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cabin build last week pt 1

 last tues i l pulled up in the car to this!  joey saw it and said " look its a cabin!" ha
 welcome to my cabin!  the one i dreamt and talked about since i was a teen....i harassed my family with constant ideas like "lets all buy land!  we can build cabins! it will be FUN!"  after 20 yrs of no!  chris and i are doing it. haha. anyways, front door is above!
the kitchen and living room. just big enough for a small couch and table...
 lower front window. im glad we bought those windows...we scored an AMAZING deal!
 pic taken from my room on the lower level looking out to the living room
 front porch. SO glad we added this.  this room is by far my fav, i can see myself using this room 90% of the time
 monkeys!  who needs a park. ha
 front window


pt 2

 we also hung up my hammock. the bugs were bad, so i wrapped myself up in the hammock, and swung for a good hr. it was awesome sauce. ha

wed was tussle day.  goal to get all the trusses on the roof.  chris NEEDED my help. ha.
 we used the backhoe lift them to the cabin from the storage
 and we dragged them up one at a time. the kids were in the porch, at base camp or in the backhoe.  safety first
 done!  it took about 2 hrs or so....and for the record. chris NEEDED my help. haha
 we had lunch in the bug tent, joey had an accident with her juice and soaked her dress so i found shawns shirt in the back of my car and she wore it as a dress. she was quite upset about that
 my lovelies
 all of them
 sad joey
 happy joey!
 sitting on the roof with the tresses finished!  now to get them up!
"and all this shall be mine!" hahaha 0 comments

mail call!

 this package arrived in the mail for me!  i got promoted to creative arts pastor!  YES!  thank you quinn for the letter, ill keep it forever. i love you too and im so proud of you!
 zoolander-joey!  she was all dressed and ready to go to halifax. on wed. we werent leaving till sat. haha
 we snuck in 1 more work day last fri with the kids.  why?  because chris NEEDED my help. hahaha.  we spent the day building and flipping the *%(#%& wall into place.  when we pulled up joey said "look, its a REAL cabin" haha
 the upper wall
 safety first. 
 while chris and i worked away, and sweated in the heat.  ellie found a toad, and spent the day holding/playing/tormenting the poor dude.  they built a new home for it
 ellie and her toad
 she had so much fun and didnt want to leave
 they even played with the toad in the culvert/drain pipes. see the poor toad.
 cabin when we left fri evening.  i made the kids put the toad in the woods, so many tears. but they got over it...



 we made a quick trip to hali to celebrate charlie.  we left sat morning and came home sun night.  as short as the trip was, we all felt that it was MUCH longer. ha.  naw, we all had a really enjoyable time together.  everyone was there, all the dads too.  sat afternoon we did a party for charlie, then the big boys went to a movie, while the moms did our mom thing and enjoyed the evening on the trampoline.  i stopped taking pics after the party. but i really did have a fun time! 
 we did games with the kids and asked chris to hold the donuts...not eat the donuts!
 the donut game!
 great job joey!
 and ellie and copper
 showing her candy stash
 and promptly said "here aunty hold these while i jump on the trampoline"
 i introduced cry and jess to the BEST game EVER. its called "dead fish"  bawahhhhh
 quiet time
 we LOVE you charlie, i cant imagine life, family with out you.  i was blessed to watch you enter this world.  i am so proud of you. i love watching you grow and you constantly crack me  up with your "princess warrior" antics.  we love you!
 cake time. it was the best cake. i took home 1/2 of it.  its gone. it was really good!
 and now we are home and im getting ready to finish the school week up, clean up and head out to help chris build the cabin.  life is fun, full and reminds me that god is always faithful! 


what a ride!

 i am so far off the blog wagon, i need to start a new one. ha.  we came home from conference and muetti and vati arrived for a visit.  i put my phone away and spent time with the in laws.  we had a great visit.  truly, it was so nice to visit, catch up, chat and get to know each other better. it was a busy visit with the cabin building going on but i think it was good!  we found a new park during their stay and have added it to the list of parks to revisit when the water gets turned on.  splash pads are the bomb in the heat! 
 thurs and fri of last week were the big days.  chris had a bunh of guys come and the concrete was poured for the foundation.  it was the HOTTEST days.  thurs was +32 and fri +34.  it was brutally hot but shawn, jon, vati and chris sweated through it and got the job done.  muetti was their with us, but more on nana duty with the kids and i. ha

we arrived around noon on thurs, the kids had a science class that morning and muetti came with us.  when the arrived, the concrete was already done and the men were resting in the shade! 
 thanks to these guys for their help!!!
 and this dude. my little brother
 great job chris!
 inspection time!
 more leveling
 the girls did great in the heat and stayed out of the way
 now its time to play in the dirt
 the afternoon was spent getting ready to pour the porch concrete
 ahhhh the view of concrete. finshed. this is a HUGE relief off chris's shoulders
 lots of time to play
 we came home, cleaned the girls up, unpacked and made food for fuel for the next day.  nate left this. hahahaha
 shawn got beer
 chris got his fav elderberry drink
 jon got pepsi. nate said "no more beer for jon" hahaha
that was the end of day 1 pour.... 0 comments