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the man in the closet

i started putting away sentimental or really nice gifts that were given to the girls when they were born and ive added items to the pile.  mostly to save them cause once the girls get into something it gets ruined fast!  ha.  i put the items in boxes or shelves in their closet

yesterday i found 1 red shoe and 2 stuffies that were in the closet on the playroom floor. i went to ellie and asked if she did it. she said "im not lying (we are working with ellie and her lying!) mom, i promise. joey did it!"

so i found joey and cornered her and asked "did you take the stuffies and shoe down?"
she says "no, i didnt!  a bad man from my dream took it from the closet and gave it to me"
i said "a bad man from you sleep?
joey says "yes, a bad man"
i said joey "men from dreams dont take items from the closet.  did you take the stuffies?"
she says "no, i didnt.  a man did it"
i said "joey, are you lying? tell the truth who took the stuffies? was it a man in your closet?"
she looks down at the floor and says "me. i did it. im the bad man who took it down"

haha.  a bad man in the closet from her dream???? yea, shes the creative one.  but she fessed to work on ellie and her tall tales. 

man, just when you get one kid on the "good road" the other 2 go off on the "bad road"  parenting is NOT all fun and games. ha. 

last night, i made a point to plan and cook a family dinner. its hard to get everyone home at supper time to eat.  so we are sitting down eating, chris and i are talking to the kids about some  of the behaviors we are seeing that are not good.  at one point i was talking to ellie and laying the law down.  she took her potato peel and threw it at me

the look on her face when she realized what she did
and she did it in front of chris

needless to say ellie went  to bed right after supper for the night.  im so glad chris was around to help me out, cause to be honest. after a long day of always trying to be on the ball and on their actions, correcting, teaching and breaking up fights. i tend to let things slide towards bed time. im tired. its been a long i was grateful chris was around last night to help me out. 

just remind never gets easier. i just get better!

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big girl bed!

 finally the day has come!  i sat down and told chris. in a kind, nice way that joey NEEDS a bigger bed.  she will be 4 in july and out grew her toddler/crib bed.  i went mattress shopping last week, i found one i loved. in the budget at costco. so sunday after church we hit up costco and ran in to about 20 ppl we knew. ha.  and got joey her mattress.  we also scored lunch to feed us all for 10.00. 

we came home and chris took the crib a part. this is HUGE man. we are now parents of bigger kids!  no more babies, diapers, bottles, naps etc....we have big kids! 

after i put the mattress down i realized that i dont have a mattress cover or sheets. oops.  (chris is going to build a frame later) so i took joey to walmart and she picked out her  new sheet.  im going to pick up a duvet and cover next time im in halifax (ikea) but honestly, she only sleeps with her blanket, she kicks off all the other ones

so excited. in her new bed.  with bright red cheeks.  the kids have been sick all week with sinus/colds.  its nasty!
 so. monday was ellies first zoo camp day.  i felt like it was her first day of school. lol.  my friend picked her up and took her with her crew. too save me from taking all my kids to drop her off at the zoo. anyways.  ellie was all dressed and ready to go.  at the door.  waiting with her pack, pack. and 1000 questions.  she was nervous, excited, scared and needed to know the plan
 i sat with her and we talked.  i answered all her questions.  i laid out how the day would go.  and told her she was safe, and its GOOD for her to go and be with her friends.  we had arranged for ellies little group of friends would all be there. 
 ignore me.  i look rough.  it was early. haha.  anyways.  she went and had a BLAST.  she came home and talked a good 10 mins about  how AMAZING it was, all the animals she pet, they went through the zoo, played at the park, had snack, made a craft, read a story. it was so much fun!
 i signed her up for 2 more sessions.  its fun and scary to watch them grow and go.  but like i told her, our verse this week is "the lord is with me; i will not be afraid. ps 118:6"  she repeated it over and over and out she went
 sob.  shes growing up too fast



 im really working on spending more time making art with the kids.  now that joey is older, its much easier and less mess to clean up. ive been curbing the projects to include nate.  and he's joined us for a lot of them.  tues is poured rain all day, so we made art.  mosaic names
 they worked with no help from me
 i liked watching them choose their colors
 joey was tired i guess
 nate spent the week with his friends making cardboard weapons after school.  it took 2 rolls of packing tape 2.50 cost BUT it gave me 3 afternoons of busy boys working together with no fights! score! ha
 then they made houses and hearts
 finished project
 and then we made a bunny
joey was so excited when chris came home from work, she ran out yelling "daddy! my name!"  joey impressed me by writing her name on the white board. i didnt get a pic, she erased it before i could!  0 comments


 so, i was talking to a friend last week and i said "it would be cool if we had an art class for the hs kids. go talk to amanda and make that happen"  i knew they were getting together mon afternoon for hop,, skip, jump.  we didnt go.  anyways. i get a text mon night from amanda saying "hey can you teach an art class?"  BACK FIRE! hahahaha  so i sat down with nate tues nght AFTER the irls went to bed and we watched a video and painted. 
 i was blown away by how well nate did!!! he rocked it.  it was so fun, just him and i trying to figure out how to paint so i can teach a class...this was mine
 voila.  looked almost like the pic from the video. it took us an hour. so i figure i can teach 10-15 kids how to do it in about 2 hrs
 mine on the left, nate on the right
and voila. im teaching an art class in may.  wish me luck with this. ha 0 comments

more art!

 we happened upon the STEM activity at the library yesterday.  the girls painted a rock
 gotta say, joey kept her own with the older kids
 and i didnt have to clean it up!
 then little miss puzzle queen sat down and put about 10 puzzles together.  she is really good a them.  better than me!



 we woke up this morning to spring weather!  the girls set off to play outside.  they have been out there for over 2 hrs.  the back door is open, the birds are singing.  my coffee is cold...well i cant have everything. ha dare i say spring is here?  my sinuses are going NUTS. so it must be. ha.  i loved the girls clothing.  nates socks, mittens, my hat
 and voila.  ellie pulled joey around. over and over. so fun!
 love their outfits .
 joey even packed her pack-pack
 i love that we home school, i can play with our schedules.  the girls can play, and im thinking after lunch we can do the book work...or play out side some more. ha
chris has this hot air heater that looks like a round cylinder.  the other day he was in the shop with the girls, he was working away. when he hear them giggle, and giggle and laugh and giggle he turns around and sees them with their pants around their ankles and bums in front of the heater.  he said "what are you doing?" they said "warming our bums" ha

yesterday before we went to the library, i asked the girls to go change. about 15 mins later they are still not down. i went to peek at them.  they were buck naked in their rooms roaring with laughter yelling "naked party naked party"  then joey showed me her body. they DREW on each other.  sigh. it was cute thou!

im being yelled at to go watch the girls play outside. my blog time is over!  0 comments


 the girls made me a picnic, complete with a basket of fruit and to the right is...
a HUGE mess! made by these 2 girls
 ellie got mail! joey was not left out
 ha.  joey pushed her way  into the card reading!  thank you muetti, ellie liked her mail!