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payless='s no shoes for me

payless lesson

so there i was happily shopping away with my coupon for new shoes and boots. i was trying them all on, picking and choosing what i wanted when out of the corner of my eye i spotted 2 teen gals also trying on boots. i over heard the convo and it went something like this...

"oh these are so cute, how much are they?"
"oh, i don't have that much"

i tried to block the convo out of my mind because the more i stood there and tried on shoes, the more my heart pounded. i hate that. i knew that someone was trying to talk to me, but i was refusing to listen. this is MY coupon. mine! mine! mine!

finally i gave in.

i walked over to the girls and asked them if they had a 50% off coupon. they said no. i asked them if they wanted mine. they just gave me blank stares. i dug into my bag and pulled out the coupon and told them they can use it to get 50% off everything in the store, (even sale stuff!)from shoes to handbags to socks and sunglasses. they just stared at me. i then told the 1 girl she should get the boots she was trying on cause they were super cute and made her legs look long and slim. the girls didn't know what to say. they were shocked. (i wanted the boots she had on!)

i left the store, mumbling the whole time. i just passed up on getting new foot wear! to those who read this and mock, shoes have value to me. if god had asked me to give up chips or burger king (barf) no problemo lord, here ya go. enjoy. no sacrifice. but shoes! man, that's tough.

obeying and doing what god asks me to do is way more important than giving up new shoes but the sacrifice was hard! it's funny how one sacrifice could be hard to one person and easy-peasy to the next.

somehow it's worth it all 0 comments

shoes+ coupon =heaven!

clicky on the linky and get your self a pair of shoes from payless for 50% off. today only! whee. can you guess where i am going ASAP when chris gets home??

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first snow, boo at the zoo and a maze

these pics are from last week. we had our first snow fall. nate loved it, me not so much
he adored running in the snow and "crunching" it

bountiful beautiful leaves
maze time
he loved the maze but sadly our days at the zoo are done for this year. my pass runs out at the end of this month and with the scary decorations nate was to scared to stay at the zoo. which leads me to my mini rant.
halloween. when did it get so freaking evil? i mean seriously people, there are demon's everywhere on lawns, in stores, windows, doors at tim's! i never really noticed until this year, nathaniel gets to see them everywhere we go now and leaves scared. sure we pray over him, we tell him that god has not given him any fear but power and love and freedom from fear but he's 2 and it's scary to see this crap everywhere. i have stopped taking him to the mall, to the store, walking around the block because of these horrible images that are everywhere!
on sat, chris and i took nate out to breaky. wanting to avoid these images we settled on the zellers family restaurant. there a the door was this huge demon thing. yeah. nice for a 2 yr old
but then again, halloween is just a silly fun night to dress up and take your kids our for candy. don't be so religious that you can't injoy the fun in life *rolling my eyes*


quinn's baby blue eyes at lunch
nate enjoying his lunch
quinn using the car remote to start the car from the comfort of his chair, while watching t.v. multitasker and cutie pa tootie
quinn then started elmo
nate watched
quinn drove away in his car, running over that poor monkey. note the lack of wheels on elmo

cry is in amherst for the week and being just an hour away, she came over yesterday for the afternoon. the boys played, we lounged around on the couch and got caught up
all in all it was a great day!

14 weeks

how abnormal of me. 4 days and i didn't even log onto the blog. i was busy and simply forgot! ha.

preggo stuff.

14 weeks, and i look like i ate to much for dinner. i guess i am following in nate's prego steps. no mat clothes for me until 34 weeks. ha.

the night sweats have finally slowed down! i wake maybe once a night and have not soaked the sheets in 5 days! it's so nice. crossing fingers that it is gone.

i went to wendy's last night for my dinner then ran to the wow bible study. i sat there and could of sworn i felt the baby move, much to my dismay, i realised it was just gas, false alarm. ha. i now finally understand chris in his complaints of pain while holding gas is. i agree. it hurts! no more beans for this lady! 3 comments

full thursday

nate and i went on a play date for the kiddo's. work date for the mom's. nate and his chum had a blast jumping on the couch
like a great mom, i snapped pics of flying pig tales instead of telling them to stop

so cute they are
while the kiddo's played, we made these kicking baby shower invites for a gal pal. the shower is in a few weeks. a lot of work these puppys were
on the way home, we stopped at the mail box to pick up some mail. nate got a letter
he opened it and read it
then called nanna and poppy to say "tank u". nate napped, i spent the afternoon doing 7 loads of laundry, baked 3 doz cookies and 1 doz amazing muffins...i was eating the batter from the bowl, they smelt that wonderful
once daddy came home, we took the baked goodies to the hospital for temi, stacy and shola. shola arrived last night at 11:08. stacy's labour started at 6:30, was admitted at 7:30, was 6 cm's dilated at 9, were called then by temi for prayers and support. then heard the wonderful news at 7:30 this am. shola weighted in at 8 pounds, 15oz's, 21" long. mom and baby are doing fabo! she has a great labour and delivery, no tearing, no epi. she's the woman!
nate was not to sure about this whole baby thing
chris snuggled. then i took the baby for the rest of the visit...which chris took no pic's of
hot momma and her baby boy (doesn't she look amazing!!)
teeny, tiny, wrinkly toes!
i must add, i broke my no fried food rule, we went to wendy's for supper, i proudly out ate chris, then ate all his fries, and nate's...yum!

