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 we were checking out this most amazing caterpillar  the other day, it was bright blue and green. i wouldn't let the kids touch it, i just wanted to watch neat!
 i was working away the other night on nate's school work for gr 3.  i looked over and saw ellie....hahaha. comfy much?
 then she found nate's deserted electron unit kit and she went to the rhyno on the chair beside her, she was feeding him....
 oh ellie!
 friends of ours are having a yard sale to raise money to send their kids to camp, so chris and i purged.  a van FULL and i mean FULL of stuff went over to them!  i think if she sells it, she will get at least 1/2 of the money she needs! so. much. stuff!  anyways, ellie found elmo and he got to stay....hahaha
i am still going though the house to get more stuff for her.  most of it is baby stuff!  no more babies for us! sniff sniff!