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 on the eve of joey's 4th birthday. i find myself looking back on pics.  so many memories.  so much love. i picked through a few of my quick fav's that brought back happy memories. 

nate holding his second sister.  who knew i would ever say that?

family.  being surrounded by love
 those hours in recovery.  after i had joey, my sis was allowed to stay and peek at joey. besides having chris with me, there was no one else i rather have than my sister.  unfortch, i have no pics of her seeing joey, bec i was with out a phone/camera. but i knew she was there, waiting for the news that everything was ok.  she was the first to see joey other than chris and 1 (same with ellie) and that makes me smile.
 chris and i spending so many hours holding this bonus baby. 
 the early morning feeds. the late, late night hall walks.  thank you chris!!!  its all worth it. so. very worth it
 the snuggles. the one on one. enjoying every minute of just us 3. 

as i look back on the pics, i am so ever grateful for my parents who kept nate and ellie, charlie and quinn. while i was having joey. and the days that followed. 
thanks mom and dad. and before  i know it, it will be me, watching my grand kids as other grand babies are being born
 this moment.
discharge day
i was doing so well, i was able to go home early! with the promise of coming back to have the staples removed. i remember taking a shower, getting dressed and waiting for the final discharge papers. after a long wait and a fight with dr's. we were able to take miss johana (meaning=hebrew for my god has increased; my god is gracious)  elizabeth (meaning. hebrew- oath of god and my mom's middle name) home. i remember pausing, taking this pic and knowing it was the last time i will leave a hospital with my own baby.  
 i  remember  the early days, after family left. it was chris and i and the kids. trying to find a new knew. i remember knowing this stage will not last forever. it will end. 

but what do i  remember the most?  its so silly to say! 
at night, after nate and ellie went to bed, chris and i would get joey and bring her to the living room. where we watched the whole season of "the unit" 
it was awesome. i would literally sit there, nurse and eat and watch tv with chris
 the best time. ever!
 this one night, i think joey was about 2 wks old. nate came down, it was late, maybe around 10?  he wanted to have his tank filled. we shut the tv off, and spent time with nate and joey
after that it was all a blur. and if i didnt take 10,000 pis i would have no memory the last 4 yrs! ha

i think having a 5 yr age gap with nate and ellie was a blessing. it reminds me that this time with the girls will end. FAST. and i think knowing that, i was able to really enjoy the last 4 yrs.  im done with babies, toddlers and technically im in my last yr of "preschool" with joey. it went by so, very fast.  but ive really enjoyed it

and i cant imagine our life with out miss jo. oh, my word. what a giggle she is. 

so, with that. im off to reflect on the last 4 yrs. wow.  4 yrs ago tonight, i went to bed for the last time pregnant

sob, sob! 

but i remind myself, SO much has happened in the last 4 yrs!!! 0 comments

birthday girl!

 ellie and joey were so happy with their birthday card.  joey has asked me to read her card to her at least 3 times since she opened it.  she loves the affirmation!  thanks mom and dad
 after the cards we took the girls to mcdee's.  they mixed up our order and we got free poutine. oh, my word. it was SO good! real cheese curds! 
 then home for cake! 
it was a quiet day, but enjoyable!  i cant believe ellie joy is 6!  0 comments

splash pads!

 thurs and fri we spent the day at 2 different splash pads.  i asked the girls each day "where do you want to go today?" and they tell me, then i take them.  they have a good childhood if you ask me!

they climbed and played
 look how far joey has come!
 i sat and watched
 then we fed some ducks, and ellie ran around the pond  times
 joey dried out
 we then met up with chris for a treat. but along the way, i was sitting at a red light and joey was talking then she says" that bus says no bad man allowed on the bus"  get it? bawahhhh
 then she said "this is where you go bowling" hahaha
 i was craving a sweet treat and i NEVER just go to starbucks and get one. but it was so hot, i went and got myself a drink (chris too) and it was SO good!
 silly with daddy. with chris working late at the land, i go to spend lunch with him. i get to see him and the girls see their daddy too
 today we hit up this splash pad. i think its my fav.  it doesnt have a bathroom thou, so you gotta hold it. ha. but i love that its not huge, and the local kids camp out there
 and i was able to sit and finally finish this book! its really good!  we stayed for 3 hrs at the park! 
then a quick superstore run, supper and an early bedtime for joey. not sure if its the heat, or what but little jo is ready for bed by 5:30 most nights...

