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this and that

 i love, love ellie's hair. i had to post it. ha.  she is such a doll. loves life and has grown out of her 2 yr okd stage and is obedient and kind...and back to her 2 hr naps. hahaha
 i drove past this house a few wks ago, and i fell in love with it.  i had to take chris to show him, this is my new dream house!  the style, not so much the color. i love it!

i captured my kids
 my heart is full
 i rejoice for what you have done
 i took ellie out for groceries and she wanted to sit in jo's car seat on the way back. so i did. haha
 she loved it!
 she sang the whole way home
to be a child again!


Crystal said...

I also love Ellie's hair! I think you should move here so you can do my hair every day in cute buns!

mel said...

bring clips, head bands, elastics and ill set you up this wkend!