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nate in the sink

chris is building the bathroom counters. it's cheaper and we can have what we want. it's going to be tiled and yes dad, made out of real hardwood. the frame is just a thick cheapo wood. the money we will save (like 4 grand) is going towards the furnace upgrade. we are having the high efficiency put in.

we are finalizing the kitchen cabinets tonight. the duck work is being done today. we plan on stopping by the house tonight after we meet with the cabinet maker, to see what's been done on the house and where we are at time wise. 0 comments

bed time reading

nathaniel loves to read. he will go and get a book, bring it to you to read to him.

what did he chose for me to read to him?

why, today's parent. ha. he loves that mag.

picnic at the park

so this is the story. we took nate to the park for a picnic by a stream. everything was going well, lots of playing then he saw the water. off he went to the water. i told him to STOP. he stopped, sat and started to cry, while pointing to the water. he really wanted to go and see it. i told him to come to me. he sat there and cried harder, looking at the water, looking at me and back again. chris and i held out breath. would he obey? we knew he knew what we i said. it was so funny to watch him make the choice.
he then, slowly at first crawled over to me, crying the whole time. he obeyed! we were so happy that he made the right choice. chris then took him to the water to play.
don't tell me that they don't understand. oh, yes they do. even at his age.


whee. exciting pic's today! (this post is for a certain eig clan who love stuff like this)

drain for the toilet down stairs....ohhhh

shower plumbing for bath upstairs....ehhhhhh

hold on it gets SO much better.
plumbing for the sinks (not sure what bath)

kitchen sinks will face the dining/rec room with a heat rad so my toes will be warm on those dark, cold winter days

*note* the window has been covered up. i don't regret this. i will have more storage and i have 3 huge windows in the rooms beside the kitchen

plumbing for the bath on the main level...ahhhhh fun....
*again. these pic's are for the detailed ppl among us.
the plumbing is done! tubs in! today they are hooking up the water heater, furnace and finishing the framing. i am not sure what they are working on next week. we are getting there!

nathaniel and the window

nathaniel and dad checking out the bulldozing that's going on. nathaniel LOVES the big trucks and points non-stop. he stands in the window and watches everything. he is so much like his dad.

nate dawg

here he is playing with his dog. he loves him and crawls over him, around him, on him. they are best friends.

first words. i took natey to the prak yesterday, while passing 3 ladies and 3 dogs. nathaniel was beside himself with excitement. pointing, yelling, screaming until the ladies finally brought the dogs over to nathaniel. then it happened. nathaniel pointed to the dogs and said " doggie, (ruff, ruff) dog." i looked at the ladies and said. "did you hear that?" he just said his first words.
ok, it sounded more like this "douggieeee" and then "duuugggg" but he still said it. clear. i am so shocked. nathaniel's first none "momaaa, dadadad" word. doggie, dog!

nate the great

last week while cleaning out the church storage room, chris found this dog. nate LOVES dogs. so chris brought him home (must to my dismay-where will i put it?) any ho. nathaniel LOVES him. he is forever hugging and kissing and barking at the dog.

so, chris and i were talking in the kitchen, our backs to nate. when it gets quiet we both look over and we find natey laying/hugging the dog. so i grabbed my camera and voila.

we took nate to see his fav ducks.

my 2 fav people in the whole wide world!

nate's most fav park. one great thing about living in this "sketchy" side of town is all of the amazing established sub-divisions. hidden in them are these amazing, dated (mind you) parks. nathaniel has his fav park about 15 mins from the house.

there is this mini park/slide/swing set (think early 80's style) and it's the perfect size for him. he can walk around it, crawl on it. as soon as he see's it, he starts clapping his hands and screaming "mamamamamaaaaaa"

anyho. it was a big day yesterday. nathaniel climbed over the play structure. walked to the slide, sat down and pushed himself down the slide. normally, i sit him on the top, and wait for him at the bottom saying "you can do it, let go, I'm here" etc... yesterday, he didn't wait for me at all....sniff, sniff,...he went alone.

