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 after church on sunday, we grabbed a pizza, then hit up river view river for a quick pizza
then we hit up the cabin to clean it and check it out...

which reminds me that i never mentioned it here on the blog ...about a month ago chris asked if he could make a listing on air b and b.  which is an on line community that rents personal property to people all over the world. basically the owners AND the renters have profiles and we rate each other on their rental if an owner has a bad renter of their property...a house, a room, cabin or what ever then can leave a rating on the renter's profile...its a lot more personal than a hotel and we know someone who has used it to rent out their cabin and has had GREAT experiences....

so chris asked if he could list it and see what happens...
we had 3 bookings in 48 hrs
i panicked and asked chris to block the rest of the dates!  i was 100% ok with renting the cabin out while we were GONE in july, but somehow may was booked solid....most of july and some of aug....which caused a fight between chris and i. i was upset because i felt that ive sacrificed so much the last 2 yrs to have this only rent it out and clean up other ppl!
so chris has officially blocked off the rest of the calendar so we can use the cabin this summer...some what. ha
so our first renters was 4 middle aged guys from p.ei who came over to ride their atv's. they were GREAT!  they lef the cabin in great condition!  so sunday we spent the afternoon out there, running laundry and getting ready for the next group of ppl to come in
 my tribe on the wood logs!
 i took ellie and nate to the river to check it out for the FIRST time this yr!
 i was blown away by how in tune ellie was with the changes in the land, pointing out everything that was new to her. she was constantly stopping to pick and point, dig and discuss
 look! the trees are budding! spring IS coming!
 i have NO idea what this is. ellie called it a brain. ha.  im guessing its a fungus of some sort????
 then ellie found some natural springs and some man made... this one was man made
 see the drain?
 the river!  a tress fell down over winter
 more river
 my fav spot at the river. ha
 so blessed
and i cant wait for everything to BLOOM again! 0 comments

sunday part 2

 we also checked out the fishing cabin and i found this written on the wall!  we never noticed it before!!!  and on the other side it said this!! now to find out who wrote it! ha

 when i came back from my river walk with the older 2, i found my hammock ready for me!  i hopped in it and finished my book. i only had a few chapters left.  it's called little bee. a GREAT read!
 ellie came to visit me
 after i finished up little bee, i went to the cabin for a refill of coffee, grabbed a new book and enjoyed my last hr
 im about 2 chapters in and it's ok....but when i came home i got distracted by the uneducated book i bought a few wks back and havent finished it....haha
 cant wait to spend more time in this bad boy!
 monday was stupid busy. actually this week is totally weird....
i dropped ellie off at zoo camp, picked her up at noon. went to the nature park for a picnic lunch, then settled in to do some reading of uneducated....literally 5 mins in i hear "hey! mel!" i look up and saw a home school friend coming out of the park with her kids and hubby. so i shut my book and went to chat with her and meet her hubby....
 we left and literally dashed to nate's drama class
 joey and i!
 LOVE her
 ellie too!
 so i drop nate off at class, then hit up a NEW play park for the girls to play at while i got settled in my spot with this book uneducated....2 mins in i hear "hey MEL!"  i look over and 3 home school mom's and their kids show up...haha i put the book away and spent the drama class with them!

after drama the kids were hungry, it was late, so i popped by tims for a treat. while we were eating there was a hockey game playing on the tv.  ellie looks over and says " now this is a place PAPA would like!" bawahhhhh
monday was  a fun day for sure! 0 comments

wagon.and beach

 ellie wanted to take joey on a wagon ride. but couldnt figure out how to do it. after about 15 mins playing around she came up with this.  i love that joey was wearing her helmet. hahaha
 off they went!
ellie was making me a picture. so much concentration!
 mon night after i put joey to bed ellie wanted to go on a bike ride, so i went with her.
 we stopped at the mail box!  ha

 we took the kids to bouchouche. a place we had visited 9 yrs ago....
 my crew!
 the kids ran and ran. joey out ran her siblings!
 so proud!
 after the board walk we hit up the beach
 silly shots
 my toes in the warm sand for the first time this yr!  the beach was so warm! we all took our shoes off
 and discovered
 ellie hit up the tree
 the BEACH!!!!!!!


beach pt 2

 nate snapped this pic of me

my crew
 we dug in the sand, found shells, played in the water
 nate and i went for a walk. love this kid
 chris could not resist the pull of his phone. haha
 ellie was tired, she wanted a nap..ha
 one more climb
 such a ham
 and we decided to leave.  ellie needed to be carried out
 joey RAN
 we had a picnic in the car and ALL the food i packed was GONE! then we hit up the irving tree plantation
 basically its 100's of different trees planed in this huge park.  chris and i visited it in the fall and it was the spring? not so much. but we still had fun and i plan on returning!
 those dots all represent a different kind of tree
after the tree park, we headed home...and grabbed some ice cream! 

it was a FUN family day in the middle of the week...and i reminded the kids that we could go because we HOME SCHOOL!  0 comments