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 this little cutie found a friend at the park....

last tues was joey's turn out with just mama.  so. much. fun! 
 she is such a cute little girl. im thankful she joined our little family.  i truly enjoyed the evening with her. its such fun to watch your kids change and grow. each one is so very different...i cant wait to see what they do in the future...


nana and papa plumps!

 nana and papa plumps arrived last wed, the kids were thrilled to spend time with their other nana and papa.  the kids warmed up quickly and havent left them alone since. haha
joey is quite taken with papa plumps and moved her chair from sitting beside me to papa plumps!  thats ok, ill share her.
 ellie getting her new super fun overalls!  these things save their clothes! since sliding down mud hills is their hobby. ha
 see!  she moved her chair to sit beside him! 
 morning games, actually all day long games have been played!
 games are awesome!
 and some book reading.  notice how joey is totally into the book. haha
 we have spent a lot of time at the land.  we went fri and sat.  both times the boys went in the morning and worked at clearing the trees for the septic field. then the girls joined in the afternoon. we went for walks, played, cooked supper over the fire.  a lot of good memories!
 father son work team
 my kid crew
 ellie and mama snuggles

 so.  ellie is scared of bears. and going to the land was turning into this huge drama fest of tears.  nana brought her a swiss cow bell and we decided to turn it into a bear bell!  so ellie wears the bell around her neck and it scares the bears away.  it works!  no tears!  and its cute to boot hearing the bell ring as she moves around


the thumb

 check out the thumb chris built in action
 grabbing the log
 and off it goes.  saves so much time!  great job chris!


the land

 nothing like it.  coffee and the fire!

the weather has been beautiful the last week, so going to the land and being outside was the perfect combo.  i truly enjoy being out there.  the trees were bright and beautiful, the birds singing and the kids were playing.  it was a great time
 we went for lots of walks, exploring the land.  i snapped a bunch of pics on one of the walks
 my little joey
 playing in the river. so cold nate!!! 
 i found a chair left from the previous owners, sat and enjoyed
 then the men got busy and built a log bridge
 my girls. besties
 i cant believe i own this land!
 so beautiful
 nate took this one of me
 sitting on the HUGE tree, you should see the root system!  its massive



more land

 i went on a walk with nate and we discovered this huge birch forest. 
 see. i was there. ha
 my big kid
 this is joeys pet bug.  the girls spend hours playing on it.  its also a rocket, a space ship, a horse, a boat and lots of other things...
 fire=warmth and food. ha
 nana and papa plumps!  we are so very glad you are here visiting. the kids and i (chris too) are having a great time together! 
 mr nate
 joey being joey and eating while looking at the sky? 
 ellie discovered where papa plumps keeps the chocolate
 tree climbing
 another walk
 checking out more fun trees and bush
 joey helped papa plumps by holding his walking stick. the whole way down and back.  such a helper she is. hahaha
 ellie!  beautiful ellie
 daddy and ellie
 after baths and snuggled into bed was 1 tired chris and 1 cute girl
chris and vati got so much done!  i was impressed.  they both came home tired....we took yesterday  off to rest....while i slipped  out to meet a friend for the afternoon...i came home to very tired men. ha but they were wide awake and ready to go today!  they left me alone to go back to the land to clear more trees while muetti spends time with the kids. ill head down in a bit. but man.  the house is so quiet. i dont know what to do...haha 0 comments