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 yesterday, nate and i spent the day out at joggins. ive heard of the place from my bro and jess but haven't gone myself. it was super fun!  it was over cast but didn't rain! thank goodness. we had an interpreter with us for a good 45 mins and inside time to discover the discovery center, we had lunch and the kids dug out their own fossils

i was impressed with the building, very educational and informative
 the kids were divided up by ages, there was a great response to the field trip.  over 50 kids were there
n and m taking in the view before we started
 heading off to the beach
 our guide. this guy was amazing!  he was patient with the kids and was passionate about joggins. he knew so much information. he took us along the beach and showed us all the details i would have missed... what impressed me the most was that he took the time and answered every kid's question, the kids would bring him pieces of rocks and what every they discovered and he would tell us what it was. he is a walking encyclopedia! 
 nate found his fossil and was very excited to show me. ha
 taking a snack break.  # 3562
 nate made this for me
 and posed with his wife to be. hahaha
 see this teeny house?
 i tried to get a close up.  12 kids grew up in this house!  14 ppl lived here!!! that's crazy!
 the beach

 this is for j&j. i found out what the "bamboo" really is. hahaha
 the kids doing their fossil finding
 nate was impressed
the drive was 1.5 in all. it was a nice country drive. what i liked most about it was the quality time nate and i had to talk. i let him talk away, i love learning about my kid. i like hearing his thoughts and having the time to just spend with him.  focusing on him!  love him! 0 comments

slippy sunday!

 it was hot on sun, all wkend actually, like turn on the a/c hot baby!  chris made up a slip and slid for the kiddo's and yes, 1/2 the neighbourhood joined us....ha 

jo and i hung out under the gazebo and watched
 and yes, ellie was right there with all the big kids
 this am.  ellie was helping jo with her tummy time. 



 my son is anything but artistic, crafty and well anything that requires holding a pencil...hah.  this am we were studying our flowers and he chose to make a flower with all the parts for me
and left it out for me to see

sigh. hes such a funny kid! 0 comments

sunny sunday!

 ellie posed for me this am. she stopped and said "cheese!"
 my little family, even johana was smiling!
 us again!
 us being us. hahahaha
 bebe jo jo!
chris and i caught ellie singing "i love you jo jo" to her sister this afternoon. my heart.  and through it all he's faithful 0 comments


 we forced chris, who kicked and screamed and had a bad attitude for most of the trip...on a FUN family outing. sigh, i adore chris but he needs to lighten up and enjoy life! ha!  anyways, we took the kids to shediac yesterday for some family fun. i locked them up.  notice ellies head peeking out
 then ellie was off to explore. eliana is our little joy who delights is, well, living!
 teeny, tiny jo jo came too. she brought her own milk and was in deep thought for most of the trip. haha
 ellie ran to the lobster and beat nate to the top. ellie has no fear, she LOVES to live and have fun
 then they were off to the water, where ellie jumped in! with all her clothes, nate joined her, they had so much fun. jo and i stayed behind so i could feed her her second rate food (insert loads of sarcasm here, i am getting to my end of judgmental people and their opinions on how i feed my child...)
 then we had a family pic, see i'm there too!
ellie was giving nate a pep talk on how to have FUN
 he got it! and ellie was off to find more fun!
 then we hit the drive thou and took our striped down to almost bare kids home for a bath, more food and bed!
i love family days and some day chris will like them too! hahaha 0 comments

ellie baby belly!

 ellie came and got me the other day, she grabbed my hand and said "mama, come, baby sleepy"
she brought me to jo's bassinet and wanted me to out her in so she could take a nap. haha
such a funny girl she is. she loves her baby, and often takes her to bed, ha! 1 comments


 shes by far the strongest in the neck than all of my kids.
 watching daddy
 questioning daddy
 allowing a kiss from daddy
 snuggling daddy
sharing secrets with daddy

she loves her daddy 1 comments


 i told nate is was independent reading time and he took off. i found him like this
he went and got the table, chair, pillow, chris's safety shaded and a pop (a treat he earned. it was 1/2 a can) and did his reading out side
 this is why we home educate!
 i walked inside and found ellie like this taking away saying "bebe jo jo, books! read! look pooh!"
when she saw me she actually said "cheese mama!"

school is going good. we made a HUGE change this week.  im not sure how i feel about it...

tuesday i sent nate up to the playroom to work, alone, with ALL his books.  he did ALL the work in 1.5 hrs  and LIKED it

sob sob sob

so every day this wk, he goes up to his desk and works. alone. with out me. i check his work later in the evening and write out his assignments for the next day

i do read the science text book only bec im actually interested in learning about it

other than that he's working alone and is thriving.  hes teaching not ready for this. i thought id be needed for another year

sure this is what i was aiming for its just hard to let go and let him take on more responsibility....

im going to keep at it and set the playroom up for nates school area....someday.... 0 comments


 this is the only pic i have of her that i think she looks a bit like me!
 baby johana. such a delight

in case you all noticed, jo is always in a diaper. ha the reason is she is a hot baby, she sweats very easy and because we swaddle her, she doesnt need a layer of clothing, so i keep her in a diaper. it saves me loads of laundry and there is nothing like baby skin next to yours...esp out of the bath! love it!
 nate took this pic and asked me to post it. so i did. ha
 he was telling her a story about ninja's and how he will protect her
 nate told me that he loves johana as much as he loves ellie
big brother! 0 comments