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mon pt 1

 monday morning we went out to the land, chris and nate went first to start splitting the wood, so when i got there the pile would be ready for me...i arrived with the girls to inspect the wood shed, chris stayed sat n night to fill it. love the light switch surrounded by wood

joey was inspecting our work, while eating an apple
 we have wood. we are guessing 3 cords are stacked in the wood shed
 and chris built another pallet for another 3 cords....which is not big enough....ha.  so when i arrived mon nate and i went to work
 but we got lots of fun in
 joey's picture face!
 going for a walk
 yep, i let my crew play on the logs. so much fun!
 joey's picture face
 this is how we love the logs. haha
 it was much nicer on mon, in the +.  i really enjoy the work.  i stacked until 3 when friends arrived to visit
 who would have thought id love the outdoors!
 keeping an eye on this one
 my kid crew
 much love


mon pt 2

 where the tent use to be! all packed away for winter. my hammock is still out
 which path to go?  one takes you to my hammock, the other to kids "wonder world" as they call it
 nate showing me more improvements on the camp. his friend logan came later to help him build more
 i love the season changing look
 the fort in the rocks
 warming my toes!
the wood pile when we stopped, so nate and i did this in about an he and 1/2
 just before we left
 lunch on tues was quite interesting to joey!
 then she spotted the butter!
 i said "get your fingers out missy!"
lunch was "toads in a hole" a classic around here. haha

chris was working from home on tues so i was able to leave the house around 12:30 to take nate back to the property to stack all the wood chris cut sat night...see the next blog.... 0 comments

work day with nate!

 nate and i arrived around 1, to SNOW at the land!
 we started working around 1:30.  nate talked the whole. time.  i really enjoyed my one on one time with him. i LOVED his attitude.  NO complaining.  the weather was nice +4 so we didnt freeze.  i was super happy with my boy. he's turning into quite the young man
 working away
 placing the last log on row #2.  we finished stacking ALL the wood chris cut in 1 hr 40 mins!!!  i was blown away by how fast we got it done!
 we couldnt get the heater working so we hit up my car to warm our toes and eat chocolates. ha.  chris came around 4, we had supper together then i headed back home with the kids
 i really enjoyed my afternoon buddy

joey eating her grub
 row 2!  3 more cords done!  chris is building another rack tonight and the plan is to fill it up this weekend. then take some time "off" next week.  we are both feeling the extra work load and we need a break and time together!
 but im super pleased by how well everyone is working together
 this morning nate woke me up and said "mom i made you a coffee"  i was almost in tears.  he's so thoughtful.  i love you nate! and i LOVED my coffee in bed!
 ellie had her date with daddy tonight. nate came home from his friends house and joined joey on the couch
 to read her books
 my heart.  this kid is amazing!  we made it to the 1/2 way point of the week!!!  YIPEE!!!!



 i came into the room to this. i asked joey where her pants were. she said "i took them off, they got in the way and i couldnt play!"  ha.  how many times have your pants gotten in your way of play? just take them off! ha

i hear the girls, i came to check on them. i found this
 big baby!
 i love and i am so thankful that the girls play together for hours.  im so grateful and blessed that for the amount of time they are together they rarely fight.  i totally see my sis and i in them.  ellie is a lot like my sis and joey is...well. me. ha i hope they grow to be closer. 

my sis is away in Israel right now with her hubby and im surprised by how much i miss her! its only been 2 days and ive gone to text and call her numerous times....but i cant. shes not in the country!  i hope shes having a great trip! but man! i miss my sis!  come homeeeeeeeeeeeee



 last sun night we SCORED all the windows for the cabin used on kijiji for...800!!!!!  the windows are in mint condition.  AMAZING deal and we got 3 huge ones (i cant remember the size. ha)  we got home late sun night so mon night we loaded them up and drove them up to the land
 see!  windows!  ha
it was raining and super muddy. the kids didnt leave the van.  i was like "well, if we get stuck in the muck the back hoe can get us out" ha  see how im thinking like chris. ha
 the wood!  the pic does not describe the vast amount of wood we have.  chris cut it all up last week. and today and thurs night were spent splitting and stacking...more on that later...
 we woke up wed morning with a drop in the temp.  joey was intrigued by "ice" 
 then she entertained nate by singing...