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ellie cuteness

 yesterday morning ellie told me she was making breakfast for everyone. so i let her
she went to the freezer and chose waffles, put them in the toaster, then went and got 3 plates, 3 forks and 2 cups. she got the milk out for johana and juice for me to pour for her and nate. she then got the maple syrup and went back to the toaster to plate the waffles, tear them up into tiny pieces for jo. bring them to the table and call everyone to come eat
 doing all the work herself!
 nate was eating at the island. she also got an apple and yogurt for the girls...i was too impressed. she really watched everything i do!

so after breaky ellie wanted to call charlie and quinn.  i told her that they weren't home, they were in school.  ellie then says "school?  they are in school? they are home! in the playroom"

get it?

everyone has school in thrie playrooms....ellie has no concept of school as a building....haha
 i tell ellie about uncle shawn and the spanking factory.  shawn takes all the kids
to the spanking factory whether they are good or not.  everyone visits the factory...its a joke we use to do with the boys when they were ellie runs off and plays. later in the day she comes running to me and has this picture in her hand and yells "uncle shawn! dont take me to the spanking factory!"



shirley said...

Love her view of the world. Too darn cute, was I ever that aware??

Crystal said...

But in Shawn's defense, he also says he will take them to the "Puppy, fireworks, candy factory"! LOL That is Charlies' favourite one! :)

mel said...

lol its so funny cause ellie thinks shes a puppylike charlie, calls fire works "sky sprinkles" and loves her candy.....but the spanking factory was always a hit around here!