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nana and papa plumps

 after the fam jam left yesterday, we had the girls open their gifts from nana and papa plumps. ellie loves her "pretties"
 i think she's beautiful no matter what
 ellie also enjoyed the card, esp the balloons! ellie loves balloons thou, ha!
 after jo got up from her 4 hr nap, which i woke her from. she saw her gift
 and wanted to eat it
 but big sister ellie helped jo open it
 while jo watched
thank you so much nana and papa plumps for thinking of my girls, esp johana's card. that meant a lot to me. 
 my little bundle of joy.  we celebrate you this wkend.  you are the perfect way to end our family.  i have enjoyed you so much, my little snuggle bug. 
i am proud to show this picture. proud that i chose to use a bottle.  proud that my girl is healthy, strong and growing just how she should, no matter how i chose to feed her.  i have enjoyed every second of bottle time.  every cuddle, snuggle, wiggle, playing with hands, toes and skin to skin.  take that judgy mc jugersons!  ha!