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end of march break

 nates 2 friends spent a lot of time at the house last week.  i had to go grocery shopping twice, why? because except for wed, they ate all their meals here with us! ha.  after supper on sunday the boys had me sign this adoption form. lol.  they wanted me to adopt them!  i guess they had fun...even thou i only allowed them 1 hr of screens each day!  and they survived!

 sunday chris and i were still not feeling well, but i thought id be nice and take joey out for a few hrs to give him a quiet house.  nate took ellie out with his friends to play.  joey is such a card. so happy.
 trying on my sun glasses
 my easter bunny!  the hair band can be yours for 19.99! or you can make one for 5! ha
 mon morning was the first day back to school.  it went well. chris was home sick so i was able to get some one on one school time with ellie.  which turned out to be a huge blessing. i was able to talk to her about an area she is struggling with.  anyways, the kids spent the morning playing blocks. nate too. ha
 tues chris was home sick again. so i got nate settled with school and took the girls to the library.  we spent 3.5 HOURS there!  crazy!  nate wanted to stay home. then i literally threw noodles in the pot, asked nate to watch the girls and met my friend for a LONG over due coffee. in the middle of the afternoon!  so cool! haha. soon i will be able to do such things on a regular base and not wait for chris to be home...soon nate will be old enough to baby sit!

this week has gone by so fast.  chris was home again this morning and i was able to get groceries KID free while he watched my 2 and their friend.  so nice.  its the little things that make me smile. like groceries and NO kids. ha. 

and with that, the kids want lunch!  so off i go again! 
have a great week! 0 comments


life in all of it's fullness. Life is full. Those are the thoughts that are dancing through my mind. I find myself lately wanting to write how I feel. Thoughts and emotions. But I dint have time alone to put a thought and feeling together. Ha. I've decided that I'm going to write and recorded a song called " mom! Mom! Mommy!" And just play it on repeat all. Day. Long. To save myself from hearing three voices calling it. Haha

So how am I?

I am good. I'm at a good place. I'm crawling out of the dark hole I found myself in last year. The second worst year of my life. I'm finding new joy and laughter. Contentment and peace while treading each day with out knowing what will happen. I often open my eyes most mornings and think " What will today bring?" What problems and solutions. Fast and quick thinking on the spot. Teachable moments and trials. Fights to break up or giggles to make. All the while hoping to throw in a little school with a few meals tossed in, and memories for my kids to look back on and reflect and come to the conclusion that they had an ok childhood. The pressures of life. Marriage. Children. Relationships. Friends and everything else in between.

The last week brought news to me that someone we knew, watched grow and knew his parents, had taken his own life. It has hit me like a blow to the heart. I think of him and his family often.  The unbearable ache and pain of losing their child. A young man in his prime. A man with an amazing call on his life. A man who was brought up in the faith, who knew God, who preached and loved the lord with all his heart and mind. Took his life. Why?  How??  God I don't understand. The whole situation has me asking and questioning. Not so much my own faith. I know God is real. I know he's faithful. I just don't understand life.

All around me I'm confronted with people who are going through their own trials and tragedies. I see pain and heartache. Depression and despair. Sadness and discouragement. In the last yr I've had people who are close to me walk through some really hard times. Not the " I'm upset I can't go on a vacation" sadness. But the loss of a spouse I expectantly. Divorce. Separations. Affairs. Bankruptcy. Suicide. Depression. Mental health. Headache with their children. Etc. It's been a rough yr

I honestly don't have the questions. I don't have the words. I can sit and listen. Cry hug. Pray and support.

The other day I was talking to Nate about how God dances over us. He was like that's not in the bible. I said it is!  I'll go find it. I read it out to him and said. Smile. Cause right now. He's dancing over you. He loves you that much.

Men fail. Life sucks. But I can say that God is always faithful. He loves us so much. And as silly as it sounds. When I see Johanna singing " yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me.   The bible tells me so". It's just that simple.

