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1 yr? already???

with a sob in my throat, and my body shaking with dismayed, i am mixed with emotion to think of my baby, turning one. sob sob.  how in the world, did this happen so fast? 

thrilled i am, that god gave us this tiny, bundle of happy-joy to end our family.  how perfect is his plan, his ways.  far greater than i can imagine. to him i give all thanks. 

johana, jo jo, little, tiny jumpy jelly bean jo.  what a delightful year it was. i can honesty say that i enjoyed every snuggle, bath and bottle, late night, giggle, cry and smile. each mile stone, every diaper, spit up and gummy baby blessed am i that i had you

i thought back over tthe year and tried to put together some memories of you.  one popped out the most was the last day i spent in the hospital with you.  you were discharged, i was waiting to be released and knowing it would be another 2-3 hrs, i took you in my arms, snuggled you down close and cherished each and every second of it. knowing it would be the last time, i would have you totally to myself to fully enjoy...and that i did.  i love you johana elizabeth

you have taught me one very important thing....not matter what....everything will be ok...and knowing this, i embrace the next few years, i choose to enjoy all of it, the good and bad and long and hard because you my dear will always remind me that everything will be ok

happy 1st birthday my little jo jo!


Papa said...

Some day your Mommy will show you this message from your Papa John.

I want you to know that I can't wait for the day you run into my arms and want to sit on Papa Chips knee. You are an awesome Princess, a wonderful gift from God, Amen.

Please continue to be so smiley,laughing and just soooooooooooo full of Joy.

I Love Jo Jo,

Papa John

nana said...

Dear Jo Jo,

I remember the day I saw you for the very first time, a little bundle of joy. And so very true you were and are just that; a bundle of joy, laughing, drinking your bottle, smiling, playing, so much like your mom which brings back to me lots of baby Melanie memories because you so remind me of your mommy. o happy you are our granddaughter. Looking forward to seeing you grow up to be a mighty woman of God.

Love and Hugs:

Nana Carroll

mel said...

awe thanks guys!