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birthday card!

 ellie was very pleased to get mail!
 nate helped her by reading it for her
 she was thrilled that quinn wrote to her, the card is in her crib!
 and happy nana wrote too!
 jo jo was just jo jo
 then she called nana to say thank you
 and we are going to go to mcdonalds today to get "a hamburger, a fries and an ice cream in a cup with a spoon"  that's what she asks for....hahaha
and with that. nap time is over and my time to actually type is up.  i should blog more when the kids sleep, that way i can type more than i word. haha

happy weekend everyone!


nana said...

It's a pleasure to see what a $10 Mickey D Gift card could bring such joy.
See you on the week-end.

mel said...

i know! they loved it and we spent it all on sat. ha