternoon. not sure what happened but ewww. nasty. i am icky today but functioning. mommie's don't get days off! i am thinking it's sinus related cause my head is jammed and all that. i am counting the hours until chris gets home...
on a side note. i think it's absolutely redic. how much i missed chris when he was away. i miss the silly things. the candy wrappers, the bowls and such in the sink (i can tease him about the weird things he eats) the chatter over nothing and everything, the quick love ya calls...the simple companionship...i am glad he's back. for this week that is!

new doc

i finished listening to this doc yesterday. i loved it. it may seem so off the wall and fakery to some but i have heard of this lady preacher and have followed her story/preaching/teaching/camps for awhile and i do love her "in the face" style. she tells the kids like it is.

i have seen, with my own eyes kids living this kind of life. i have seen 5 yr olds who have DAILY quiet time with god, i have had 6 yr olds pray for me, lay hands on me, i know many, many, many kids who are spirit filled at 4-5-6 etc... it should not be a camp life but a life style

anyways. i thought it was great. enjoy! 2 comments

socks for breaky!

i had nate open our packaged this am. i got them yesterday in the mail but i wanted to wait for chris to come home to open them
nate listened as chris read the letter and the wonderful art work from miss katie

and we reflected on the snow
i put my socks on asap. i LOVE them! you should seriously sell them urs! nate's are actually not that big on him, he's in a growth spurt (he's eating me poor!) thank you! we love them!
chris came home late last night, i stayed up and waited for him. we were having a snack at the table when nate popped his head around the corner and said "HEY! what are you doing? are you having a snack? with out me??? DADDY???? is that you????" then he ran down the stairs and flew into chris's arms and said "daddy, i missed you so, so much!"
i thought it was funny, he reminded me of quinn and the party story except nate busted us...haha!

so so proud!

my fabo and redic talented sis-in-law sold her first piece of art on ebay today! and sold it for a sweet chunk of change i must add! i am SO proud of her!!!

*the above pic is sold
you can check out her other drawings on her blog at


you can come to my house and see many of the drawing she has done of nate! 0 comments

welcome moring!

snow glad to see you!
my back deck
and the barley there lamp
and more snow
back yard!
these pics are for chris. chris is in ottawa. there is no snow there and bright, blue skies.
i could do a whole new post on this week and how much i have missed chris. come home already!!! we miss you!

for chris

back patio
yeah. yet more snow

and the post
and it's still falling...
enjoying your blue skies?

what i've been up to

i have spent redic amount of time watching, listening to's addictive...there are so many to pick from...great entertainment....


no. i don't sit in front of the computer and watch, i play them as i do things ha! 0 comments
i know this pic is floating around f/b and websites...when i saw the pic for the first time it caught my breath. those feet are the same size as ben's were. i know some ppl would think i am sick for even comparing the two and for that i am sorry. it amazed me how so very close they are in size...and i haven't seen it since.

anyho! for those who have asked (and there is nothing wrong in asking me!) that is the size of his feet! 7 comments


divine discipline
divine comfort


ps 23 (mel style)

the lord is my leader shepherd guide
he has given me all that i need,want, dream!
he is so good that he lets me run, sleep, eat and enjoy my life
he takes me along the easy road, i stop, shop and laugh. life is good
he does all this so i can give him glory and live for him...right!


when i go through the not so great things in life
or when life's situations bring character growing (painful, crying, sobbing times)
like (bec hey, i am a visual gal who loves examples)

losing a baby and learning to be happy for your sister and her wee one


pouring your heart into a project and have it criticized. by many


hearing gossip. about yourself. and it's not that uplifting


slowly over time, allowing a teeny thought to pop in your mind, then another, then another...then there are so many you literally have to stop and think "hey! what's the REAL truth here?"

want an example?


just some random thoughts (ok maybe i do post way too much personal things here!)
-why do i care so much about what others think of me?
am i too fat? too skinny?
too loud? too quiet?
too rich? too poor?
too lazy? too active?
too spiritual? or a fakery?
too giving? or not giving enough?
snotty? closed up? ditsy? angry? selfish?
too full of yourself? too rude? cold? stand offish? snotty? quiet?

