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pool time

 the weather has SUCKED since last sat. we are now on  day 8 of RAIN.  the kids got in the pool anyways.  i was impressed with ellie's growing confidence of the water. you go girl!
 jo sat and watched. all too soon she will join the older kids
 warming up cuddles
 present time.  nate went to the shop with chris to weld ellie a play table. she loves it and has seriously played with it!
 so proud nate made it
 my sis with my jo jo
 eating her toy.  she loves this giraffe
 cakes!  ellie wanted a blue cake, she got one.  after the kids went to bed last night, i ate the icing and tossed them left overs. i would eat all of it. i dont have self control!  my sis went though my cupboards looking for snack food, i dont have any....for a reason!!!! i will eat it all! so i just dont buy it and it saves  me from hearing nate ask me 1000 times a day for junk. i dont have it, i cant eat it and he cant ask for it. haha!
back to the party...


Crystal said...

Why is there no picture or comment on how I was lucky enough to find a 4 leaf clover in your yard??? I think that deserves a mention on the blog...
Or are you still upset about that??? :)