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ellie cuteness

 yesterday morning ellie told me she was making breakfast for everyone. so i let her
she went to the freezer and chose waffles, put them in the toaster, then went and got 3 plates, 3 forks and 2 cups. she got the milk out for johana and juice for me to pour for her and nate. she then got the maple syrup and went back to the toaster to plate the waffles, tear them up into tiny pieces for jo. bring them to the table and call everyone to come eat
 doing all the work herself!
 nate was eating at the island. she also got an apple and yogurt for the girls...i was too impressed. she really watched everything i do!

so after breaky ellie wanted to call charlie and quinn.  i told her that they weren't home, they were in school.  ellie then says "school?  they are in school? they are home! in the playroom"

get it?

everyone has school in thrie playrooms....ellie has no concept of school as a building....haha
 i tell ellie about uncle shawn and the spanking factory.  shawn takes all the kids
to the spanking factory whether they are good or not.  everyone visits the factory...its a joke we use to do with the boys when they were ellie runs off and plays. later in the day she comes running to me and has this picture in her hand and yells "uncle shawn! dont take me to the spanking factory!"

muwahhhhhhhh 3 comments


 this cracked me right on up.  nate drew up a CONTRACT for me to SIGN that tells how much money i owe him. haha.  i pay him for watching his sisters every once and awhile, he wants to save up for a new video game and i refuse to pay for it.  so he wanted me to hire him for jobs out side his ive hired him and last week he made me sign for what i owe. haha  just like his dad! i was impressed with his business savvy

i indro'd a new lesson a few weeks back, one that i have been putting off since last year...i figured he would HATE and fight me the whole's poetry and thinking the dude (god love him) has ZERO creativity in language arts he would struggle with it....

NOT the case. he is really good at it!  and LIKES it! i find him working away at it, quiet, concentrating and i had to snap a pic...yeah nate!
 meanwhile as he wrote away, ellie was running around with blocks yelling 'CHEESE MOMMY!" 
 johana decided to try her hand at feeding herself
 all done!
 love her. she looks down then peeks up. so cute
 i was grocery shopping and found these, i had a childhood flash back of how my dad ate these all the time. so i picked them up and told n and e about why i bought them.  they love "papa's cookies" as ellie calls them...and for store bought, they aren't that bad!
 sunday after church, for the record the service was amazing!  i decided to surprise the older 2 by taking them out for lunch. in a sit down restaurant.  nate's favorite place, swiss chalet. so fun!
 it was a great time and super funny to watch chris's face when we came home and told him that we went out to eat with out him! hahaha
 johana missed my stern warning to the kids about NEVER TOUCHING MY COLORING BOOK. EVER!  chris found johana going to town....hahaha


wake up call

i was woken from my deep sleep last night (i was sleeping good ear up!) and i could hear johana calling out. it varied from a quiet cry to a longer more sharp "help"  i sat on the edge of my bed to identify the problem before i went to her

i could tell before i got to the room, just by listening to her crys that she was cold, wet and in pain.  i went in and there she sat. blankets kicked away, making a moaning sound

i picked her up and yes, she was very cold.  and wet.  as i changed her bum she took her sooky out and pointed to her gums.  she actively communicated with me that she was in pain.  i gave her some medicine. put another layer of clothing on, grabbed her blanket and took her to the rocker

she looked up and me and smiled
the reached her tiny hand and placed it on my mouth

i felt the tears flow. that movement was the first physical response she made when placed on my chest.  she put her hand on my mouth.  i felt that she was actually saying 'thank you'

i kissed her hand.  and wrapped her back up. she looked at me and smiled then closed her eyes and fell back to sleep. 

i rocked her and the verse from psalms 91 "when you call out, i will answer' came to my mind.  how often do i cry out to god, and how often does he answer?  as silly as it seams that johana called out to me, i answered. i protected her, i responded. i held her. i loved on her. i didn't yell, scream, ignore and go to her annoyed. 

god doesnt do that to us.  no matter how many times i call out to him to forgive me, help me, encourage me. he ALWAYS answers.  how much do i want to be rocked in a blanket and be put to sleep by a god who always answers me.  amazing love

maybe it was just that my sleep was interrupted but the simple concept of me calling and god answering with mercy and love just blew me away...

so thankful for a loving, forgiving, kind father-god 3 comments


 i took ellie on a mini date last week. she loves the 1 on 1 and i enjoy her.  good combination. ha

i also found a new way to handle chris's "shop time"
shop time= a good 15-30 mins AFTER the time he says he will be in
so i made this amazing dinner, and after 5, which was the time he said he would come in to eat with us, i decided to take a bite every 5 mins....
 he finally came in at 5:55. NOT kidding and i ate almost 1/2 the plate. sorry. not sorry. it was delish and the sad part was there was no left overs and he had to fill up on bread. hahahah

i finally got little jo's boots on!
 check her pose
 and she's holding another boot.  these boots rock mom, thanks! 
 little jo, getting ready to go out
 such a happy little joy.  we love our little jo!
 she looks so much older here
i get sad when i think how fast time is going, but im looking forward to the days to come.  i love being a mom

and coffee. i love coffee! ha 0 comments


 johana was very impressed by the fish. she was all "AWWW and WOW and MAMAMAMAMA" about it
 she pondered, then decided to join the crew in the cave
 ellie took a turn at watching the fish
 awe...chris and jo in the dome
 my little bear and big scary bear

johana saw the rocker and booted over to it
 she was very impressed with herself for getting on it it
 rock, rock, rock
 big rocker, little girl
 and for a favorite pass time my girls can be found with a spray bottle and clothes....washing walls, windows and floors...i caught them yesterday washing my windows. the funny part is they are actually quite good. ellie sprays and jo wipes
 today during school ellie asked for the spray bottle to clean her table and kitchen. i gave it to her and watched her clean her mini kitchen and picnic table...exactly how i do it. haha then she took her doll and a book and 'taught' her baby a lesson from the book. ha too cute



 we made some snow flakes this week, ellie helped decorate them. nate cut most of them out
im trying to make winter cold more enjoyable...ha
 princess!  the girls LOVE to play princess together. it is so flipping cute to watch them play together.  makes me go awwwwww
 for their ages, they play really well together
 last night, i hulled an awake ellie at 10 into my bed. she loves to sleep with me...and has replaced nate, much to nate's dismay and she is now my bed buddy. haha



 ellie was working on her e's during nate's poetry lesson. not to bad girl!
 johana was so tired this morning, she was walking around asking to go to bed!
 no problem!
 is there anything more adorable than mother and daughter matching bogs?
 the older 2 kids and i did an art lesson today
 we made a lot of pictures!



 after frantically searching the house and running outside looking for nate i saw the note....aww he left a note! 

the other morning, on bath morning (i bath the girls in the morning its the best time for me)  i let jo feed herself....i captured this one on film
 mmmmmm yogurt....why use a spoon when you can use your hand???
 and so pleased about it!
 good thing shes cute too boot and cleans up perfectly. haha
 nate wanted to decorate my fireplace, i let him go at er...
 finished product. not bad buddy!