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part 1

 one day last week, i have no clue what day it was because im so behind my blog. haha. ellie came down like this. she needed help getting dressed. hahaha

joey and a bowl of water = an HOUR of play
 so. much. fun
 pour, splash, lots of fun
 i asked nate to clean up the front room .and he did
 GREAT job buddy
 we went to the land one night last week, and i forgot to show pics of the table chris made for me. i LOVE it. so much easier to get supper ready on
 and a little bench, he also got me a cup holder made from a log. love it
 our little set up
 grub!  we had sausages, and FISH. the kids and i ate ALL of it. it was SO good
 joey and her rocks
 put your dress down joey girl!
 snack time
 my little crew
 daddy watching the food, while i sat and ate
 then the kids went to jump in the hole that the back hoe dug
 its so fun to get dirty!
 then joey kicked off her boots, and took a nap
 saturday nate and i hit up a few yard sales. i spent 2.25! haha nate had left over sausages on a stick for breakfast.


part 2

 sunday nate joined me in the big church. hes not interested in going to his call anymore. so be brought his juice in a coffee mug, bible, notebook and pen and joined me. i LOVED having him with me.  so fun.  he really is a big kid now
 listening, taking notes and drawing
 sunday after church. i loaded up the van and took my crew to halifax for the week. it was the annual kid camp. next yr joey will be old enough to attend her class! 
 quinn was busy working on his own kids camp.  quinn put on his own, it was a hoot. he had decorations all over the house. great job quinn. this was a water fall
 mon morning i took joey to the park.  i had to have my java after not having much sleep the night how the sun shines on my coffee mug
 joey played in the dirt. why? thats what she does. she's a mess of dirt
 i think this is my fav pic of me and my sis
SO thankful
SO grateful for this girl.  she was such a huge help and support to me this week.  i have no words, thank you sis for EVERYTHING
 cry and her crew.  we took the kids for a walk and ice cream sun night
oops. thats not quinn. thats nate. hahaha

 i told the girls to not get their new dresses wet, joey then lifted the back of her dress over her head. hahaha but she stayed dry and clean. until she got the ice cream. sigh
 exploring the water and rocks
 another morning another park. my joey and i
 i tried to do an activity with the kids.  we attempted paper mache masks.  it was too humid and they didnt turn out BUT we kept busy for an hr
 then the girls made a garden, they spent 2 afternoons working on this.  digging plants and weeds up from the woods and planting them in their garden
 another morning, another park.  more rocks to play with
 she said "i see you mommy"
 2 afternoons cry and i took the kids to the beach, they loved it. hey! its water, dirt and sand. why not like it? haha
 wind blown eliana
 joey, joey, joey, such a spark of life


part 3

 i love the view from my sister's walk way/balcony.  its beautiful!

so the big event of the week was quinn's own dvbs/kids camp.  quinn put on his own dvbs.  from decorations, registrations, draws, snacks, songs, lessons, crafts and more.  and then INVITED a bunch of kids to come. haha.  we had it on tues and papa ordered pizza for us after...

nate and charlie working the registrations table
 the kids waiting for more kids to arrive
 more kids...
 quinn leading worship/welcome and story
 crafts time!  quinn did a great job and it was fun to watch.  but i gotta say, i was glad there was only 1 afternoon and not the whole week...
 this cracked me up.  its the door sign for my room that mom and dad had made at the mall in calgary beside wolcoo and the slushy place. haha  after cry got married it went with her, she put it on the doors of all the spare bedrooms where she lived over the yrs.  and its finally back in its rightful place on my room's door. hahaha
 with a dvbs sign
 and more kids
 wed we went back to the beach. more dirt, water and sand
 but i did get to go home to a great fish dinner, thanks dad!
 ellie joy!
 thursday or was it friday? who knows the days all get mushed together. ha.  the excitement of the morning was dad finding this bad boy in the bag of grapes

cute little spider
 oh whats that on you belly?😳
 that would be a baby black widow spider
 freak me right out.  dad took it to be disposed of properly
 thurs after dvbs, we took the kids to get air. to burn off the energy
 and that they did
 happy nate
 strike a pose
 little adorable ellie in the midst of the older crazy kids. haha
 awe. coz love
 just a side note, ive been trying to finish these blog posts for 2 days now.  lets see if i can sit, uninterrupted for longer than 5 mins....last night i was finally able to finish my 2 hr show that i record. i started watching it on sunday. thats right 2 NIGHTS to watch 2 HOURS. that shows how many times i was interrupted. oya!

thurs night was the annual bbq night at kids camp. we took the crew
 and i was able to meet ellie's new friends. she made at least 6 this past week. ha
 then the kids had a mini service, and ellie participated!!!!  so cool to watch
 look at her go
 aunty was then chosen to participate in a game, nate and ellie went up on stage to support her...joey missed out on the fun, she was home with nana and papa
 friday the kids all said their good byes for the week
or was it?
we had planned a weekend in truro with the whole family (minus chris)  the plan was to stay for 2 nights but over the course of fri night, then sat's events. cry, shawn and i choose to pack up and go home...

fri night was a late night, with 3 kids in the room with  me....but i did snap this pic with my ellie joy
love her so very much 0 comments