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sunday drop off

 so it's that time of yr again.  nate is up in hali with mom and dad for vbs.  this yr, i dropped him off at my bro's place, my parents were visiting with them and it was only 45 min drive for me. we had a nice visit with jon and copper
 ellie played the abc game
 nate was THRILLED that jon would play video games with him
 ellie was SO tired on the way home. poor thing
 chris and i took the girls for a stroll, not a walk, a stroll...haha and it started to rain...
 ellie was checking on the rain situation. so funny
the house is a lot quieter with n gone, and im suprised by how much the dynamics have changed. i MISS him, my little buddy!  i have spent a lot of time purging and cleaning. 3 more bags to go to my friend. haha. 

i can not believe how much i miss my boy!