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big girl bed

 i took the older 2 kids to a movie last sat but the movie was sold out when we got there. so i let them play in the main area and we went home and watched a movie on the big screen. ha

sun after church, i dropped nate off at home and took ellie out to get groceries and run errands. she LOVES going out and was bawling when it was time to go home she was saying"i dont want to go home. i want another store"
 so different from nate she is! i dropped nate off because he loathes going out!

ellie also decided that she wasnt going to her class sun morning and went with me. she LOVED my class as she calls it and stayed right up to the offering then she told me "i can go to my class now, i want apple juice and cookies" haha

 last weekend, we finally got ellie's bed turned into a toddler bed.  she loves it.  the first  night was a non event. other than explaining that she can only leave her bed to pee and she peed 3 times...haha she was asleep at her normal time.  she loves the freedom of getting out of the bed on her own now

im thinking ill keep nate and ellie in nate's room till the spring/summer...i hope the girls will be sleeping around the same time by then and nate can have his room back.  nates not in a rush to get ellie out thou, so if its not broke why fix it?!

 and thats a wrap for now. time is getting late and supper needs to be made!


mom said...

Thank you Mel for taking time out of your already busy schedule to keep us informed. Bless you.

mel said...

no prob mom. and i forgot to take a pic of jo's sorry!