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the girls

 playing together in ellie's bed. i know, i know, its a crib going to move her to a bed soon...i figure its not broke, why fix it? haha
 laughing together!!!
 and a hug

chris joined in for some after bath snuggles
 look!! jo does have curls too!
 my little monkey, she is forever kicking her legs and eating her toes. adorable!
 johana!  such a happy little thing


Jeff Wilson said...

Hey, I had Katie in a crib until she was 3+. And then I moved her straight into a twin bed with a railing. Saved us the toddler bed stage.
Have a great summer! Hard to believe we're already in week 3!

mel said...

no! wk 3 already??? i havent even started on the stack of books in the school room! im on vacation. haha. ellies crib is on loan from my sister, it turns into a toddler bed, but the headboard is missing, so im not sure what to do...rig it to work as a toddler bed or put her in a twin bed? i am not sure when im going to move the girls together in the same room, so im not sure what im going to do for bed...bunk beds? or twin? so may i dont knows. haha. nate was in a crib till her was 3, im in no rush. im on vacation (as much as you can be with 3 kids at home. har har) so i dont want to think abaout any haha have a fab week ursi!