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 we found this little cutie in our bed late monday night.  she was missing her daddy and fell asleep while "waiting up" for him to come home.  chris had some ellie snuggles.  chris has been pulling a lot of late nights this week. the kids miss him. but im keeping my eye on the prize...

i found little jo like this.   love her
 tues was an exciting day!  we drilled for the well!  we got water at 100' but dug an extra 20' for bonus water.  we had a friend that we used to attend church with do the drilling, he brought his big trucks and the kids loved watching
 nate up and close
 all that mud!
 such a dirty job
 little jo
 me.  see safety first!  vanity second



 the forms set for the foundation!  this is the cabin size!
 we all took a turn standing in the middle. ha.
 the trucks left early noon, and look at the mess.  joey saw it, she ran to it and said "i get a stick and POKE the mud"  ummm no.....
 the well!!!!!!
 last week we discovered the old church that we use to turn around to get to the spring was left open.  the kids loved it. so much that i talked chris into taking a break on tues and come check it out with us
 look how well kept it is.  nate preached
 ellie sang
 joey hung out with her daddy
 love it. 
 i found this old wood box and dug around and found old newspapers!  check this out
 look at the fashions
 totally brings back childhood memories
 a k mart flyer!  the whole thing was there
 the old stores
 and there was 3 or 4 of these full weekend magazines. so funny. 
 you dont see this anymore
 chris was itching to get back to work so i packed the box up....but ill return to snoop some more...and went to the spring for some water....see the sign. ha
 i finally got to read this bad boy.  its AWESOME. 


the kids

 ive been asking joey to help around the house more, to you know, earn her keep. ha
 thurs after science we hit up the park for some daddy time.  joey stayed close to daddy
i looked in the back of my car and found this. hahaha
 ellie and i had our date tues night, we checked this bad boy out.  it can be yours for 999.99!!
 thats insane for a TOY!
 joey was tired. she crashed like this. hand under her shirt.  she slept in the car for an HOUR after we got home
 the high light of the week for me was park day!  each wed we(home school group) meet at a park for the kids to play.  gotta keep them socialized. and same with us moms. ha.  but i was able to sit and have lunch with my friend and spent 4 hrs catching up.  so nice.   so thankful for a great home school support group!   def my high light of the week. and ellie swung the whole monkey bars by herself!


water pipes

 yesterday we went to visit chris and check out the water pump and the trench chris made for the water pipes
 so. much. work!
 it looks GREAT chris.  you are a BEAST!  a total work beast!
 i brought school work with me to mark.  i sat on the wood pile and marked least fav part of home school but it wasnt so bad doing it at the land
 i took the kids for a walk, i found a new brook.  i love that about this place, im always finding new things
 and a ladder!

joey was deep in thought. all by herself. ha

 she wanted to join the boys and hit the river. i just let her dip her feet in, the water is so cold still, and well, its joey.  she would fall in. ha
 ellie too
 enjoying the view
 i told the boys to be careful of slippy rocks and im ok with them going in the water, BUT if the fall or get wet they cant complain about being cold.  dillon ended up soaked. ha
 i helped chris with the leveling
 it was really enjoyable to do
 see. i did that. ha
i can not believe how fast time is going by and how busy/full our days are...but i rather that then being bored. ha

and with that i must go.  im going out to the land with the girls to help chris...not sure what im doing yet....ha

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