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a lady from our church made this amazing quilt for ellie!  it was mostly done by hand and i don't have the heart to let ellie sleep and throw up on it. haha. so im thinking i will put it on the wall
we did another trip to the library, the weather sucks around here a lot of rain 
ellie spent most of her time at the doll house
she's trapped in!
nate making another creation
hanging with her peeps in the lounge this morning


my bff!

see! she's my bff!
i had to run a bunch of errands this morning, like 5 different places. i left nate at home with chris and i took ellie with me
i am so use to taking nate that i was shocked at the difference! now i get it when my sis says that quinn is an easy traveler!
what a doll she is, i enjoyed our time together SO much
i was told again today that she looks just like a cabbage patch doll. which is funny bec the other day at the mall i was told by 2 other ppl that she looks like a cabbage patch doll. she does!  which is good cause those dolls are cute but my dolly is adorable!
just looking out the window
my heart
chris took the next few days off work for this big project..........rebuilding the van's transmission. sob sob.   i am sad that he is using up his last vacay/personal days for him to be in the shop and not using them for family time. oh well, i do like having him around!

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ellie kept her self busy before we left with playing with her toys!
we got to the library before it opened so we did what nate loves to do, rode the elevator
ellie loved it!

our library got a make over!  it's so nice now, the room is open and spacious, there are station all over the area, coloring, blocks, puzzles, story area and it was very kid friendly!
the back side
there was decorations everywhere!
so creative and fun!
and even a table of ipads!
ellie loved the train table
then she stood at the window and talked to everyone walking by
waiting for the show to start!
praying it would start soon
yeah!  Nate made a friend there and they spent most of the morning playing together NOT playing on the ipads!  which surprised me
she's a coming!
right on in there with the boys
watching a puppet show that his friend put on
it was awesome, we are going back for sure!
having her lunch
my little ellie
i love her!

splash park and the super bore!

after naps on sunday we headed to the splash park
it was ellie's first time 
we had our picnic first
then i took her in
she wasn't excited about it i think it was too loud
she was much happier watching
nate how ever enjoyed himself
snack time
my dolly
so nate doesn't draw or color
but every few months we get the chirp mag and they have a mail in contest which we do
this month nate had to draw a picture of his favorite summer activity
he drew this pic!  i was so impressed
this is his first drawing and i mailed it away, sob sob!
my dolly ollie in her outfit, there is orange bloomers underneath so cute!
we went to the park in the morning then picked daddy up to watch the super bore come in
it was actually very neat to watch! and we threw some unschooling in there and nate learned about gravity and force of the sun causing the water to ripple in
right on time too!
her she comes
look at how still the water is as it hits!
more super bore
bye bye bore!  see you again next time....which will be in???can't remember what chris said...hahaha

we are LOVING our summer vacay!  so much fun!  i love the freedom and going out with the kids.  i try to plan the days so the mornings are semi open to go out, play dates, lunches and picnics etc...then home for naps and i have a chance to get some work done.  i am pleased to say i have 2 more "must do" jobs on my list that i've neglected over the yr...then i am done!  i have to clean my tile grout on my knees and clean out the storage in the basement

i don't count home school jobs, like i have to clean out nate's k stuff, pack things away for ellie and sort out the new yr. i'll save that for rainy days

i am caught up on the house work!  yeah and even made supper 3-4 times a week!  wheeee!  i am also making me time, meeting up with ppl and relationships.  this is what summer is about right?

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sat stuff!

nate wanted to play with out ellie getting into his stuff. so i told him to come up with an idea
he did
he made a wall
she loved it
i had to run some errands yesterday so i took nate with me. he was SO good, which is not the norm bec he's like chris and hate's shopping
but bec he was such a delight to be with i got him a bow and arrow
which he shot chris
ellie thought it was just too funny!
then we headed off to our friend's grad
his mom did an amazing job with the decor!
books were center pieces! love it!
the food! seriously!  amazing food. i went back twice!  i have never seen so much food (other than weddings) it was insanity!
my flower baby came
his mom gave a speech which brought tears to my eyes.  she spoke of finding her "job" and realising it was just that, a job.  she is a home schooling mom of 5.  it's a calling and a life style
i was in tears because so often we are over looked and even think of out selves as just wives and mom's
but we arn't!
we are lionesses raising the next generation of warriors
it makes me sad that some mom's don't feel that it's a calling
judah is their youngest and he got tired at the end. hahahaha
the kids came 1 by 1 towards the end i think i had most of them playing with ellie
church decorations
we are/were doing a series on storms or something like that
i've taught for the last 2 wks so i missed it but i love the decor!
i hope to catch a service this sunday
me and naters!
i left the house with nate at 9 this am chris and ellie were still sleeping. ha
so i told nate to grab a blanket and we hit the drive throu for a picnic on the lawn at the church
it was a blast!  the kids came out and joined us. next time i'll bring a bigger blanket and timbits!
oh no! look at the foot prints to the class!
the kids loved them, some of today's lesson
and this is what i do to the naughty kids. i tie them up....muwahhhhhh.......naw it was before class and we were playing around!

and that was us.  how are you? 1 comments