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 after MUCH back and forth, searching and researching, calculating, planning, thinking and talking. we found a compromise to the pool situation.  in n.b you have to have a fence around pools that are higher than 3'.  well, thats not going to happen, it would cost 10,000 for us to fence our land! well, ok, maybe closer to 6,000. then add the cost of a pool and you are looking at 10 GRAND. not going to happen.  nate LOVES swimming and tries really hard to not look at the neighbours in their pools or ask them if he could swim....after a heart breaking situation on tues. chris and i were able to solve the problem with this!  a 3' pool, its 12' across so you can get a good 6 adults in there too.  we set er up and filled it with water.  the whole thing, with the cover, skimmer and pool pump/filter/chlorine pucks was under 300.  i hope to sell my baby swing and bumbo seats for 150 to help with the cost
 the verdict?  nate loves it!  and get this, the kids in the neighbourhood love it!!  i guess its better than their full size pools cause they can reach the bottom and play in this pool, where as their pools you have to hold on to a noodle cause the water is 6'....hahaha

we spent the whole day outside with it. and i dont mind the extra work.  it totally makes me feel like summer is here! i went in the water super happy with it
 nate!  i was like dude get out!. haha
 johana driving the car
 ellie saying "jo jo it's ellie's turn now"
 inside table crafts!
 the next morning, still filling it up!
 nate helping me watch jo. she loves to swing
 my cheeky monkey, her legs are always out and kicking