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 i took ellie on a mini date last week. she loves the 1 on 1 and i enjoy her.  good combination. ha

i also found a new way to handle chris's "shop time"
shop time= a good 15-30 mins AFTER the time he says he will be in
so i made this amazing dinner, and after 5, which was the time he said he would come in to eat with us, i decided to take a bite every 5 mins....
 he finally came in at 5:55. NOT kidding and i ate almost 1/2 the plate. sorry. not sorry. it was delish and the sad part was there was no left overs and he had to fill up on bread. hahahah

i finally got little jo's boots on!
 check her pose
 and she's holding another boot.  these boots rock mom, thanks! 
 little jo, getting ready to go out
 such a happy little joy.  we love our little jo!
 she looks so much older here
i get sad when i think how fast time is going, but im looking forward to the days to come.  i love being a mom

and coffee. i love coffee! ha