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 i had to laugh when i found this on my phone.  ellie taking a selfie with her baby
love her!
 i went to the mche meeting last fri, after not attending for over a yr and 1/2.  the plan was for aralee to pick me up around 6:30, but i sent her a SOS text at 4ish and she picked me up at 4:45! ha we went for coffee and a chat before the meeting. the meeting was great. it was refreshing to meet up with ppl you havent seen in awhile and chat.  im only posting this book on the blog so i know where to find it when i go to order books next yr. haha


hair cuts!

 sat was hair cut day in the eigenheer house.  ellie was up first. she enjoyed her spa experience
 she looks so cute! 
we are donating 10" to kids with cancer.  unfortch, after the hair cut was done and dry i realized that ellie has my SISTERS hair. and the back needs to be cut crooked to look straight.  ellies hair IS cut straight, but bec of all the curls and think layers in the back it lays wonky=looking crooked. i think i will recut it with some layers...chris says to leave it. its fine. i think the cut is fine, but could be better....ha
 joey FINALLY got her first hair cut at 3!!!!!  this is her mess before. poor thing has her mothers thin/fine/curly hair
 back!  thats my curls. i have curly hair
 she looks so cute!  i was so tempted to cut bangs, but with joey its best to be able to pull ALL her hair out of the i skipped it
 nate got his "short, military" cut #1 up the sides, fading with  no edging in the back (so hard to do) and blended with a 2 to finger cut short.  typical military hair.  sob.  nate wants to join the army when hes older.  sob sob
its a snow day today.  the FIRST one this yr. and for the first time in 6 YRS of home schooling im taking a snow day too.  nate got up and finished all his school before 10.  then bundled up in snow gear to join his 2 friends down the st for a day of snow, video games and food.  i told him to report home for lunch and snacks. i prop wont see him today...weird how they all change as they grow... 0 comments

this and that

 see anything new, and im NOT talking about my AWESOME grey hair.  i finally caved, and dug out the hearing aid last week.  ive noticed im struggling to hear conversations with a lot of back ground noise.  so i now wear it out of the house.  esp for coffee dates and such.  im slowly getting use to hearing again.  i find its neat to wear it out and i can hear conversations as i pass by people.  i can have someone sit on my left and HEAR them.  i can order in the drive throu and hear the girl taking my order...but i dont wear it around the kids.  they are loud enough! ha

this is how you chill
 silly girls!
 chris is still off work with shingles. i think today is the last day.  yesterday morning, i found these two at the table. doing math together
 love it


hop, skip, jump!

 the home school group snagged a great deal at the NEW in door play ground.  i didnt sign up for the 6 wks, even with the discount it was a bit steep (250 for all 3 kids)  but i did take part in the play party yesterday.  i paid 37 for 3 kids. for 4 HOURS.  well, actually the deal is you can play ALL day for 37.00.  our group event started at 12, and when we left at 4 (joey was DONE) over 1/2 the group was still there.  last week they stayed until 6.  the play structure was HUGE. adult size.  i went in 3 times with the kids and slid down the slides. i had a hoot with them.  i didnt take enough pics of the place. it is WELL worth the money.  there is a cafe that makes to order healthy foods, for a decent price and AMAZING part?  the huge, over stuffed comy chairs for the moms to sit on and chat.  it was a GREAT afternoon of chatter and fun

i took my phone on one trip through the play area. 
 aralee joined me. 
 a huge gun war area
 one of 5 slides
 the girls were yelling "hurry mom!"
 this looked so neat but i was too big to go in it
 i could walk and not hit my head
 another war area
laser tag.  there was 6 trampolines, 2 ball pits, climbing walls and more slides in the back.  i only climbed through half of the play structure. it was a hoot.
 they had a toddler area that ellie and joey could use. i only took this pic of the spinning tea cups.  but they had 2 merry go rounds, 3 bouncy animals, lots of play walls, a ball pit, slides was a lot
i think we will go back again. but ill sneak snacks in my bag to hep joey over the afternoon hump so we can stay till 6 or was a lot of fun!  0 comments

2 sundays ago...

 so 2 sundays ago, we leave the house around 10 to get to church.  at 9:45 chris decided to cook BACON and EGGS!  i was like DUDE! we need to LEAVE in 15!  some how he cooked it and everyone ate and were out the door at 10:15! 

joey is our little crafter. she loves to sit and stamp, color, mark and cut. and make a mess while doing it!
 we finally got to church and it was so cool to see pat back up on stage.  hes been hired on full time at the church!  so awesome!

 i put new bedding on ellies bed. i LOVE it, its elephants, and its so soft and warm.  ellie has made her bed everyday! 
 so cute!
 ive decided that quinn is getting drums for christmas next yr. this mic is so LOUD!  haha
 cooking the bacon. sigh.  ill keep him but man it was a GREAT way to practice my patience! 



 so the reason why ive been off line the last week. was LISSY!  our little sister from saskatoon came out for a visit.  we had SO much fun  we picked her up at the airport last tues and she went home yesterday.  the kids were so excited to see her.

me too. she was 12 the last time we saw her.  shes 22 now.  we had such a great time.  for reals.  from the late night conversations, endless shopping trips, making good on her promise to babysit the kids form 10 yrs ago :), the food, catching up on 12 yrs!   the hugs and even tears.  we truly had a wonderful visit.  the kids loved her so much.  i did an odd thing and put my phone away. choosing to be there in the moment. no phone in hand. so i have very little pics of her visit
 we did manage a walk!
 ellie got some mail!
 joey was found looking through old pictures!
 lissy at the library
 nate too
 after school one day ellie disappeared for a good 30 mins. i came down to this.  she dressed her horse up.  4 shoes, a hat and hair clip, too head phones!  love it
 chris and i went out on a date.  alyssa babysat.  when she was 10 she (and her sister) told us "when you and chris have kids i will babysit for you". we moved away, and never thought she would keep her promise. and voila. she did. i remember when she told us that and thought "man thats so far away" and boom. its here.  the day she left i told her that ellie will babysit her kids one day!

anyways, we went to a new italian place and shared a pizza.  i wanted to keep the cost down.  we both ate for 20 and the pizza was AMAZING. 
 nate and his morning hug. he brings me coffee in bed now. i love it.  we chat a bit before the girls come up.  another reason why i LOVE home schooling.  low key, stress-free, ENJOYABLE mornings!


lissy 2

 while lissy was here, we painted pictures.  and made MANY necklaces.  chris, nate and alyssa went to the property this past monday and spent time exploring. i stayed home with the girls. 
 joey beaded by herself!
 then waved
 joey has been super cranky this week, so shes been going to bed at 5:30.  leaving ellie up with the big kids.  one night they sat down to bead together. nate was mad.  ellie was trying to cheer him up
 see how hes trying not to laugh
 she made him all happy again!
 morning snuggles with lissy
 late night beading with chris
 saying good bye.  ellie and alyssa
 nate and alyssa
 us.  very late. like 1 am late....
and we are so sad to see her go.  the house is just not the same.  but who knows what the future holds? 

we love you lissy girl!  you got this!  we support you and are ALWAYS here for you!!!! 0 comments