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more house stuff

so, i had the great idea on how to pick our siding color. instead of being like normal ppl and pick from the swatch. we would drive around the area WITH the swatch and pick the houses with siding we like. then i would run up to the house and check the color of the siding against the color of the swatch. after ruling out our most fav colors-they were way out of the budget. we chose siding in the med price range. we chose "storm"

we actually looked at the second house. we didn't love they lay out. the garage took up 1/2 the living space in the basement. we would have a house smaller than the one we have now. the first house pictured is close to the house we are building. just add a loft over the garage. but no veranda in the front. boo. i wanted that.
nathaniel said a big yes to the color!
ok. siding is now picked. we have not chosen the roof yet. we are thinking a dark color.
minor changes

chris and i both feel that we should not store our stuff here in memramcook while we wait for the house to finish. we both got that gut feeling yesterday. we contacted the new home owners and broke the 'deal' off. we are going to store our stuff in storage.
we are also staying at jon and jess's duplex until nov. our house is suppose to be ready for oct 10. they say it will be ready by the end of sept. again, we felt that we should stay at jon's until nov. why? not sure. but we both choose to listen to that soft voice.
we are playing with this idea- if the house is ready in sept, chris will go and finish the loft while i stay at jon's. that way we can move in nov 1st and the loft is finished. not that i don't love living in the house of reno's!
i am having flash backs of 3 yrs ago. no place to live. ha.


let the fun begin

taking a mini break at kent. thee are so many choices! nate just likes being in a hardware store!
soooo manyyyy colors to chose from. where does one start?

we like the color of the walls and this is a good example of what the front hallway will look like. when you come in the door the stairs will be to the right. the good living room to the left and at the back will be the kitchen, dining room and family room.

this is what i want for my kitchen! i love the color, the dark cabinets. the only change will be black appliances in stead of stainless steal. we were going to put stainless steal in bec they look great but after much thought, i slapped myself and came to the conclusion. i have better things to do than scrub my appliance to rid baby hand prints!

we have also picked our siding color. it's called stone. it's a beige/grey color. the roof will be 'speckled' black, with white shutters and a bright red/burgundy or orange door!

tonight we are picking our tile. wheee!


boy on the run

off he goes

ohh what's the toy of the day?

nathaniel loves to find any object that makes noise against the floor and crawl around with it. i hear thump, thump, bang, bang, scrape. i follow the noise and there he is. today's toy is a plastic sand maker, last week it was a broken tape cassette!


a day of play, play, play

all over the house i find toys. they all say: nate's been here :)

hey whatcha doing?

ohh toys, i mean mom's tupperware

getting in to this whole playing thing

new nate news- he now can stand on his own for 3-4 seconds before he slowly drops to his bum, controlled. not a random "help, i am falling, slam to the ground" more of a "oh my legs are tired, i must slowly bring myself to the floor."

he is growing like crazy. this week has been a doosy. one day he's a huge crank pot. the next happy and giggling. he switches back and forth and gets quite restless fast with his toys. he is also into EVERYTHING. i can;t keep up with him. seriously. i went to the bathroom and left him for under 5 mins and when i came back, he opened every bottom drawer in the kitchen and had almost emptied everything of them!

i can't get over how fast he is. it's been a busy week.

so last night we had this crazy rain storm. we lost power and mourned the loss of our a/c. so chris and i found a candle (most are packed away) and hid out in the basement to keep cool. then i had a craving for popcorn. we actually had a pack of jiffy pop. so chris fired up the bbq and we made ourselves some good, old fashion jiffy pop. so good.

house stuff. we are waiting on the builders to sign the final papers. i guess they are waiting on their lawyers. so by 5'o'clock today, the house should be ours! yeah! now to pick everything out!


one leg up

whooo hooo

he's growing so fast

daddy and his boy

i snapped these shots yesterday morning before chris left for work.

check out the tiny hands on the counter 0 comments

wanna come over?

so, we had company over last night. what to make for dessert? hum. i looked in my tried, trusted and true betty crocker's baking for beginners and found this yum chocolate fudge cake. easy? not so much. i can't believe it was in a beginner's cook-book. it took me most of the morning and afternoon to make!

step 1- melt the chocolate and butter..mmmm

step like 4. blend the cooled chocolate and flour, egg

step like 5. bowl # 8, 9?? lost count.

the cake is finally cooked. now to ice it with more melted chocolate.