wall art and another park

i use to have a lovely pic of a lighthouse on the wall that a dear friend from sasky painted. it really needs a frame to display how stunning the pic is, so until i have one i created more wall art. above-close up of the prints, they are not in this order on the wall (that would be chris's foot)
voila. on the wall. i likes it. total cost 21.96.

this morning after a failed attempt to the zoo, nate and i met with chris, then i plopped him in the stroller for a walk around the older part of moncton. i adore this area! the houses are stunning, old, huge, full of character. nate loved it, or i should say he loved hitting the bumps and yelling "BUMP"
a stunning tree along the way
one of my most fav houses. it's so big, i wonder who lives there now and the history of the place...i also wonder of the heating cost....ha
nate strutting through the park
"hi mommy"
another day, another park...i will be sad come winter. i loath being inside but i hate the cold more!

13 weeks

i am a whole lot excited and equally terrified...ha. eig, vol 2 is due out late spring 2010, approxy april 27ish. i most likely will be having a planned section 2 weeks before the due date. i go see the gyno at 30 weeks to discuss.

i knew something was not normal back in aug. about 5 days after the big c, i started waking up and for the life of me could not get back to sleep, this went on for about 5 days, then the night sweats started. finally, thinking i may have a thyroid problem i decided to go to the dr and get checked out. i knew something was not normal. i quickly did a stick test to rule that out ( i knew they would ask) i promptly forgot about the test and later was stunned to see a teeny, tiny, ever so light line....i freaked. shocked. stunned.

i had my first ultra sound at 4.5 weeks. we saw the heart beat at 4.5 weeks! i then had an internal ultrasound to try to hear the heart beat. i told god that i wanted to hear it. after about 30 seconds, we heard the heart beat and recorded it!

i had my 3rd ultrasound at 9 weeks and everything is peachy-keen. this one is sticking and staying and it's time to share. wheee!

i have had 5 prenatal appoints. everything is good. my weight gain is wonderful, heart beat is strong, my blood pressure is down, no swelling. i am also not working out, not even walking. i am told to take it easy and i am! (really dad, i am!)

i am being plagued with this redic night sweats. i soak my sheets nightly. it's got to be the biggest annoyance in the world! i wake up 2 or more times every night, soaked and shivering. there is nothing i can do, it's just the hormones. it's worth it and this too shall pass!

so there ya's go. baby # 2 is on it's way! 3 comments

weekend stuff

sat afternoon quinn stopped by to share his love
after a few round of punches and throwing toys at each other, the boys kissed and made up. ha
best could they not be, they follow in their mother's foot steps
watching the dads outside doing man stuff
sun night, muetti and naters spent some time bonding
after i made a once a year supper of artery, clogging, heart pumping in a bad way meal, chris made a dessert to finish it off. no, i did not have any. way to much sugar, butter and cream for this lady!
*nate just had ice cream
muetti and vati enjoying their treat!
it's monday and raining. instead of complaining and feeling grumpy (i wanted to go to a park) i put on a pot of water and tossed in a cini stick. (i had no clue that this simple arrangement could fill my house with such a delightful smell!) lit some candles and have started to clean up the house. c's parents left am and i am getting back into our routine of life and fun!
have a wonderful day ever one

long winded post on elijah

it's friday people! for some reason i was in a serious mood today and thought i would share my deep thoughts with you's.

it's a long one, grab your coffee and i hope you can stay awake...haha!

My take on Elijah.

So Elijah hears that Jezebel wants him dead after he did what god wanted him to do (he took care of the prophets of Baal.) Jeze not just threaten to kill Elijah but totally has the means/power to actually do this.

So Eli is scared and runs away. He goes into the desert. Ok, I personally can think of like a million other places to run away to but no, Eli goes to the hot, dry and windy desert. He traveled by foot so he would also be super tired, hot and even more discouraged by the time he found that tree to sit under. I wonder what his thoughts were as he walked; I imagine they would not be the positive type. There under that tree (note there was 1 tree…could god had provided that for him, knowing he would need it??) Eli decided to quit and ask god to kill him.

Then Eli falls asleep, during his sleep an angel wakes him up and tells him to eat. Voila, out of no where a bottle/jug of water is there and hot bread. Eli eats and goes back to sleep.

Ok, if this was me I would be wondering the following:
- Who just woke me up?
-Where did this food come from?

Then the angel wakes him up again and tells him to eat more bec he’s gonna go on a little journey.

Again, I would be wondering:

-Who are you?
-Where did this food come from?
-Where am I going?

