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 yesterday i took the kids to see chris at lunch time, chris is away this wkend helping my brother reno his house. the kids were asking to see daddy, so i thought it would be neat to spend time with him and sneak in 1 more round of hugs and kisses good bye

 there is this amazing rose garden in the park the kids were asking to show me the bees.  to help me get over my fear of bees stinging me, i went over and stood in this spot. surrounded by bees.  there was over 10 bees! and i wasn't scared, they were too busy pollinating!
 my 25th attempt at a group shot. jo was laughing at nate
 i give up.  haha
 loving her daddy. hes such a great dad
 i LOVE how when you hold johana, she puts her arm around your neck, so cute
 ellie was pondering
 such a beautiful girl. alone with her thoughts
to be a child again