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i was out all day with nate, from 8-5, decorating for a wedding this sat. nate was SO good. sure he got bored and into things, making messes and causing more clean up but over all he was so well behaved. i was so impressed with him.

it was a really long day. i busted my butt and we came home exhausted. as nate and i walked in the door together he stopped and grabbed my hand and said "mommy, i miss you. can we go to your bed and snuggle for a bit?" don't need to ask me twice! we went to my room and cuddled. i then threw him in the tub, he got cleaned up and we went back to my room to wait for chris to get home

we then spent the next 40 mins on my bed. nate told me story after story, then showed me his moves, then we played david and the giant and laughed until chris came home to join us

why do i blog this? bec i realised that my kid is growing so fast and i don't take enough time to simply enjoy him. it was so neat to chill with him. it's scary how fast these yrs have gone by. god blessed me with my boy. my miracle

there is just no better way to end the day than watching your 4 yr old drop kick goliath in his spider man boxers. seriously. adorable

thank you jesus for my boy

*i forgot to take pics of the wedding set up. maybe tomorrow. trust me. it's beu-t-ful! 0 comments

soccar and preschool

seriously. my heart

nate all swissed up and ready for soccer!

today was n &w's first day of preschool. they took to it like duck to water and had a great time

front row scholars

going over the day and birthdays

it's a coop preschool, meaning it's cheap bec the parents teach. i am in the 2 yr olds call and i am teaching with my friend, so it's kinda fun...loud and fun.......

nate is making "mashed potatoes" for supper


*i feed this child i swear but by the looks of his ribs he needs more food!

messes and more messes

yeah....after putting nate to bed last night, on my way to the couch to crash i walked into this

it took him less then 10 mins to do this


to those who think (how ever did they get that????) my house is always clean are wrong!

and i post pics of it


so last night AT bedtime chris decided to do an experiment with nate. all i know is it involved MY kitchen aid and ROCKS

i told c is he did not clean it all up he was sleeping on the couch

he slept with me ;)

but not before n got his leg stuck in the chair

i took this pic after i assessed the situation and proclaimed " looks like we have to amputate"

yes. n knows what amputate means

he was quite pleased that taking the seat off worked and his leg was removed

i think he was on the way out of the room and fell back to sleep

silly child!

that's us and how are you?

i have a story for you!

do i have a story for you!

to keep this shorter and simpler i have made a list of characters

tl=the lady
helen=chris's coworker who had the party

ok. sat morning i spoke at the ladies breaky, after i cleaned up then rushed to sneak an errand or 2 in before i got home in time to fix my hair, change and run back out the door with the boys for our "chris's so-worker's pizza party"

which i will say i had a really bad attitude about going. just say. i did NOT want to go

we get there. we are the only ones under 50
n is the only child
there are no toys

yeah. this is gonna be fun

while we waited for the pizza this lady took it upon her self to entertain us all with stories about herself, then the pizza came and nate provided the evening entertainment. with mega help for tl. this lady seemed quite taken with nate and well that was just fine with me

the whole time i am there, talking to tl. i am thinking "man, she reminds me of someone" but i quickly forgot about it

finally we leave the party and c says on the way home "tl made the party"

we go home. get nate to bed then watch a movie together before crashing at the end of another busy day

sunday. during the day i am find myself thinking "man, that lady reminds me of someone"
after church i was driving to meet with a friend at frenchies for our bin diving, java drinking and mommy complaining. i mean. mommy loving fun!

as i sat at the lights i had this convo in my head

man, that lady reminded me of someone
oh yeah, she reminded me of my friend from jr.high. what was her name again?
hummmmm think think think
wait! her name was lisa. that lady reminded me of lisa...
wait! she really reminded me of her mom
what was her name????
think think think?
wait a second. didn't t/d say she had a daughter named lisa?
wait?! didn't t/l say she had a daughter names susan? didn't lisa my friend have sister named susan?
didn't helen say she had a sister who lived in n.s?

i freak out and break the law. i call chris while driving AND going through tim's. i beg him to get a hold of helen and ask her who this lady was!!! c sent her an email

flash forward to this am. c gets an email and starts to read it to me. turns out this lady, IS my friends MOTHER from like what 20 YRS ago???!!!

i am freaking out bec i haven't seen my friend or her mom in YRS. i have such amazing fond memories of this lady. she helped me with my math, i stayed at their house like a lot!

so. i am in the process of getting a hold of this lady to re intro myself to her

moral of this story?

always go to your husband's coworkers pizza party, where you know no one...or why you are even there....and bring your child who will them entertain everyone who lights a spark in a strange lady's mind and makes the party fun...
go with a good attitude!

seriously. small flipping world!