He loves me. The bible tells me so



 i had the treat of sneaking into chris office on fri.  i left the kids in the car and ran up to meet his boss's boss but she had already left.  i was stunned by how QUIET the place is.  it was a shock. im use to constant noise and talk. anyways. i havent been in his office for about 7 yrs.  i took a pic of the pics he has on his wall. so cute!  he is surrounded by us at work.  hes rough on the outside. but his family means the world to him.  it made me smile.  love you chris!
 ursi!  we got the package yesterday! the girls were thrilled!
 ellie took charge!
 joey read the letter
 thank you for thinking of us!  i love the socks. they are awesome and will be well used this spring at the land!
 joey told me at 6 last night that it was bed time for herself. and off she went to bed.  the other 2 played monopoly and i let ellie stay up late.  my kids are growing up!  time flys by!
and our march break is OVER. sob sob! it went by so fast!  i did get a lot of house work done, caught up on laundry. deep cleaned bedrooms.  but i have to say, i dont want to go back to school! hahaha

and with that. the crew and a few add on's are wanting lunch!  happy snowy saturday! 2 comments


 a produce store opened up in the north end of moncton, out of my normal way to get groceries. but the bowling allay was across the st. anyways. i popped in and got all this for 20!! tax in!!! say what???  as i look at it over 1/2 of it gone. ha...great deal ill be back!
sat night i got a call from cry.  some issues were happening with her ship and the ports changed so she asked ME to do some research for spending a day in florida and book a car rental.  how funny is that. me, NOT the planner doing research for her bonus florida day. hahahahaha  it was fun.  she called last night, the ship is having engine problems so im praying everything is fixed and they enjoy their cruise!

and i MISS her.  i go to text her constantly. but shes not here. oh my!  come home. im lost with out my sister!

happy tuesday everyone! im hoping mine will be filled with large amounts of house work that will get done!  ha 0 comments
 saturday morning i was woken up to the girls declaring i MUST come to "ellie's concert"  so we did

 and waited in the dark
 for ellie to start her show. so cute. she sang a solo to "this is the day"
 then joey joined her on the "stage"
 chris took the day off to have some alone time.  nate went to a friends house so i took the girls out to some stores and the library where i was able to read another chapter of this book.  ive been reading it since the fall, slowly, its a great book.  i really am liking it. i was thinking i should start a book club with it.  very encouraging!  and i won on my coffee.  so far im 2 wins to 35 losses. lol
i took the kids home for baths, supper and bed.  chris had a lovely day of quiet!  i had a regular day! ha 2 comments


 ellie came to me and said "im all ready to go"  dressed like a Canadian she is.
 LOVE it

fri i took the kids bowling with our homeschool group.  it was a BLAST. im so thankful for the homeschool group. last week was a heavy activity week but im like, we homeschool. we CAN do fun stuff during the day! 
 list of the team i had...amanda put me in charge of a group which was SO funny, bec by about 1/2 through i was off talking to ppl and left my group with the dads...everyone knows these activities are for social for the moms. hahaha
 joey kept score
after bowling we met daddy at swiss chalet for supper. with coupons! ha.  this experience was so encouraging.  the kids were AWESOME.  im telling you all my hard work is paying off. haha.  chris and i were able to enjoy our meals while the kid ate theirs.  see!  it is getting easier as they get older
 my kid crew
we were suppose to head out to jason's cabin for the weekend but do to a mix up the cabin was rented out. so we decided to start our march break at home... 0 comments

sassy sunday!

 my little jo sunday morning in her rocking outfit.  her words she said "Rock and roll!"
 my 3 kids.  love them.  sunday my day off.  after church we had a meeting. so by the time i got away it was after 2.  i was home at 4.  i had a headache and well, grocery shopping needed to be im thinking ill rain check my day off for another day!!

we are on march break this week!  i have nothing planned.  yesterday i ran errands with the kids. that is always FUN! ha.  when we got home nate had his friends over.  one stayed for lunch and supper. ha.  i did a craft with the girls. its more of a game but we had fun making it
 my little artist
 ellie too
 look at that crayon holding
 matching egg game!
 and they played with it long enough for me to get supper on!
 after supper, i was invited to a girls only tea party.  ellie made it all.  love chris on the couch in the back ground.  love the balloons ellie girl
 mmmm tea, chips and cookies. a perfect tea party
 nate and dylan joined us
 it was a fun first day of march break