Eli eats, drinks and then travels for 40 days and 40 nights to Sinai… a.k.a god’s mountain. Ok, that must have been one crazy meal for him to eat; I know I have to eat every few hrs….but 40 days? hummmm

So Eli’s at god’s mountain and there is … voila a cave. Eli sleeps, then god talks to him. And asks him “whatcha going Eli?” (like god doesn’t already know)

Then Eli tells him “god, I love you and I have served you for so long, and I have given you everything I have, I have done my best, but the ppl who are suppose to be helping me serve you suck and they give me more of a problem instead of helping me. I am alone, and my helpers are giving me a huge head ache” (ok, not exactly but you get the point)

Then god tells him to go stand before god on the mountain. So Eli does and out of no where a mighty windstorm hits.
Ummm yeah, you even been in a wind storm? Not fun. Eli stays in the cave and watches (I would be)
Then a earth quake hits. Ok, seriously. An earth quake. Does Eli go? No. he stays.
Then a fire starts. Hello. A HOT FIRE. Eli is still in the cave.

Maybe Eli thought this was god’s way of taking him up on his offer to kill him? Or
Maybe he knew that god would never do that and instead stood waiting for god to tell him what to do.

Then a whisper. A tiny, softy and you must listen very closely or you will miss it whisper……Eli then covers his face and goes to the entrance of the cave…..why? to hear god for himself.

With all the distractions that were thrown at him, the storm, earthquake and fire, Eli hears a whisper.

Then god asks him “dude, why are you here?”

Then Eli repeats the same story “god, I love you and I have served you for so long, and I have given you everything, I have done my best, but the ppl who are suppose to be helping me serve you suck and they are driving me crazy. I am alone, and my helpers suck”

Then god tells him *gasp* “go back to where you came from, go to the wilderness” again, a wilderness? Not a fun place to travel through.

Then god gives him specific instructions on what to do when he gets there…something like this

-go anoint Jehu to be king of Israel
-anoint Elisha to replace himself as prophet
-god will preserve 7000 other Israelites who HAVE NEVER bowed to Baal

So the whole point to this story is this:

When you are serving god and doing what he has told you to do, you will be discouraged (especially after a victory) and may get some fear. Don’t give in and think you are all alone, you are not (remember 7000 ppl). And if you do quit and run god is so great that he will even provide for you.

Sometimes I wonder what Eli could have done for god if he did not run, hide and give his job over to Elisha. 2 comments

all lined up

before nap yesterday, nate lined up some of his trucks so that they would be ready for him when he woke up. he was upset that i would not let him take the fire trucks to bed with him. when he woke up from his nape he said "mommy, down please. mommy trucks, trucks down" then he ran down the stairs to play with them
just before supper, i asked nate to put his toys and trucks away. i came into the kitchen to find this. i guess he put them away...ha

path way

pathway shot from the front of the house
shot from the garage

chris was working on the pathway from the side of the driveway to the side of the garage. i think it looks great. i am considering more stones for the back yard...
close up shot of the stones.
* ETA*
i had originally posted 2 pics of the stones, i was then informed they were not good enough and i need to go back out side and take more pics and post them. so now there are 4 pics. this is for chris, bec as much as i like the stones, do i really want a whole post full of pics of them???

my new, most fav and fabo restaurant evah!

i have yet to find a replacement for my dear precious mykonos in sasky until now...we were give a gift card last year to chateau de pape and finally used it last night. oh. my dear. amazing-goodness. the restaurant was beautiful, the food was the best that i have had in a long time. we dined in quiet, splurged on appetizers, an amazing entree and finally dessert (which had more calories that my daily allotment) we did however have to take a second mortgage out when the bill arrived but it was oh, so worth it!

monctionians, you must try this place! 2 thumbs up baby! 0 comments

soccer champ

chris's coworker has a little one 6ish months younger than nate who goes to a weekly "soccer" practice (really, the kids are 18-36 months) last night they had a "invite a friend" night so chris, muetti and vati took chris while i stayed home and cleaned up then got ready for our anni date- which i will talk about more later) anyways....nate had such a great time! he did really well and was still talking about kicking the ball this morning. i would consider signing him up for a weekly base, but it's freaking redic expensive and with me being cheap that isn't so good....ha


muetti and vati visit

chris's parents are in town for a few days. nathaniel is doing quite well to the adjustment of having "strangers" in his house. with in 10 mins he brought books to both of them to read to him....ha.this handsome dude would be chris's dad...aka "dadda's poppa"

what would a visit be with out the horns? nate was quite taken with them

they played some swiss songs for us...and the neighbourhood

then it was time for more books from "dadda's nana"

while vati rested

after our turkey (ok, roast beef) thanksgiving/happy anni chris and mel dinner, we walked off some of that yumminesseig's can not simple take a walk, they must stop at all maps and map out our route, then discuss all aspects of the map, determine what route would be the best, how long it would take to get there....ha

my batteries were dying so the flash would not work, hence the dark pic's....but here we are walking on that predetermined route....ha

chris's parents are leaving tomorrow morning some time to take off for a few days to discover n.b and pei. they will be back for the weekend.

chris and i had our anniversary yesterday. yeah, happy anni to us! another year under our belts