yep. i think those thoughts

i find myself caring, as of the late, way too much about what others think of me
so much that i find myself losing me

and when this happens. my whole life starts to spiral. remember! ladies are a big ol plate of spaghetti. everything is all connected together. lucky us!

back to the good book

even when i go though awful bad times and feel death (which i think could be a good thing!!!) i am not scared. i will not run to food, working out, gossip, anger, lashing out or hide in bed


because your rod and staff they comfort me

how in the big! wide! world! can DISCIPLINE bring me comfort??? discipline hurts! it's ugly and i don't like it! discipline tells me that i am wrong (NEVER! ha) and that sucks, and hurts and well yeah...

again. needing a visual i did some searching to find out what the big deal is about Sheppard's and rods...i found this long but read worthy article

THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN THEN!!! after all that comfort by getting convicted, confessing and can have this

a feast in your honor. BUT it's in front of your enemies

am i weird to read and think this "man, that is just wrong. the last place i would want a feast is with ppl who don't like me!" personally, i had friends at my wedding feast. but the bible says enemies. why? that's so twisted


god anoints you with OIL! IN FRONT of ppl who don't like you!!!

then you are blessed with abundance FOREVER they will follow you all the days of your life. and your enemies KNOW this!

again. i am a visual person so i see this

me on a stage. like a huge sports arena. i am eating at my feast. in honour of me. the place is packed. like standing room (haha) BUT these people don't like me. and well, i am sure that they are sharing all their fondness of me with those around there is a lot of not liking mel going on (imagine the feeling in that room!)

then god stand up and gives a speech about how great i am, and then gives me a new house, car, money, trips, shopping gift cards! a new job, a boat and my own private island...which would be in the key's, right beside disney's private island, with ice cream fountains and a shopping mall...and a personal masseuse and hair stylist and trainer....right...where was i?

then god blesses me with

"unfailing mercy and goodness" for the rest of my life


yeah. why would he do that?

in front of ppl who don't like me!

hummm maybe those who trust in god and allow him to "comfort" them with a rod beating and a staff smack down to put themselves back on the road god has for them are open to allowing god to use them and live for them...are strong. powerful people

conviction is icky

confession is humbling

forgiveness is freedom 3 comments

and more snow

and more snow...this is the back patio last night
and this morning
soon i won't have a lamp post anymore
snow. snow. snow
i keep telling chris that i feel god is calling us to where the palm trees are. any. where. i am not picky.
blah. snow!


you asked! above is a "real" gal, not a hair mag photo! the cut with bangs would look like this...she has a baby bang that is side swept into a longer, layered bang...
or you can go with a sleek, straight, short bang. you would have a quickly press/flatten your hair to get this look
a front on look. personally, this was the cut that first popped into my mind when you asked. i thought "v would look simply adorable and oh so evah cute with that katie cut, with those bangs...hummm maybe v should even color her hair dark...."
yep. i did think that thought
i have seen your fresh,showered, towel dry hair so i know how it goes. the above is a great idea how your waves will fly
and another one, when it gets a bit longer. you can also head band it back to dry or clip the bangs to the side and let the rest go curly
so instead of trying to explain it to you, here are more pics!


