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the start of the wk!

 looked like this. i LOVE finding little puppies and babies, that i didnt know i had. ha. being taken care of in my home. haha

monday we did some free style painting.  free style =i had NO plan, i gave them paper and paint and GO!
 i made roast beef sunday, and monday i made frejch onion soup for the broth of the roast beef. SO good! 
 sigh. this is why i dont like cooking. i have to clean up after! 
 tues we did life and school.  no pics.  wed we played "school" haha im babysitting my neighbors kid while she goes back to work and is in between daycares. the girls thought it was so weird to go to the bus stop. hahaha
 wed we started back to gymnastics.  i was too busy talking to notice joey took my phone and snapped these....

 more boots!
 and us! hahaha



 the girls were being fighty on thurs, so i decided to spend some girl time together.  we painted
 more art
 then snowman!  i did this guy, ellie said it was "professional" bawahhhhhh
 the girls painted
 and painted
 then we cleaned up, hit the tub and spent the rest of the afternoon playing skip bo, while joey, my sweet dino loving joey played with her dinosaurs!
 love her!
 love her too!
i would nap a pic of nate and say "love him too!" but he was at his friends house. hahaha

who knew i could be a lover of skip bo?!?! haha 0 comments

school pt 1

 school! not before this selfie from nate that i found on my phone. haha

im always joking about how this yr for school im so beyond, BEHIND! i just quit. ha.  but seriously, i decided that jan i would make it more "schooly" and get somethings DONE!  and the 3rd wk in!  we HAVE! 
 other than MORE painting and playing MANY rounds of skip bo...
 ive spent 1.5 hrs a day, one on one with ellie.  im BLOWN away by how much we've done.  she caught up on math.  for math we are using math u see
 blocks rule in our school
 joey is kept busy with "independent" work at her desk....i made up a simple program for her to "play with"
 after i get ellie working on her math, i take joey to do her school, the same program i used with ellie.  she LOVES it.  ellie usually finishes her math and joins us for the last few mins
 this week we learned about the L/l
 joey LOVES it
 then i get jpey working on some "school"=anything to keep her busy for at least 30 mins....while i go back to one on one with ellie

we do bible and scripture writing, and i KNOW the verse on the yellow paper does NOT match her copy work....the yellow verse is NEXT wks verse...haha
 i do health with both girls
 all about spelling.  LOVE this program!
 while joey plays
 grammar with ellie. one rule a wk (yes, i know.  im WAYYYYY behind, but what ever)
we also do writing and takes about 1.5 hrs a day....then we break for lunch and i go spent an hr with nate... 0 comments

school pt 2

 last night i asked joey to out away her dinosaurs.  i found this!!!!  way too cute!!!

i put joey to bed and found this....more skip bo in the front room!
 this afternoon i declared to the kids " i HAVE to get outside"  so we put the books away and went out side!
 nate showed us his hill
 we watched and froze. it was STUPID cold
 there he goes!
 we came home and finished school AND this bad boy!  just in time for book club on monday!
 i finished nates school...this is his book load,  he's at the spot that i wanted him to be at.  hes working at the level that i think is good for him.  he mostly works independently.  i still teach him one on one- spelling, science, math and some language arts 
 i set up joeys school for next wk
 then we had a play date.  i had the kids paint from a game i made up. they LOVED it
 and it kept them busy while i made them all food! ha



 we got our YUM box last night.  it was from GERMANY!!!!!! and im annoyed to say, it was by far the BEST box we've had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we always open the box and choose what we think would be our fav before we open it. i chose this lemon waffle thing, chris is showing it
 SO excited!
 this wafer!

SO good. BUT....not so great after i tried other foods...
 cutting up the food
 nate trying this "grapefruit" candy. it was GOOD!
 chris showing us his fav
 but this?!?!??!

i shared it
then ATE THE WHOLE bag.  the BEST snack ive EVER had   so GOOD!!!!
the german yums was by far, the. BEST box yet.  we ate all of it, and LOVED it. hahaha and chris had such great flash backs of his childhood....hahaha and the next time he goes to germany im sending him with a list of the foods i want him to bring home!  2 comments