the end result. mmmmm. it was delish. i had 2 pieces and sent the rest off with chris to work. so good. so moist. so chocolatey. so beginner? not at all!

sippy cup sucess?

finally! he took a drink on his own!

and promptly tossed it to the floor
ahh the battle of the sippy cup. he just doesn't like it. everyday i put it on his tray, everyday he tosses it to the floor. giggling. if you have never heard my son giggle, you are missing out on it. it's crazy. it makes me spit my morning coffee out. he's just like his mama. crazy.

quinn, quinn the drama king

what happens when you put quinn in the pool?

only daddy can calm him. ha.


the house

here she is in all her glory. now we have to pick everything out from paint to fixtures. it should be ready oct 1st. we are adding a loft over the garage for extra living space.
we are tossing the last few #'s around and should sign on the line by this friday. the builders are amazing to work with. they are a father/son team and have a great rep for building nice homes and being fair. so far so good!
yeah for a new home.

sporting some wheels

natey finally can touch the ground with his toes and make the car move by himself. he's total swiss, little legs. in true nate style, he must test everything with his mouth first. hee

hey lady, wanna ride?

awesome hand placement buddy!

the serious concentration!

it was raining all day yesterday. so we went to the local farmers market. we learned 3 lessons:

1- nate is too young to miss his morning nap. we left early
2-just because they advertise "swiss breakfast" does not mean that it is owned, made or even swiss
3-the local produce is wonderful!

so we took nate home, napped him had lunch had another nap. while nate napped, i tried to pick some colors for the new house. then i got overwhelmed and stopped for the day. when nate woke up we went to sackville for supper. yum. we will miss patterson's, they have the best burgers. then i had chris get me one of those twisted frosty's from wendy's. very yummie. i don't like raining days. blah. but i can't complain the summer has been wonderful! so hot! i love it!

off to start anotehr week! 0 comments

a day in the life of us e's

ohhh whatcha doing natey?

crank, crank, boy. he now knows how to open his window!

natey plays strong as i like to call it. he was playing all by himself one morning...long enough for me to bake the following.....

mmmmm. gum drop cake in july! my first try at it and it was AWESOME. next time i will follow the recipe 100 % to make it more moist. but man it was good.

the finished results!

i spent last week in halifax visiting my parents, shopping and hanging out with family. it rained a lot and that sucked but it was a good visit.'
now that we are both back (chris was in ont for work) it's back to the house. i will have more info on that later.

my boy's

chris looking ever so serious

playing with the carmera

i could not find a kiddie pool anywhere. then i lucked out at the $ store. not that he spends much time in it. he likes to play outside the pool.

i have some cute naked baby bum shots but i won't post them. i will save them for when he gets married. ha. he has the utest little bum.

making another mess of the toys. he is a very serious toy player. very serious.
nathaniel's new thing- now that we have turned the car seat around so he's front facing he loves to giggle, laugh, talk to me as i drive but when ever i turn around and say "boo" he gets a straight face and tries not to laugh. he is so much like chris this boy is.
on an us note. no house yet. just keep believing with us. god is never late. right? ha. right. chris is going to ottawa next week and i am going to hali to visit my parents. nathaniel has not been for a visit in a while.


fun at the fort

big boy sitting on his own. check those eigenheer legs out

with natey, it's all in the tiny details

playing with daddy

big world, little boy

we took nathaniel to fort beausejour for some family fun. we had a blast. it was fun to watch natey crawl everywhere, roll down the hills and eat lots of rocks. he crashed in the car after. so tired after a busy day.

on an us note. the house is sold, all conditions have been met and are removed. we are outta here aug 28. no, we don't have a house yet. just waiting for the right time and the right place. no worries...god will bring everything together in his time. we do have a detailed list of what we want in the next house. we know what we want, we just have to find it.

we had our first church picnic today. i can't get over how different it is with a baby. chris was on his own running the kids part and he did always. i took nathaneil home early, there was not a lot of shade and he was super hot and tired.

nathaniel is growing like a weed. some days he feeds himself, other days i do. some days he eats a lot (like today the dude ate a full supper then ate a whole orange) some days not so much. everyday is different. he is on table food. no more baby food for this guy. i am finishing up the last can of formula and i am going to start him on milk. crazy how fast the year went by. and no, i don't long for those first 6 months. i like my baby sleeping 7-7.

and with that i must go and get my little on to bed.

pick, pick, pick....he picks at the smallest things