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valentines day!

 chris decided that this yr will mark the first of his annual taking the girls out on valentines day for a date.  the girls were so very excited.  daddy came home with a gift for them
 1 chocolate and 1 candy
 this was nates face the whole time.  i am thankful, so thankful for his attitude with his sisters.  he was 100% ok wit chris making a big deal out of the date and brought presents for the girls and not him.  he was happy watching.  this is a proud mom moment!
 we took a little walk the other day to make a wrong right. 
 to the mail box she went
 to mail back the .25 cents she stole from aunty. lol. 
 then we hit up the park.  it was +6.  in FEBRUARY!!!!!
 i cant believe how nice it was out, i sat in the sun and got my vita d and the girls showed me all the new tricks they can do this yr
 its neat to go back to the parks in the spring to see how far they came over the winter.  the slides that use to scare them are fun, flipping over bars that last yr she just hung onto. 
 sliding down the pole that use to scare her.  joey wanted to jump off. i told her no and to go sit down
fun joey story.  yesterday i asked her to go get dressed.  about 20 mins later i went to check on her.  i found her jumping and dancing on ellies bed singing "flying under wear" while flinging under ware around the room.  buck naked.  i take it she got

the other day i asked her to go get dressed.  she disappeared  then proceeded to have a huge hissy fit. screaming`g, yelling, crying.  lots of drama.  i chose to ignore her.  if she needs help she can ask, like a big girl.  i told nate to get his books and i did his science with him.  about 1/2 way through science joey quieted down.  when i went to check on her after nates maybe 30 mins...i found her naked. in her bed. curled up under her blanket. 

i asked her what was the problem.  she said "i cant get dressed" and i guess got tired and went to bed. ha

last night was ellies date with chris.  around 5:00 joey went and brushed her teeth.  then disappeared .  i thought she was with nate, nate came down around 5:30 asking where joey was.  i said i thought she was iwth you...we went to find her. and there she was in her bed, lights off, curled up.  i said "joey! its not bed time!" she said "yes it is. im going to bed now" and she did. hahaha

she is such a funny little thing to have around.  we love her!

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 saturday chris went to an auction for plumbing supplies. so i wanted to fill the day with kid fun.  i took them to the museum.  ive never been there before.  i told nate he could bring a friend, he chose dylan.  and off we went to the resurgo place.  it was BUSY!  i LOVED the place.  i want to get a family pass.  it was awesome.  we were there for 3.5 HOURS and i ran in to so man people.  ive noticed that almost every time i go out i run into ppl i know.  i feel settled in this place
 this was neat. a little car cart with a laptop that was a virtual map of moncton.  so fun
 the  theme was history and transportation.  this was the boat building station
 joey was soaked
 but it was fun!
 driving a submarine
there was rockets, flying objects, cars etc... 0 comments

pt 2

 the upper level of resurgo was history. which i LOVED. i spent an hour with the girls going over everything.  they had this old map, i was able to locate our house area!

and the coolest!  the property!
 right where you see j. bishop!
 it was the neatest thing.  i had to have spent 20 mins there. i love old maps
 joey enjoyed the old store set up
 wrist persuader!
 the old Harley Davidson bike!
 then we found the kids area. there was so much to do. dress up
 kitchen area
puppets, more crafts, books, etc... 0 comments

pt 3

 they had a culture area.  this was so neat.  you create your own wings to look like a peacock
 fire works by peddling a bike.  ellie ran into her friend sadie
 more dress up. there was a garden area, a igloo, construction.  we didnt get to all of it.  i ended up parking myself on a bench and sat and talked to ppl i ran in to.  after 3 hrs the kids were hungry so we went home from lunch
 sat night i found this girl in my bed!  ellie put herself in my bed. a

monday was the first family day in n.b.  everything was closed but federal gov't!  chris had to work. nate ended up spending the day with dylan's family at their camp.  i took the girls to a mini carnival, which i invited my friend to come and keep me company. ha
 face painting!
 colorful balloons!
 snack was ice cream, juice, donuts and pop corn.  the snack of champions. haha
 i LOVE this idea.  joey spent most of her time here
 and joined the big kids on the inflatables.  there was about 6 in total. 
there was also crafts, games and a scavenger hunt. the best part?  FREE! and i was able to chat and waste the afternoon away with an adult to talk to...ha! 0 comments


 so this week, we are at 1. ONE. day spent doing school. haha.  for some reason public school was cancelled today.  its +14 right now. not sure why....anyways.  i was doing school with ellie and looked over at joey. she was busy making art.  happily creating away
 ellie decided to read out loud her bible. so cute!
 i took the kids to mcdees in the afternoon.  to burn off that energy!
 and ice cream was enjoyed. ha
 and joey made a mess
 joey! what are you doing?!?!?  making a picture!
 it was so nice out this morning. so we went and visited daddy. the kids enjoyed the park. and i chatted with chris. i wont see him much today.  he's gone until 6:30 and im outta here at 6:45!  so i thought a visit would be nice
 poor chris.   no buddy but dont worry nate came along!
 i think this buddy bench idea is the funniest thing.  i dont get it...
 i got out of bed around a respectful 8:45 and found this going on.  nate at his desk working away.  he was bored so he did his school work. hahaha THEN i told him public school was closed and he was free to go play with his friends...
yea, im sitting here typing my blog. the girls are in the back yard.  its now +15. the door is open.  i dont get why school was cancelled.....ha

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