ok...i am a tart...this whole post is for veronique. she wanted me to pick some hair do's for her, so i did. what a great way to waste away an hour on a stormy afternoon! it's just quicker and easier to post pics to the blog instead of email (no resizing and hotmail stubbornness to contend with) so everyone else. ignore!
my first and most drastic hair pic! the above bob!
side view!
i like this cut bec it will show off you amazing cheek bones! your smile! i also think it will make you look super sassay!
but i know, it won't fit into a pony and well it's too short!
moving on
long layer cut, with blunt ends and a tapered bang. the blunt of the back will add more to the cut, the layers around your face will flatter and the longer bang will work with the low maintenance haha as well as fit back into a pony
love this. it's almost the same as the above pic, but the longest layers are fringing not blunt giving it a softer look, the bangs are what makes the cut! the front bang is cut shorter on an angle but the top bang is layered to flow with the side's. it's a fun/edgy/rocking cut!
basic long layers (there are about 3-4 layers) fringing the face with a long bang. close to what you have now, just more bang. it's easy-peasy to keep up, fits in a pony and is the "safest" one
long bang, med length layered do. it's cut blunt on the back and flows into the face, creating softness (cause who wants to look hard?!) long enough layers to go into that pony! short enough to have someone stop you and say "hey! did you get your hair cut?"
i seriously love this one for you! it's long, will do the pony BUT it's a new hair cut. the layers are long, the bangs are cut on the side, layering and are cut to lay flat on your head. you will have to straighten it to get the "rocker chic" look but you can air it dry and get the "beach girl" look. it's still safe but fun! and you want to be fun right!
#7 long layers, resting just above the collar bone with a hidden baby bang. it's sexay, it's safe and it's easy to maintain...and can fir in that pony!
so there you go missy! personally, i adore the first short bob. that could be much fun!
so. in order my fav's are

sicky boy!

nate told me yesterday that he wasn't feeling "very well" and went to the couch to feel better...there he was all snuggled with a blanket and...
his bible and his tickle toes. tickle toes makes him feel better btw!
he's doing much better today, runny nose, cough and all that but he's on the mend
i found this in the corner of his room this morning. silly boy. he made us supper and covered it with toilet paper...i know? what??
* just a note to say that my blog post a few days ago had nothing to do with anyone, no convo's, nothing at all! honest! i just sat and typed and hit post! i feel crappy if it upset ppl but i don't feel comfortable with taking any of it back. that's how i feel ya'll's!

nate and his mouth


driving the car this morning AFTER the van would not start AFTER waiting for chris to come rescue us at the yca (ymca) after nate's play group, DURING the horrid road conditions

m-nate please stop talking while i am driving. the roads are bad and i need to concentrate
n-mommy i am hungry, i a thirsty, i am so, so ,so hungry!
m-nate please, we will have food when we get home. please stop talking
n-i am SO hungry!
n-mommy, where are we going?
n-mommy, where is daddy? why is hr driving the van?
n-mommy? i said i was hungry! where is my food?
n-why are the roads bad? is it raining? is it snowing?
n-where is daddy going with the van?
m-nate please, i said no talking while i am driving!
n-mommy? take me home. i am HUNGRY
m-NATE!!! STOP IT!!!
n-stop what?
n-but mommy, i have to talk. jesus made my mouth for me to talk!
m-rolling my eyes

ha! what a kid. jesus made his mouth to talk. where does he get this from?

not me! 2 comments

3's of 3's

i have been going to church for 33 yrs

growing up paoc i went 2x's on sunday and once midweek

3 services a week x's 52 weeks='s 156 sermons a year

33x's 156 sermons='s 5148 church services

this does NOT include 2 years of bible school
sasky (there was 4-5 services a WEEK)

5000 services is a lot!

they (who are "they really? and what do "they" know??) say that you really only remember 3

so i thought about it and it's true. there are 3 services that i have heard that have stayed with me.

they are

1. youth rally 1990. i was 13? i think? they speaker spoke on how to build a relationship. he used props. they worked because i remembered them

2. christmas eve. pastor ted. 1998. simple, simple, simple. he spoke on "coming home" i so wanted to and one day i did. because jesus is always cool when you want to come home

3. pastor bill. june 2007. changed my whole christian life. he spoke on " the law of adjustment" matter how bad you mess up, if you have (HUGE KEY HERE) a pure heart god will tap you back on track.

pure means

unmixed, unadulterated, unalloyed, uncontaminated, untainted, unstained, undefiled, untarnished, immaculate, unpolluted, uncorrupted. modest, virtuous, undefiled.

so if your heart is above. god will tap you back on track (this is NOT an excuse to knowingly mess up and be forgiven. again. again. again...)

then i thought sure top 3 sermons. what about top 3 principals that i have been taught?

