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27 weeks!

this am before heading out the door

closer belly

nate kissing his sister!

nate before *check below for the story

nate realizing the 10 is way more than a bag of coins
last wed or thurs (can't remember) nate brought his money coins as he calls them, he normally plays with them...stacking, sorting, putting in weird places...this pile of money, maybe 2.00 in total?  anyways, he told me that he wants to bring the money to julio on sunday so he can buy some food. i told him sure!
well wouldn't you know it! he remembered this morning about his money and brought me the container full of coins (which has grown in numbers...i am guessing all the money he found around the house during the last few days he added to it) anyways. he said it was for juli
so i got a baggie and put it in. chris can in the room and nate said "daddy i am giving my money coins to julio"
chris said 'remember nate once you give it away you can't get it back'
nate said 'that's ok, cause the song says "give and it shall be given back to you, pressed down, shaken and more and running over"
i was like, seriously? my heart of hearts! 
chris and i explained more detailed what it means to give and sow. we told him that not always you will receive what you sow...that maybe instead of the money he gave he may get a toy or make a new friend or that it can take time to get back what you sowed
he held onto the money bag all the way to church, in to church and into his class

then during the service one of the pastor's came to me and handed me a 10.00 bill and told me it was for nate.  seriously?!?!

i waited until we got in the van and showed nate what he was given. he was confused at first due to the coins were replaced with a bill but after we told him that he could buy 8 kinder eggs with the bill in place of the 2 kinder eggs with the coins...he was thrilled. to tithe on it and save the rest....haha

a few months ago someone asked me why i threw so many baby showers, esp when it was really raw after ben, i told them honestly, seriously, as painful as it was at times, i did it because god told me to. he told me to bless mom's to be. throw showers, buy gifts, bake foods, babysit etc...what you sow you will yrs after all those showers! my tummy and i are so grateful!

so, what are you sowing? 2 comments


brainy book from my parents. ha. father like son much?

nate wrote chris a book. nate drew all the pics and made up each picture

i was impressed with how well nate worked on it, it took an afternoon! nate was showing chris the pic that he drew of chris taking him to mcdonalds.

BUT with out ME! ha. nate knows chris will take him there and not me!

our card

a story written from chocolate bars.

then we capped the day off with a cake from mcbuns....SO good! 
it was a weird birthday day!  we were all so tired!  i got very little sleep last night, i was in pain!  i think little miss e is out of room and she's pushing the organs around and pushing my belly out! i have stretch marks! not just on the belly but on my thighs! (as if i don't have enough there all ready!) down my legs, on my sides! it's crazy. i look like a road map! 
anyways, it was an painful night, bloating, gas, indigestion etc...i was SO tired this am. chris got up and took nate to a tool sale, then to mcdonalds. they came home around 10 and chris went back to bed with me, we slept for 2 SOLID hours!  nate entertained himself for 2 HOURS!  god is good. ha.  the sad thing is i got up and an HOUR later i went back to BED! for another hour!  so tired!  we did supper at montana's and cake for dessert and sigh...i am ready for bed! 
chris enjoyed the day. he didn't get 1 thing from his to do list done and kicked back and relaxed instead!

happy birthday besty bud. i love you! i can't wait to spend another year growing old with you!!!  you are the best!  love ya! 1 comments

mail from quinn!

very excited!
nate was super duper happy to get mail from quinn!  and a letter also. he loves the dolls and has taken both of them. ha!  thanks quinny!!!  we loved our quinny mail! 0 comments
this is my child
sorry ladies, he's mine
nate got his shots yesterday for whooping cough and all the vac's for school
chris took him, i was so upset that i wasn't there for him :(
i had to fill in at preschool and chris brought him by later but he was quite impressed with how cool he looks with his tattoo band aid....chris sported the princess one...ha!

a friend gave me this wonderful phonics curriculum for nate. i was able ti find a phonics dvd that is actually cool in the states for a dollar! score! anyway the dvd fits perfectly with the reading materials so i play it for nate. he really enjoys it and loves to tell chris what he learnt that day.  last night nate told chris that a,e,i,o,u and sometimes y are vowels, the rest are constants. and that you can not have a word that does not have a vowel.  chris told him that y is not a vowel, i told chris he was WRONG! that you can have a y as a vowel! e.g ty!  he stood corrected by ME. ha!

my cutie boy
sigh he's so big!