im not complaining. i put her to bed for 6:15 and so far tonight ive weeded my garden, cleaned the back yard, made a dozen muffins, ran a load of laundry, cleaned up the house and had a semi quiet!

i am reminded how much i miss those quiet days and nights!  trust me, ill enjoy the quiet after ellie goes to bed!

oh, and nate is having so much fun in hali that he's staying another week! i miss my dude!  but im glad he has the chance to go and enjoy himself! 0 comments

cabin! car!

 sun afternoon we headed out to the land to visit the cabin, i didnt want chris to tell me what he did, i wanted to be surprised!  welcome to my cabin!
 again, the pics loaded wonky.  sigh.
we stopped by burger king for supper, we all ate for 12.00!  score.  ellie dipped her fries in her ice cream. mother like daughter!
look at the haul from our cherry tree!  a bowl full. they were SO good!!
 last week while i was in hali, chris called me to inform me that lulu got in an accident.  sob, sob. my little lulu!  chris was hit by a lady and her insurance got a hold of chris yesterday to inform us that they will cover all costs. i just hope they dont write her off. i love my car. its paid for and she is super cheap to drive!  i cant open the side door and the steering is off...stay tuned to see if i lose my lulu forever....sob
 back to the cabin.  we have power! and the electrician signed off on it on monday. YIPEE!  GREAT job chris! 
 our room
 the view from the loft
 we have stairs!! 
 and strapping. i think thats what they are called
the dry wall was delivered yesterday.  chris and i will lug it up to the lost next week.  we got an AMAZING deal on it, we bought "seconds" so some of its banged up, but we saved over 1000 on it. so its worth it! and they delivered AND carried it in for us.

chris is working on the insulation this week and drywall next week!  its getting done and we are making good time! 0 comments

the girls

 we went to visit chris and decided to check out "our" fountain. its been closed for a reno at the cost of 250,000 to the city on moncton tax payers!  its a nice fountain and i actually enjoyed the sound of the "rain" that fell...i gave chris the ok to one day build one for us. ha
 my heart
 love them all so very much
 with nate gone, the house is SO quiet. the girls play, we go to parks, the library, malls and such. i also have a few moments to sit outside and started this bad boy. so far, its excellent! 
 ellie got her letter from charlie!
 ellie waiting to scare daddy yesterday.  there is a camera inside the door way so he can see her. ha but he plays along with it and she likes the response
 waiting for daddy selfie
 chris and i took the girls to a new park. its a great park. at the cost of 250,000!  why do i know these things? i read the paper ya'all!  this new mayor we got has spent a lot of money. almost all the parks have had upgrades to splash pads, new fountains, a new arena! and 2 new pools being built. man, its great for us to enjoy but the cost!
 we hit up toys r us to ride the bikes.  joey hoped on and took off!  shes ready to ride!
 we spend a lot of time outside. a lot.  i like it, the house work is being ignored but memories are being made and besides, winter will come soon enough....we will be house bound soon!
 last night chris was working at the cabin. so i let ellie stay up late. past her bedtime? 
why?  because this little sweetie is 6 yrs old today!!!!!  i cant believe its been 6 yrs already!!!!  its colder and raining today.  the exact weather on the day she was born.  i remember laying on the table in the delivery room looking out the window at the rain coming down.  minutes later this little joy was in my arms. 

she was a much needed addition to our family.  i love watching her grow and change. she is a total eigenheer and a lot like my sister!  so, much, like my sister!  shes smart, strong, athletic and a joy to have.

i love you ellie rhe!  my ray of sunshine.  so thankful for you!!!  happy 6th birthday sweetie!!! 0 comments


 my pics loaded in a funky pattern!  lets just go with it! ha  last fri night, after a LONG day with the kids!!! and chris being gone...i took them for a walk around the block, and literally 5 mins after we got home the skies darkened and we got the craziest rain/thunder/lighting storm. the kids jumped into their suits and i snapped away
 joey had the MOST fun!  see!
 rain and her brothers coat!
 jump, jump, jump!
 see.  the pics loaded out of order.  wanna be my neighbor???  the house beside our lot is for sale and we are super sad to those them.  we all get along so well, they are the best neighbors for the last 8 yrs. so sad....but the house is for grabs! 
 back to the walk.  love it.  soon, ill be able to hop on my bike and join them instead of walking...joey needs help at the bigger hills...
 back to the rain storm!
 so very FUN!
 dont ya wanna join her?  im so thankful for this little girl.  cant imagine life with out her smile!