* i happen to fall in love with 2 paris of pants, 1 dress and 2 tops and had to bring them home with me. they are now all washed and waiting for wearing
ha! 2 comments

fear facing

facing fears has been this thing in my life. me facing them that is
last night i finally went through the album of pics from the night i birthed benny-boy
it was not as i feared it would be
time heals?
god heals more i think
but i did it
alone in my office, i clicked away and looked at each picture. i saw tiny details i missed
i missed the pic of chris's cutting his cord
the pic of ben's hands. his fingers weer so tiny! but they were all there. i counted them. his foot prints! possible tattoo i think!?!

but when i saw the above pic, my heart melted. i saw the boy that i adore, the strong, never falters, never emotional, always solid dude...look soft...kind...loving...protecting. as he saw his second born for the first time

blessed to have you in my life chris. good time, bad times. all times. thank you for being you. i love you! 3 comments

this and that

we had our ladies breaky this am. table decor. simple i thinks

close up of not lit candles

i came home to c & n fixing the van

seriously. how cute!

n showed me how he was taking the rust off

c showed me something about the van part....but i wasn't paying attention

then we had a break of coke and pringles

n was not happy when c ate the very last chip

i learnt something new. did you know that tea lights float? they do! see! i discovered this while decorating for the breaky. interesting and very cost effective

yes. i have tacky, ug plastic on my table. safety first! vanity second!


this is what we do with nate at the park. hahaha

so i wanted to decorate my front door. on the cheapo. this is what i came up with. i am wanting to add more too it and the $ allows it...

pumpkin. spray painted with left over spray paint from my WEDDING!

with an e for us!

front door. it needs way more flowers and hay or corn or something like that...

front wreath! i finally got a fall wreath. total cost 6.00



fall colory (yes i made that word up) floral thingy 2.00


more flowers! i got the can from muetti about 5 yrs ago when the farm auction was going on. i asked it i could take it home with me... i think it is a milk can but i am not sure where it came from....ontario? swissland? anyways. i love it!


i ran out of room and i am updating, adding more ram for the pics. so we will be pic less for another day or two

which is good. cause i am flipping busy! september? where art thou? hello? fall? did i see you? it just seems that everyday is full. so full!

i am adapting to the hearing aid. slow and steady. i wore it all day yesterday. i hated it. ha. it's like having a loud speaking in your ear. i am not going to quit (yet) but the only positive so far is hearing in public (church, malls, restaurants) i have another week until i go back...

i must go and get started this busy friday! man, i need more hours in a day! until the next post have a wonderful weekend! 0 comments

it's been busy

m2m day 1 was yesterday am. it will be our last yr (sob sob)
i asked for the "zoolander" and that's what i got

he had a few mins to kill before we left so he pulled up the rocker and read his bug book

i went into get him and found this

they were playing together

see what a little structure can do for kids?

m2m is fab. i love my m2m time. coffee. friends. gabbing with NO kids, learning something....yeah....growing spiritually.....and yeah there is even snack baby! wheeeeeee

it's going to be a great yr!

today was nate's first day of preschool

we went to the apple orchard

some of the kids arriving. note shannon in the back ground

whatcha doing girl?

nate in the tree

trying to get a group shot. there are like another dozen or more kids on the left

it was loud

and hot

and loud

nelson getting his apple groove on

my not so little apple picker

trina and hers

high on the ladder

weston and matt are holding the bottom for him

safety first!

then it was weston's turn

apple boy

hummmm what are they up to?

weston helping me pick

name tags that fell to the ground

it was fun. and yeah. hot and loud

looking forward to next week!

