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first day of school! or not!

 i found joey like this last week.  i cant see her hiding under the table with a can of peanuts.  didnt you know if you cover your eyes no one can see you?!  its a sneaky trick! ha

love this quote from church. so true
 so my parents joined us on sunday for a visit...and i promptly took off to meet my friend for lunch, and came home 3.5 hrs later. haha.  the kids were with chris but it was funny to say hi mom and dad. see you later!

so i thought id do the "official" first day of school.  with ZERO expectations.  i just showed ellie where her books were and new markers.  did some intro with nate and that was about it

tues was more review
wed was almost nothing
thurs i did a bit with ellie
fri nate did some work

but really. not much was actually done.  we are just having a very lazy start up...with chris on vacation and my parents here, and more company coming. its just too hard to try and start something.  once life slows down a bit and the cold weather comes im sure we will get into a routine of sorts.  i will say ellie is a JOY to teach. she LOVES learning and bugs me to do work with her.  its so odd to just sit down beside her, sip coffee, explain the lesson have her do it. and sing the whole time.  her little wolf joins us on her desk and when she's "done" she lets me know (usually after 5-6 work sheets) she's done with the book work and picks up her wolf and off we go to read.  she LOVES to read and is picking up quickly.  i havent photocopied her reading lessons yet, but at this rate i wont need them...joey being there is just FUN and frustrating.  i have enlisted nate to help keep joey busy for a 15 mins while i work with ellie. that is working out so maybe ill just keep with that
 no picture of joey, she was playing with nana
 working on her pencil holding skills. ha
nate has been AWESOME this week.  because we have no routine and no schedule his lessons were pushed to the side. i did give him some work to do on his own and like a responsible guy he went and did it!  no questions, no arguing.  so nice. 

it looks like next week will be a slack week too....oh well one day we will get to the books. ha 0 comments

the land

 monday night we went to the land with my parents for a fire and fun.  nate was able to get his own fire going
 and chris got the big one going
we cooked chicken, beans, potatoes and sausages.  very yummy!
 the only pic i took of my parents
 joey enjoying her chips
 haha tree girl
 we followed the path at the end of the property to see the old cabin.  i havent walked it before so it was new to me.  it was so nice back there!
 the quiet and colors of the woods is my happy place
 my crew behind me. hahaha
 at the old cabin shack.  the kids went to the river, i stayed up and enjoyed the semi silence...cause its rare to have quiet with kids around. ha
 so beautiful
 especially when the sun in shinning through on the colors
 night time snuggles with nate.  i was so tired, cant you tell. ha


apple orchard!

 hey!  whos standing on my table?!?!  ha
last hugs before nana and papa left
 we went to the apple orchard with the local home school group wed afternoon. so fun.  it was so nice +26!  the kids had a blast, they played with their  friends and i met 2 new moms. fun!
 can she be any prettier? 
 picking apples
 its a family thing
 my dude
 packing them away
 ignore my huge glasses, they were a last resort.  i lost my other pair.  ellie sat on my lap and cuddled the whole wagon ride. she is such a cuddle bug and fun to have around
 see. she's super fun!
 climbing the huge hay bales
 playing puppy with the dog cages. ha
 the kids played puppy for an hour.  it was cute to watch
 and 5 seconds on the road....she was OUT.  she slept the whole way home and another 15 mins in the car in the garage.  chris had to wake her up to get her out of my car.  i was going out and needed a kid free car. haha
the apple orchard is always a nice start to the school year! 0 comments


 this is how we roll most mornings.  how awesome is that...

thurs we hit up the zoo with some home school friends. with school back in, we have the place to our selves.  score.  lisa and i were even nice enough to have other mom's drop their kids off and we took them in for 3 hrs.  we had 9 kids between us
 some of the kids
 snack time
 back to the monkeys
 so fun to watch

i think lisa and i had the best time. the older kids were allowed to run free (with limits) and the younger kids were happy staying in the strollers, allowing us to walk slow, watch the animals and catch up! 

it was a GREAT afternoon!
 we met up with chris today for lunch
look how grown up my boy looks
 my crew
man alive. it has been one busy month.  i cant get over how fast september rolled around.  life is very full, not busy. full.  my days fly by. i wake up running, go to bed tired but im thankful to be in this season of life.  when things slow down ill take a moment to sit and write out more details of our life!  but for  now, the kids are hungry and thirsty and my blog time is over .haha


the last few days

 thursday i took the girls to the land to help chris shingle the roof of the shed.  as soon and i mean i was still on my street joey fell asleep.  she slept the whole way there and woke up super cranky. ha
 ellie talked to me the whole way there
when i arrived chris needed to do a few prep things on the shed so i took the chance and ran to my hammock in the woods and just enjoyed my happy place.  joey joined me and she kept me company.  it was the most relaxing hour ive had since spring. 

then i hit up the roof with chris. i LOVE shingling.  its rewarding work!  chris and i work well together.  i was so happy that the kids, all of them played the whole time and let chris and i get the job done with no interruptions! 
 i left around 6 and the roof was 3/4 done.  i learnt from mon and tues that its rough getting the girls home, bathed and in bed with out drama and fights way after their bed time...on the drive home i explained to them that i expect NO fighting, no yelling and to do what i say...cause remember im covered in dirt and sweat too and i want a shower as well. ha  they did awesome.  no fights! 

 we did it!  the shed is roofed and shingled! 
 the kids got a few rides on the back hoe and i made sure they held on tight
 nate's fort
 look at joeys face. she was having the best time

joey funny. when i put her to bed i asked her what her favorite part of the day and she said "throwing dirt on my head"  yes, she did that. a lot. haha  ellie's favorite part was riding in the back hoe
 so fun
 the dirt. the dirt.
 ellie makes dirt look pretty. ha
 joey was caked in dirt
 haha BUT she had so much fun
 late night snuggled with my bug
 chris joined us
 i hit up costco yesterday for eggs.  only eggs.  oy.  another 100 gone on groceries...ha
and chris is done his vacation.  he did a lot.  its funny thou cause he hasnt been around much and yet i still feel close and connected to him.  i think us doing the cabin is the best choice we've made.  it has us working together.  nate spent 4 days working 12+ hrs with his dad this week,  he did so well.  chris has told me over and over how proud is he of nate.  nate really enjoyed his time with dad.  nate had the choice to go with dad today or play with his friends.  he choose his dad!  i was blown away by how close these two are.

not only are we working together. but we are building something for our kids to pass on to their kids.  i was listening to this pod cast and the lady said one thing that really got me she said "dont raise/parent your kids but instead think of it like this: you are raising your grandchildren's parents"  that really made me stop and think.  she's right.  i need to see the bigger picture

im glad that we have taken on this adventure together.  its worth the time sacrifice now to see the bigger picture.  and i like seeing us all work together to accomplish a goal

and with that im wrapping up another week!  i hope to start school this week....or not...who knows at this point! 0 comments