they are

1. bible school dean, p. jerry "stand on guard o' canada" meaning. never allow ANY chance of trickery in your life, your family and your calling. from a chit chat with friend(s) to stealing a candy at bulk barn

2. driven by eternity by john bevere book/work book

more important affabel

life changing. i will NEVER walk this life the same again. think you have problems? your life is hard? life is sucky? bad attitude?

wanna kick in the spiritual butt? listen to affabel

basically it's this


see that tiny dot? that's your life on earth. how you spend your life will affect your eternity. see that line? that's eternity

3. spiritual authority/respect. can i be blunt? can i just come out and say it? the bible is so clear on this but we don't hear much about it really and well not many practice it

it's simple (warning....bluntness)

do not trash talk your pastor(s), your leaders, ANYONE in leadership. just. shut. up

god has smucked many a man who done it. they would tell you that they wish they didn't say anything but they can't. they are dead

sure, you can disagree with your pastor, leader or spiritual authority but there is a proper way to deal. talking to others is NOT the proper way.

do not talk trash about god's chosen people. seriously. shut up

can i give a minor mini vent, just cause i can (it's my blog. haha)

tithe. once you give it, it's gone. you have no. zero. nadda. zip. elioa say in how it is spent. sorry. you don't. you don't have any "right" to gossip about how it's spent, that you pay the pastors, how much was spent on heating, who works at the church, how much was spent on a gift/flowers, how it was wasted on the chairs, flooring, roof, tiles, payment, how you don't like how money is spent or you just don't agree

take comfort in this. you will not be held accountable one day in front of god on how it was spent!

oh and if you missed it tithe is 10%. not 4.

(wow i am on a roll today)

*this does not apply with offerings

so then what are my top 3 verses?

(hoping you are still reading and like me somewhat???)

1.- gen 30:22 "then god remembered rachel" life changing lesson. god remembered her and he also remembered me!

2- ps 139 "thank you for making me so wonderfully complex" and chris thanks you too, esp the wonderfully complete part. haha

3- isiah 40:8 "the grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of the lord stand for ever" funny it's the first verse i ever memorised. at means to me that nothing matters but god

so there you go

3 sermons

3 lessons

3 verses

what are your 3's? 1 comments

everything and anything!

i had nate find the letter a in my old mag's, he then cut them out and glued them on a big A!
great job buddy! i noticed that he needs more work with the lower case a's. he only found 1. he did this activity for about 10 mins. not bad. he found all the a's, cut and glued all by himself
then he rocked on to "god rocks"
just like rob (the worship pastor at church. rob is like jesus in nate's eyes)

we took off to hali for the weekend for a much over due visit. for some freakish reason my lap top stayed in the bag. all. weekend. and i took about 20 pics. in total
shocking isn't it!
"i have a point to make"
"i concur"

breaky sat morning
me and my baby girl charlie
ohhh what's that? mash potatoes? don't mind if i do
" hi aunty melly"
"i love you"

i am her most fav aunty. she told me so. actually, i am her most fav person. yep. i am
bro and sisness
and that's it for pic's. we had a great time, we ate, we chatted, we got to know copshawn, chris got to play with shawn's police toys, i was bored, quinn and nate played, punched, fought and hugged...over all it was a great time!
i told quinn that i made him rice crispies (sp????) squares. with chocolate chips. they are my house and he will have to come and get them. i suspect they will come and visit soon



us sans make up just out of the shower. this is me in the raw :)

after nate's bouncy castle play date yesterday i went to the mall to get a few things. i brought nate with me. normally the trip would have been a nigh mare, nate HATES the mall, shopping and browsing, much to my utter dismay! anyways. the trip was amazing! we ended up walking through the entire mall, then stopped for lunch, which he declared with a mouth full of food "i LOVE the mall" (bribing chris with food also works) i got everything done, returned, look for and bought with a HAPPY child! yeah!
adoration. chris bought me a gift yesterday. markers for my cricut. he ordered them in the states (can't find them local) i love him. and bec today is a snow day (meaning laundry/cooking freezer meals/cleaning/packing) i can play all day long
enjoy the snow day everyone!