mon muwahhhness

chris just sent me this to make me laugh
back story
we had a partay (which was very fun and i didn't take 1 pic) sat night and i didn't (don't) have a single pair of pants that fit. i was frustrated bec i had to wear shorts. again. and it's cold. anyways chris had the great idea to take off his pants and for me to put them on

so i did. i looked like a weight watchers add
then nate came in and i said i could put him in the pants

so we did


i felt better. then and now 3 comments

big day

today is a big day for me
i got my hearing aid

i had no idea what to expect, i haven't heard a work out of left yr in more than 20 yrs
after i fitted the h/a in my ear. i sat back and waited
finally, we turned it on

then i heard
not what i expected
the opposite. it was so loud. everything that i knew was no longer what i thought i knew
chris's voice did not sound the same
nate's voice was not at all what i know
the room was so loud
my hair makes noise, every simple sound was magnified in my head
then i feel those familiar waves hit me


everything was new. i feel alone. i am over whelmed. chris's solid, never changing voice was no longer the voice i knew so well

nate. his cute adorable voice is no more. it's loud. painfully loud. to the point that i can't bear to hear it

my world is new
scary new

i have to learn all over how to hear

i never dreamed a little hearing aid could cause so many changes in my life

i feel lost, alone and scared

i was told this is normal and it's the main reason why ppl don't get hearing aids. it changes everything and makes you learn everything all over again

but with everything. this too shall pass...a week or two and i will be back to normal. when that happens i go back to the clinic to have the volume turned all the way up. imagine! sensory over load now! i can't believe that i will need to go through this all over in 2 weeks!

the thought of me leaving the house again today to go out (which i have to do later and again this evening alone) makes me want to run and hide!

it will get better. the familiar feelings will return. i will learn all over. i am not alone

this is not what i imagined it to be! but it will get will! 5 comments

mrs. january!

my wonderful and super shopping sa-vay sister intro's me to this amazing site a while back and i forgot to share it!


you sign up and get DAILY!! emails telling you where all the deals are! no looking around! she send lots of freebies, coupons and tips and what not

i LOVE that she tells me where to go and what coupons to use to get tide (like today!!) laundry soap for 3.00. love it!

my superstore bill came to 64 and change but by the time iwas done using my coupns i paid 35 bucks
last sat the total was 56 and change but i paid 4 bucks. 4! (super buck also rule the school!) i love being cheap. more to spend! 1 comments
nate gets dressed by himself. he chose a pair of shorts that a wee bit to big. every time we moved them fell down but he was determined that these are the shorts to wear. he lasted about an hour before he asked if he could change. it was quiet funny

we had nate's speech therapy appointy. lets say this. he's fine. the therapist was confused as to why he was even there. then she ran a batch of tests on him for fun. she determined that he is well in the safe area of word pronunciation and advance in all other areas. esp his expression, conversation, understanding, following instructions, describing events (past, present and future) and use of big words while telling his stories. i will admit. i was proud when he scored high on those tests. i have one smart cookie. we won't be going back

then we hit the park. it was such a beautiful day! i read while nate played

then we hit the woods where nate came running and told me this

"mom! i saw a scary eyes looking at me. it was a tree! i was scared but i closed my eyes and said "i am not scared, jesus is with me" then i opened my eyes and i was not scared anymore. come see the tree with eyes"

then he picked up a stick and hit the bad tree

and had some of my coffee

yes. a sip of my coffee he had

he likes coffee

report me!

see he likes it

my stick gather gathered many sticks

so i made a perty stick thing

and nate helped

i should have brought them all home with me and made something for the door with them. oh well. another day maybe!

act like a 4rd old!

ever just have a day ( few and not often enough) with your child that just screams the bliss of parenthood? i did today. so much fun we had. in between meetings and running errands we went to the park

i taught nate how to do a somersault

goof ball!

then we did some rolling

me too!

creative education. i had nate copy the story title on the mag page. he loved being rebel-boy and writing in my mag. with me there

tree man

chillin in the sun

adorable and not a toddler anymore. sniff sniff

soccer! i finally got nate into soccer and he LOVED it. he's a total natural at it. bonus? having a friend in his class, dbl bonus? i get to talk to my friend during his lesson which keeps me entertained!

i snapped 2 pics before i was told to put my camera away...what taking pics is against the policy? i never knew


pre-lesson talk

note that nate is the only one sitting and listening. this was a trend

soccer rules!

what a fun day. today just flowed and it rocked. i love my kid!

why can't every day be like this?