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 she put the medal on all by herself. and yes, i removed it after i took a pic. ha

i had to run errands, so i took jo with me, this is how she spent her time
 leg up
happy. so much different than my oldest child at this age. haha 0 comments

this is the life

 jo is such a happy baby. this is how she chills
 legs and feet everywhere!
 yesterdday, after almost 2 WEEKS of rain and cold, the pool was FINALLY usable. ellie and i used jo's nap time to go for a swim and a cuddle after. she is totally fun to play in the pool with!
 then it was sister time.  the girls have been chilling all week together, nate is up in hali with quinn, so its been quiet around here.  nana plumps, jo fits her birthday gift!  she looks adorable and she says thank you for my outfit!
 my little jo jo
 she see's you. har
 ellie is such a little mommy. she went and got the bowl and set jo up with toys and then said "now you play here!"
 still tummy crawling
 ellie insisted that she would feed jo her water, she kept pushing jo down and forcing the sippy cup  in her mouth. what did jo do? she laughed and giggled
 morning monkeys. chilling in ellie's bed while i got my shower in
 love her
 life is all fun and games!
jo jo cut another tooth on monday! making 6 now. she also had her 1 yr dr appointy, she is coming in on the "scale" on the smaller side, but i am NOT concerned about that.  the dr also suggested that i help her walk and ger her crawling....NOT!  haha babies develop when they develop!  she also got her 3 needles, yes, we vaccinate. shoot me. ha.  she screamed and cried then as soon as i picked her up she was back to her old smiley happy self!  love  my girl! 2 comments

this and that

 i love, love ellie's hair. i had to post it. ha.  she is such a doll. loves life and has grown out of her 2 yr okd stage and is obedient and kind...and back to her 2 hr naps. hahaha
 i drove past this house a few wks ago, and i fell in love with it.  i had to take chris to show him, this is my new dream house!  the style, not so much the color. i love it!

i captured my kids
 my heart is full
 i rejoice for what you have done
 i took ellie out for groceries and she wanted to sit in jo's car seat on the way back. so i did. haha
 she loved it!
 she sang the whole way home
to be a child again! 2 comments


 we celebrated the goodness of god this weekend, he gave me more than i ever dreamed of, with 2 little girls.  i wanted to have a small, family party and just enjoy, well, family!  mom, dad, cry, quinn and charlie came up fri and stayed with us. sat i had quinn help me decorate and he really helped!

 quinn set up his game area. he did such a great job, i am totally having him help me again!  note nate in the back ground on the computer....playing mindcraft. haha
 quinn did this himself. what a dude!
 the prize shelf
 then i had the boys help chop and make the kabobs for supper. but this changed to take out pizza, dad was not into the whole kabob idea. too bad cause we bbq'd them last night and they were AWESOME
 jo in her party dress
 the boys waiting for the party to start
 my little one year old
 i did make an eliana sign on the other side to match jo, but the pic's didnt turn out
 ellie went right to her inflatable pool toys that i got her for her birthday.  she loved them and carried them with her most of the afternoon
i am so happy with the party. it was simple, quiet and fun. the girls loved having their nana and papa around, ellie enjoyed her cousins and we were able to take a moment and truly thank god for what he's done for us. from barren and broken to blessed and bountiful. i am so thankful for my kids.  thank you god! 3 comments


 the party girls!
 the kids
 i had quinn plan the games, he did an amazing job. seriously, the kids planned and brought the supplies for all the games. i was ubber impressed! the first game was pencil pull, which ellie won!
 and chose her prize, an elmo book. quinn brought the prizes too!
 then he sold his book. haha.  he made a book and sold it to nate for 2.00
 nate was proud to buy his cousins book
 ellie hung with her pool toys
 jo was tired after her nap
 we did some "pin the tail on the puppy" which quinn brought
 jo and i watched



 look how tiny jo looks sitting in the chair! i remember charlie sitting there, looking that small!
 ohhhh cake. yum!
 she blew her candle out and wished for more cake
 jo enjoyed her cake too. haha
 ellie liked her blue cake!