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new fire place

this is the fire place i went into buy
this is the one i bought. ha. i simply adore it, the color, the size and snappiness of it. i am so super stoked to actually own a fire place and most important. i can now hang my super cool minnie christmas sock from it. i will also hang c's mickey sock. much to his protests. now i have to get one for nathaniel.
i am ever so painfully slowly moving/settling in. i had no idea having a toddler would slow the process down so much! i am trying to come up with a new flow (routine) for us. i have discovered that i must shower before i get nathaniel up. why? a few mornings ago i had the bright idea to let him wonder around my room while i showered. really now, how much trouble can he get into? as i showered away, nathaniel would drop by to see how i was doing and drop random items into the shower with me. i ended up with cloths, bottles, toys, hair brushes, shoes landing at my wet feet.
i have no started to decorate for the holidays yet. i will not put up 1 tiny decoration until dec 1. i can't wait to start. the last time i decorated was 2 yrs ago and i was sick the whole time. i thought it was the flu. come to find out a was just knocked up :)
tonight is the wow christmas banquet. i am excited to go. it's always fun to hang out with other mom's. i am really excited about my date, in keeping with my personal tradition of finding someone i don't know and sitting with them- i asked a young mom to sit with me. i don't know her other than her name. should be fun!


trip pic's

riding the big fish ride
ok. this is the best place evah. it's in dr. Seuss land in universal. chris and i took nate there for some family fun. it was definitely a trip high light for me. nate spent a good hour running around, getting wet and climbing on everything.

nate loves water. it was a challenge to keep him out of it. behind this wall is a pool of water and chris had a hard time keeping him out of it!

jon and jess

nate on his first ride in disney. he rode dumbo.

he wasn't impressed.

date night. chris and i took off 1 night for a date. i got to pick where we went and what we did. any guesses? much to chris's dismay i chose magic kingdom fire works. which was awesome. the park was empty.

moi. holding my cup of java 1 hour before the parade and fire works. see how empty the park was! we got prime viewing spot. at the end of main street in from of the castle.

i love this place. it is the happiest place on the the mall

cry's big day. i was the matron of honour so i didn't take any pic's. i did how ever manage to snap a pic of mr. man just before we left.

family pic at animal kingdom. note the sook. i broke my "crib only" rule.
well we are back! everything went so well on this trip. the point to it was crystal's wedding....or....*cough*.....a trip to disney. my sis and i love all things disney but much to our dismay we both married men who simply don't get the place. so, in order for her to have her magical day we all went to florida.
for some freakish reason i did not take any pic's on this vacation. i left the camera at the house and just chose to enjoy myself. so, i will give a quick over view!
w-day (wedding day)
it went off wonderfully. i would recommend to anyone to take off and get hitched some place fun. it was the most relaxed, stress free wedding i have ever been to. i don't have any pic's but we looked great ;) the boys did well, in spite of quinn's ear and viral infection.
disney- the place was empty. we literally walked on to almost every ride. the weather was cool (high 30's) and i will NEVER go in the spring again. the fall is the best time.
i did how ever learn something on the trip. my view of 'vacations' have changed. it is no longer about me and chris. it's now about the kids. i am SO glad that i had a fabulous time as a single gal and filled the "me me me, it's all about me" hole. i am gladly kissing the selfishness away to embrace the next season of parenting. there is nothing like watching the face of your child as they discover, explore and learn something new.
house update- we are in! we flew back last monday night, drove to moncton on tues and moved in tues morning. the house is a mess! boxes and stuff all over the place. for the first time evah, my house is not 'put together' in less than a week. everything is different with a toddler running around. he is into everything and with the house not being toddler safe i can only unpack when he's napping or in bed. it makes it slow but i am having more fun with him!
it is great to be back. now, off to unpack some more. i will post pic's of the house soon.