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this is the life

 jo is such a happy baby. this is how she chills
 legs and feet everywhere!
 yesterdday, after almost 2 WEEKS of rain and cold, the pool was FINALLY usable. ellie and i used jo's nap time to go for a swim and a cuddle after. she is totally fun to play in the pool with!
 then it was sister time.  the girls have been chilling all week together, nate is up in hali with quinn, so its been quiet around here.  nana plumps, jo fits her birthday gift!  she looks adorable and she says thank you for my outfit!
 my little jo jo
 she see's you. har
 ellie is such a little mommy. she went and got the bowl and set jo up with toys and then said "now you play here!"
 still tummy crawling
 ellie insisted that she would feed jo her water, she kept pushing jo down and forcing the sippy cup  in her mouth. what did jo do? she laughed and giggled
 morning monkeys. chilling in ellie's bed while i got my shower in
 love her
 life is all fun and games!
jo jo cut another tooth on monday! making 6 now. she also had her 1 yr dr appointy, she is coming in on the "scale" on the smaller side, but i am NOT concerned about that.  the dr also suggested that i help her walk and ger her crawling....NOT!  haha babies develop when they develop!  she also got her 3 needles, yes, we vaccinate. shoot me. ha.  she screamed and cried then as soon as i picked her up she was back to her old smiley happy self!  love  my girl!


Jeff Wilson said...

Jo's hair is getting lighter! The two girlies are so cute!! It's crazy how time flies. I remember when my two were that little, and now they'll go int Gr 1&3 and are so much more independent.
Got one more curric for Katie, A&to lifepac foe Math. Planning on starting the week before labour day. We're taking a week vacation in Sept, so I'm giving myself a head start.

mel said...

oh ursi, im on a home school strike. i refuse to even think about it! i found it took me almost the MONTH on july to slow down and relax. now, im full on vacay mode and my days are already full! i wonder how im going to balance it all when we start back up to school again ha. im thinking of starting back the first week of sept, but im going to take 2 weeks to intro nate and review last yr,i find he needs it! BUT if the weather is nice, we will start school towards the end of sept......haha.....and if nate decides to be a turkey, we will start school next week!! i am SO excited that you are giving it a go!