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 nate's a bit too big for this.  the last time he was in it, he was 9 months in cuba!  he's grown a bit since then!
 haha nate
then he filled the pool up for his sisters...and himself....
 jo ate clover
 then ellie tried the car out
 my last book order arrived!  now to organize and plan it, im hoping to do it next week and take the summer off!  i also ordered 2 devotionals for home school mom's, an a new odyssey cd. the kids LOVE it, they already listened to 2 cd's!  they fall asleep at night to it, its awesome...and i got 2 books for me to read...if i can! ha
 nate actually read some on his own and said it "looks cool"
 i also got this for 5! 
 check out the star cast line up!