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rainy sat

 saturday chris spent 12 hrs clearing the land in the rain, nate was with him for a few hrs and i picked him up around lunch to head back to the house.  we painted rocks for this project going on in moncton called "moncton happiness rocks" you paint a rock and leave it for someone to find it.  the kids painted for an hour!  i gave ellie and joey washable paint.  good thing cause by the time joey was done she was COVERED in paint!!!
 nate did a great job too
 and it passed time on a rainy afternoon
 after i put the girls to bed nate and i hung out playing board games...thats his love language so i find myself playing games long as it is kept fun and not competitive ill play!
 sun morning while i was getting ready fir church the kids pulled a prank on me.  they set traps for me. haha
 and they cleaned it all up themselves
 all of them were in on it
 nate picked me flowers the other day
 sigh. so in a 5 min time span joey clogged the toilet with toilet paper that i got to stick my hand in the toilet to unclog!  yipeee then she washed her hands, and her face, her eyes and her HAIR! with SOAP!  i washed the soap from her eyes and grabbed my phone for a pic...then i took her to the kitchen sink to wash her hair....this was 10 mins before we had to leave for the dr!!  and chris asked why supper wasnt packed when he got home. hahaha
 ellie had her big 5 yr old check up today! she is coming in a bit small on the weight and height chart....not that i follow those silly things, but her eyes, heart, ears etc were perfect! and she got her vaccination. and didnt cry/scream/freak out....she did a small cry when it was all over

my BIG ellie!  all ready for kindergarten!
 with her big brother
 showing off her band aid!


the land pt 1

 joey crashed on the way home from the dr and napped for 45 mins...she was out cold!
 chris finished the culvert last week and we added a load of gravel and crushed stone over top. this is where the drive way will start
 now we have a place to park the van
 i was blown away with how much chris got done on saturday.  the start
 directly behind me
 cleared trees from the right
 the center and left. chris needs to take down the 4 big trees shown here and clear out the smaller trees and brush.  the plan is to build the storage shed/wood shed and put it to the right of the trees in this pic
one of the tall trees chris is going to take down
 where the shed will go


land pt 2

 as i stepped i found this bad boy. the girls were quite impressed that a snake was on the land. haha
 we feasted on the BEST fish ive ever had.  so very good!!!  i also had beans but ate them when they were cooked. ha
 why no, im not a mess
 ok i am!  by the time we left last night joey was covered in dirt, her feet were black and her shorts were gone...she peed on them. ha so she wore her underwear and t shirt
 nate and i talking in their fort
 chris cleared a path to the kids play area/fort.  so much nicer to walk there! 
 joey cleaning up the chairs
 ellie taking a nap on the bed they made from leaves
it was quite comfy 0 comments

pt 3

 as chris set up the hammock i found joey like this. hahaha
 safety first!
 chris cleared a spot for us to hang up the hammock...its so quiet there!
 nate tried it out first
 looking up from the hammock
 joey was next
 peek a boo
 ellie was next and i went last. this will be  my new favorite spot i think
 after we got home, nate and his friend set up a lemonade stand. they had set one up earlier that day but only made 1.50...last night around 8:30 they set up and by the time they were done around 9 they made 8.00!  they are all gun hoe to set another one up tonight. ha
 my little business man
 our finished rocks. now to go hide them tomorrow...
 so today ellie and nate were both gone to a friends house. i was alone with this cutie. so. much. fun!!!!  we got groceries and visited chris.  i truly enjoyed our time out together and ive decided i need to do this more with her.  she was such a chatter box!
 talking to chris. non stop!


nates b-day

 i kept the girl busy wed afternoon making this sign for nate's birthday.  they worked away on it for quite some time..ellie put thought into each sticker
 and joey too...and i think she's a lefty!
 we went to the park.  ellie was helping me look for 4 leaf clovers...but none were to be found
 joey.  messy little joey. into the gravel. that blue tint to her body?  oh, thats just DIRT!  and gravel in her mouth...chris was watching the girls while i hid in my room to spend time with god...and i came down to this....hahaha
 good thing she had a BATH that morning. sigh
 i made nates favorite supper for him, even thou he wasnt there to eat with with us.  ha. i saved him his plate. steak, beans and potatoes. his favorite
 after he came home we had cake
 love their faces
 nate got his gift nana plumps!
 he wa thrilled with it. he's taking it to florida when he goes
 eating his steak dinner. the next day. notice the mount of butter!  sigh
 joey dropped a full bag of crackers on the floor. the whole bag. i didnt yell i just said pick it up
 and she did.  she ate most of them...haha
 nap time!  with pulling her nap, she usually falls asleep while we are out. she takes a 20 min cat nap and shes good to go...i love not having nap time!  i dont have to keep the house quiet, she goes to bed early, im free to plan the day, she sleeps later in the morning (when ellie doesnt wake her) and im free to do more activities with the kids. i love dropping the nap...still not sure how ill juggle school come sept but ill figure it out when i get there