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 johana was very impressed by the fish. she was all "AWWW and WOW and MAMAMAMAMA" about it
 she pondered, then decided to join the crew in the cave
 ellie took a turn at watching the fish
 awe...chris and jo in the dome
 my little bear and big scary bear

johana saw the rocker and booted over to it
 she was very impressed with herself for getting on it it
 rock, rock, rock
 big rocker, little girl
 and for a favorite pass time my girls can be found with a spray bottle and clothes....washing walls, windows and floors...i caught them yesterday washing my windows. the funny part is they are actually quite good. ellie sprays and jo wipes
 today during school ellie asked for the spray bottle to clean her table and kitchen. i gave it to her and watched her clean her mini kitchen and picnic table...exactly how i do it. haha then she took her doll and a book and 'taught' her baby a lesson from the book. ha too cute


John Carroll said...

I am so excied to came up. See you Friday@ quim@nssb