ha ha! so true!

so sad
so true
what have we done? haha

i've been slack on the blog as of the late. just find myself SO tired.  all the time!  and i've stepped up the home school.  nate was getting bored and restless over the last few weeks so i stopped doing anything with him school related but read. he loves to read!  he asked me to teach him how to reach books, so i brought out the school again and he's getting it. he hates writing/printing but loves to count, add numbers and is picking up real fast the basics of reading.  we do a lot of what letter does hat, cat, road, stairs, hand etc.... start with.  he gets 9 out of 10 right. 

we had a home school meeting last week and i got so much from it.  i've taken the approach to what ever happens! happens!  with a baby coming (yes chris, 74ish days left) who knows how it will all work out. i just know this, god created me to be a mom (even on the bad days) and he's given me the ability to teach my children.  i speak for me and my family no one else :)

baby stuff!  she is SO active. i'm scared!  chris is so in love with her. he does the count down, telling me how many days are left until she comes (approx, we don't have a date yet) and has her picture on his desk (awwww) i'm thinking she's gonna give me a run for the title of the lady in his life...ha.  naw, he can love on her as much as he likes!

until tomorrow! have a great day everyone! 0 comments

make me smile

love mom


it's been a crazy few days. lots of rain here and lots of work inside.  the worst part is the HORMONES! the crazy, mentally and physically draining emotions!  they are CRAZY.  the worst is they seem to be negative!  i am angry, then frustrated, then annoyed, then sad, then crying!  then's been awful.  i can't wait for it to be done! 

anyways. after another redic afternoon of cleaning (does it ever end?) i dropped to the couch for a break, nate picks up his writing board and wrote mom and love mom all by himself.

then i cried. it did bring a smile to my face, for about 10 seconds, then tears, then tiredness....ha

it does get better right?

p.s chris bring me home a treat. bawahhhhh
sob sob sob
there they go again, those hormones!

(i am blessed to be having a baby and i thank god for hormones and all the things they do but i am going to be honest and share when they are crazy!) 1 comments


crib is up, walls are painted!  there is still a lot of work to do...slow and steady, steady and slow! right/!
getting my paint on

nate was put to work, after his lesson on how to paint properlly from daddy
nate did a great job and is proud that he helped paint his sister's room
and there ya go. i am in the kidst of putting the room together, the light fixture needs to go up, the curtains hung, clothing to fold and put away and all that....slow and steady right?! 2 comments

26 weeks!

26 weeks!
again. chris lacks the ability to take a decent shot of me. every. single. week!  oh well! 

3 d ultrasound!!!!!

nate took this pic!  pretty good eh?!  my first peek at our little girl
again, nate took it!
again, nate was the photog!  impressive!

after the ultrasound we went to cape enrage, on the way chris drove like this.  he would not stop looking at the pics of his daughter. he kep saying 'she is so cute' ;look at those lips' it was quite cute to watch this side of chris!
meet our little girl!  she moved a lot and made it very hard to get good pic's.  the u/s was set for 30 mins but we had an hour and 10 mins of active viewing time.  bec the pics are not the best we are going back in 3-4 weeks for another session! for FREE!  whooo hooo! 
she is breeched so her feet were basically over her head and her arms were over her face.  we did get to see her lips, nose, eye lashes!!! and hair!  she laughed, smiled, yawned, took a nap, kicked and punched me and best of all!.....
i told chris to go talk to her, to get her to move during her 5 min nap and with in 2 seconds of hearing his voice she STUCK OUT HER TONGUE!  see above. def the high light of the session!
hands beside her face
feet up over her head, she is actually holding her foot in her hand
bye-bye- was a tiring time for her. ha.  i thinks this girl has a lot of sass, attitude and spunk! can't wait to meet her!  the 3-d ultrasound was worth every penny and we loved the family could join us on line! 

cape enrage

cape enrage!  after the ultrasound this am we took nate for a family day.  what a blast we had!
chris and naters
family of 4!
nate checked the map out and charted his course
...through the woods and over the hill...
...down by the water...
....over the wire rope... girl was with us...
my men folk
my little man
2 girls and 1 boy!
then it was time to explore an old abandoned house! no worries dad i stayed outside and took pics
like father like son
up the stairs
and out the window
nate told me on the way home 'mom i need a little nap' and he took one

!  and that was our day. fulled, fun and fabulous!