house- dropped by yesterday (after waiting for the police bec we witnessed another accident) the framing has started for the rooms. so excited. i looked at chris and said "we are 1/2 way there...only what 4 more weeks living here" it was suppose to be encouraging but it sounded so far away.
i have been pouring over paint chips, choices, looking on line trying to get an idea for the upstairs bath and spare room. the plan is to have the upstairs bath as the kids bath (yes that is a plural) as well as a guest bath, so the spare bedroom should be painted a gender neutral color (not knowing if we will have another boy or girl) and the loft. i want it to be a fun color but go with the flow.
so, if you have any ideas feel free to pm me!
have a great one.
p.s- no we are not preggers. i am just planning ahead. wise wisdom-one can not ride rides in disney while preggers

house 1 week later

yeahhh they were finishing up the shingles yesterday when we pulled up!

chris and natey in the loft. i have always secretly dreamed of having a loft with a window seat! and it faces the house across the street, which i thought was a huge negative until i went up and realised that out house is up higher and all i can see are the trees behind their house!! chris (he doesn't know it yet so shhhh) is going to build me my window seat/toy box.

me and nate in the loft

back end of the house

side view at dawn

so there ya go. a lot was done this week. the house is on track. our builders actually keep their word.
chris and i got back last night. we spent the evening pouring over paint chips and color idea's. we actually worked quiet well together and AGREED on the entire down took over 3 hrs. but we did it. we may work on the top floor tonight. it would be nice to have it done.
other news, we have started wed night church. i am stumped on what to go. so i have been waiting and seeking and talking and asking for direction. chris and i came up with many awesome ideas it's just hard to get ppl to help out. we can only go as far as the help will allow. we have huge ideas for the future. we both got SO excited talking and sharing. we first need to get settled in our new place.

a post for the grandparents

so, one day last week natey was in this silly mood, i was giving him his snack and he was acting like such a little tool. i grabbed my camera and snapped away.

again, the pic over load is for both sets of grandparents. ;)


ducks bark you know

he's just so much fun
i took natey to the park to see the ducks. he loved it. he pointed and barked and giggled and barked and pointed and barked and then cried when i told him to say bye-bye to the duck-dogs. he was so impressed with the ducks.
oh, i decided that nate's hair was to long so i scalped him. it's so short i can't even spike it. chris does not like it so much. ha.


house, house and more house

wed last week
thurs, garage is framed

fri. the big guns are out. natey LOVED this. we got there in time to watch them hall the roof joists up with the crane. nathaniel was is awe.

yeah, we have a roof! the dude on the roof is the builder sr.

nathaniel loving the action. i forgot to put his shoes on so he could not walk around. he was literally jumping out of my arms to get in the action.

the builder and his son.

back of the house

top floor. our room is the 2 windows on the right. the en suite is the window on the left

framing the loft. ahhh the lovely loft. some how a mistake was made and the loft will be a wee bit smaller than what is on the plans....

house as of fri night
chris is going to ottawa this week on work and i am going to hali. i don't feel super safe staying here alone for a week. we are living in what i like to call the sketchy side of town.....i heard a shot gun fri night at 1 a.m. memories of sasky came flooding back. ha.
we are 3 weeks into living out of suit cases. it is REALLY stretching me. i HATE it. i can not wait to get into my HOME. it's rough not having a place to call yours. but on a positive side, the weather has been great and nathaniel and i are discovering the city. we are surrounded by parks so each day we(i) pick a new park to play at. nathaniel loves playing outside.
i have also discovered my love for walking in older subdivisions in moncton. it's neat to see the different styles from over the years. i have also found that most of the retired folks are so lonely and want to talk to us. i think maybe we are being used to stop and chat with seniors on our walks.
nathaniel- ok, he's cutting ANOTHER tooth! he has a mouth full of teeth. he's so much fun to be with. he's my favourite he has taken up to barking. he hears a dog and barks. he hears a bird and barks, he hears me sing and barks. ha.
off to start another week.