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this and that

jess, my sister in law drew this pic for me for christmas. it is my fav gift!  i adore it!
thank you so much jess!!!!!
such talent!
look how big she's getting!!!!
snow day yesterday! 
i got the tree taken down, and the house cleaned. the laundry is caught up and i am relaxing this new years!
happy new year everyone!! 0 comments


last pic of me EVER having glasses on! in my sister's super, duper, fabulous and redic beautiful, brand  spanking new house!
 after the surgery!
chillin while my eyes were tapped shut! 

long detailed report on my eye surgery!

my wonderful parents bought me the best gift ever! the gift of sight! 

i had really bad eye issues on he last trip to florida i noticed my eyes seemed to worsen, esp at night. so when i got back i went to the eye dr and had a check up.  my eyes had gotten significantly worse in 1 yr.  i was also told to stop wearing contacts, my eyes were in rough shape and had many dark spots on them due to heavy contact wear over 20 YRS of wearing conacts 12+ hrs a day

after being bugged to heaven and back by my dad and chris to get a lasik consult done and a quote, i did last aug.  the quote was what i TOLD them it would be, over 3500!  chris and i talked it over and agreed that with no coverage it was not in the budget for this yr

well, my parents blessed me with the surgery! they paid for all of it!  sweet deal!  i jumped on the ball and booked my appointy for dec 28

 i am NOT a detailed person so i did NO research before, i basically went in just went in knowing the basics

got there at 11 am.  had my eyes checked to make sure the prescription didn't change from aug, then had new pics of my eyes taken

11:30 went into the financing office, paid in full (thanks parents!)  i asked 2 questions

1-can i take drugs??  which i decided not to take.  i could have taken a atavan (sp????) type relaxer but it would have delayed the surgery and my wait time. so i decided to put my big girl pants on and went ahead with no drugs!  but i have to add my sister took drugs when she had hers done 2 yrs ago. haha!

2- when will the flap connect to my eye ball?  the body starts to heal immediately, it will take a full 3 days to be solid

then i went into the waiting room and got prepped for the or
the nurse lady came and put the numbing drops in at 12
very weird to sit there with my eyes numb!

12:10 (yes, i timed it!) i went  into the operating room where i met my dr, and he again tested my eyes and told me my eyes were in great shape!  oh, in aug i started prepping my eyes on a daily base to get them ready. the dr then gave me my instructions, he only had 1....keep my eyes opened as big as i can!!  and please, keep my eyes open!

i was then walked to the operating table, which was shiny white, like a massage table with a donut hole for my head.  i was then given 2 squeeze balls to squeeze when i felt upset or the need/want to blink...that freaked me out!

then the head rest was lowered to a knee length. at that point my heart started to pound and i felt the rush of blood to my head...which made me more nervous!  after 2 mins it got better and i was able to not panic.....self talk....!

then my left eye was taped shut
the dr asked if i was ready, i said "bring it on!"

then he took a small spatula type like object and put something across my eye ball, then i felt pressure, like someone was pushing on my eye when you have it closed.  it didn't hurt, just felt weird. then he put this eye ball holder thing on my eye so i could not close my eye, then i felt him take a stick like thing and rub my eye ball

i was then told to hold my eye open and to look at the green light, even when it goes black or i can't see it to look at it

then there was some red funky lasers.  some square patterns, some more lights and humming noise

then the worst smell i have ever smelt came,  it was horrible. i would guess the smell to be like burning flesh. i breathed through my mouth and thought of eliana the whole time!

the smell was the laser burning my eye!  i was smelling my burt eye!  ewwww!

then everything went black

and i knew everything was working!  i relaxed at this point and was told i was doing great!

then i felt pressure
and i saw the green light, it was blurry but more clear that i can explain...when you are use to having bad eyes and waked around at night blind, this blurry green light looked like 20/20 to me!

then the machine lifted up and my right eye was taped shut

repeat again with the left eye, except i thought of nate and some funny things he said over the last few days

2 kids, 2 eyes, right! ha

then i got up from the table and could see blurry!  the dr took me to have my eyes checked and then took a NEEDLE with water in it and DROPPED it into my eye. but i couldn't feel anything so that was neat

he then checked my eyes and told me everything went perfect!  i said "perfect?" he said "yes, perfect. and you did very well, you were brave, kept your eyes opened....better than his patients that morning"

which is thought was funny as anything. why?  bec i was the ONLY female. haha

then i walked into the recovery room. it was 12:35 i could see but not clear, like vaseline was on my eyes. but again. better than i could with out glasses

i met my sis and then had my eyes tapped shut for 15 mins

then i had my fist round of drops and waited with my sporty glasses on

then i had another set of drops and was cleared to go home and sleep

i got back to my sis's place and tried to sleep but couldn't.  i had to put drops in ever 30 mins and decided to take a sleeping pill at 5.  i woke up at 10, had a snack, took another sleeping pill and woke up at 5

i had my follow up appointment at 8 the next day.  less than 24 hours since the surgery

i was tested fr my eye sigh and i got just less than 20/20 in each eye individually, it takes time to strengthen the eye.  BUT  i had OVER 20/20 with BOTH eyes!

i was told that my eyes are healing faster/better than the average and to follow up again next wk in moncton

today is 48 hours since the operation, my eyes are dry and can get sore if i look at something too small or to long.  but over all WAY better than i thought!  i have to wear the sunglasses outside for awhile and inside if there are bright lights

i've spent 20 mins typing this out and my eyes feel great!

tomorrow i can shower and wash my eyes.  but i can't rub them or touch them again, i have to be careful

i will have to go back in a few yrs to have them touched up because my eyes were so bad but it's covered when my parents bought the life time warranty

now i have 3 pairs of glasses, 8 boxes of unopened contacts and 8 bottles of contact solution...any takers???

i would HIGHLY recommend lasik eye surgery!!!

THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 comments


christmas eve day was spent like this
someone was comfortable much!
then he read to his sister
and asked questions too
merry christmas everyone!
then it was time for christmas jammies and snuggles
and giggles too!
and off they went to bed
we remember you ben
then we set up a mini barricade for nate
no way was he getting through it!
miss ellie slept while we went down stairs at a respectful 7:15
haha. i played with nate's construction toy while he opened his presents
then we WOKE ellie up at 9:15! to join us
she ate and jumped
nate held her toes bec he thought they were cold
she opened a gift or two in between her naps
ok nate opened them for her
then chris opened his box from the land of all things swiss and chocolate
he told nate this was for him
we still got some when chris wasn't looking
ellie loved her new socks aunty ursi and i loved mine!
the evening was spent with more jumping and giggling
merry christmas everyone!

we are off to visit family today!  0 comments

the day before the 24th!

this am before heading out the door
which i have to say i am AWESOME
i crawled out of bed at 9 and woke ellie up at 9:30
i had myself and both kids fed, clothed and looking human by 10
and i sipped my coffee on the way to church
and yes, my shirt is large and pink
just the way i like it!
nate was taking her shoe off!  stinker!
ok, this is taken in midst jump on her jumper. the girl LOVES her jumper, she kicks herself a good 6" off the ground!  check out her hair! 
i love her! 3 comments

wild krattness!

i knew i had to do something when i found myself saying to nate "nate, stop running around like a cheetah during school time. you are not a cheetah!"

then nate came to me and asked me to email the wild kratts and ask them if he could have a creature power suit

nate is obsessed. obsessed with the pbs show wild kratts. which i don't mind. the show is SO educational!  i am surprised by how much i've learned about animals, wild life, habitats etc...  nate can often be found sharing with me facts about animals or giving me a multiple choice question about animals

so, after i explained to nate that  creature power suits are not to be sold. i thought why not make one? i asked nate if he would like one, he freaked out thinking he was going to get a real suit that would turn him into an animal... then i had the sad job of explaining to him that if i make him one it will not actually turn him into the animal of his choice. he was devastated. like full tears upset!  i love how kids think so literal!

so today, i began the job. i do NOT sew. so i created a non sew creature power suit!

i found an old shirt too small for nate and cut it up
i used my cricut for template, marked the circles and cut them out
then i bought a 4.00 t-shirt at walmart, cut the sleeves off
and used this AMAZING product that does the sewing for you...but with an iron...think like a patch works
i got a pair of gloves and did the same
voila. creature power suit!
then i had chris use his computerness and create some animals, printed them in color on card stock, cut them out and laminated them.  i put velcro in the middle of the circle on the shirt and on the power disks
The link for a free 3-page pdf is at the bottom of this blog post
what? you thought i'd post with out a pic of ellie?
she watched and napped during the process
voila! super creature power!
i was going to make a bag for the power disks but found a camera bag at the $ store and used it instead
i have one super happy wild kratt kid today!
and they did a little piano playing while i worked away!
and that sums us up!

For anybody that would like to use the source images, my wonderful, amazing, incredible good looking and just over the top phenomenal husband volunteered to upload them for me!!! Isn't he the best?

Due to significant number of individuals requesting the 3-page pdf of the pictures below, my husband uploaded it to dropbox. Please feel free to download it and share your creation with me at mel_eigenheer at hot mail dot com

Please note that my husband has personally created these power disks but decided to make them available to everyone free of charge for any kind of use (please email me first if you plan on using them commercially). All I ask is that you leave the copyright note on the images. Thanks.

Wild Kratts Power Disk 01

Wild Kratts Power Disk 02

Wild Kratts Power Disk 03

Wild Kratts Power Disk 04

Wild Kratts Power Disk 05

Wild Kratts Power Disk 06

Wild Kratts Power Disk 07

Wild Kratts Power Disk 08

Wild Kratts Power Disk 09

Wild Kratts Power Disk 10

Wild Kratts Power Disk 11

Wild Kratts Power Disk 12

Wild Kratts Power Disk 13

Wild Kratts Power Disk 14

Wild Kratts Power Disk 15

Wild Kratts Power Disk 16

Wild Kratts Power Disk 17

Wild Kratts Power Disk 18

Wild Kratts Power Disk 19

Wild Kratts Power Disk 20

Wild Kratts Power Disk 21

Wild Kratts Power Disk 22

Wild Kratts Power Disk 23

Wild Kratts Power Disk 24

Wild Kratts Power Disk 25

Wild Kratts Power Disk 26

Wild Kratts Power Disk 27

Wild Kratts Power Disk 28

Wild Kratts Power Disk 29

Wild Kratts Power Disk 30

Wild Kratts Power Disk 31

Wild Kratts Power Disk 32
Wild Kratts Power Disk Template 1

Wild Kratts Power Disk Template 2

Wild Kratts Power Disk Template3

Wild Kratts Power Disk Template 4

Wild Kratts Power Disk Template 5

Wild Kratts Power Disk Template 6

Wild Kratts Power Disk Template 7

Wild Kratts Power Disk Template 8

Wild Kratts Power Disk Template 9

Wild Kratts Power Disk Template 10

Wild Kratts Power Disk Template 11

Due to significant number of individuals requesting the pdf of the pictures above, my husband uploaded it to dropbox. Please feel free to download it and share your creation with me at mel_eigenheer at hot mail dot com

Please note that my husband has personally created these power disks but decided to make them available to everyone free of charge for any kind of use (please email me first if you plan on using them commercially). All I ask is that you leave the copyright note on the images. Thanks.

you can download the free printable pdf that looks like this:

at the following link: