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ellies big date!

 the kids made science experiments yesterday afternoon.  they played outside until the school kids got home. ha

last night chris took ellie out on their first daddy daughter date. but first they made salad dressing together. ha

ellie put on her pretty dress and new jacket and was SO excited to go out with just daddy. they went to the mall, and had ice cream (free coupon!) then played at toys r us. 
 picture perfect! hahahahahaha
 smiling at daddy
 showing me her new outfit
 love her!
 her first love
ellie cute.  nate told me this morning that ellie had her devotion book with her in bed and asked her if she was doing a devotion. she said yes then closed her eyes and prayed "dear jesus please make ellie, ellie" bawahhhhh

enjoy the rain today! 0 comments


 we enjoy the swing, even in the cold. ha 
 nate rubbed his eye but the girls look cute so i posted the pic
 nate is so careful with jo. he wanted to make sure she was ok and wouldnt fall
 my 3 rug rats


fall is everywhere!

 i try to get the kids out at least once a day, esp in the mornings. i like to get the wiggles out.  yesterday was really nice, for fall that is. and after the chore of finding boots, hats, jackets, mitts and scarves we set out for a brisk walk.  i love how quiet the community is in the morning, i am the only sahm in the area. so the place is ours
 the bush was too dense, so i stayed back with jo and the older two set off to find things
 they played in a mini lake. found some rocks to throw and laughed together
 they kept coming back to show me the stuff they discovered. like ice, then we threw it on the ground and jumped on it
 ellie is like jo, she likes to touch everything. her mitts were off because she wanted to touch all the flowers, trees, bush and bark
 she was forever crunched down studying something that caught her interest.  then she would pick it up
 with her teeny, cold hands
 and show me the delight she found. so fun to watch
 jo jo literally just sat and watched. she never said a word just smiled and watched
 nate wanted to push jo
 and ellie wanted to hold my hand. these are the moments, i am so grateful to god
such a fun morning out and long naps followed!!!! 0 comments

silly stuff

 little jo jo. such a card. we adore this gal

its minion month at church, so we decided to do minions with the kids for saturday.  ellie has been running around the house yelling "BANNANA BANANA!"
 my little book worm.  after im done school with nate, its time for ellie's book time.  she loves to sit and read books with me. i dont mind the snuggles. so grateful im home with them
 yesterday morning i went to make bread for breaky and popped open the toaster oven (nate likes his bread toasted in the toaster oven, not the toaster, cause its better that way! ha)  and voila i see this!
 i called ellie over and i asked her what she did and she said "i wanted toast with butter and jam, so i made it.  is it ready?" it was rock hard and who knows how long she actually cooked it. i think it sat over night. i laughed. what a turkey. they watch everything we do!



 chris was very impressed with his mad apple skills. look at the cider and apple sauce he made! 

little jo jo silhouette. love her
 sat, i took ellie out to run errands, she was SO tired.  she asked me to hold her hand, so while i drove home i reached around and held her hand, 2 min later she was out!
 i slipped my hand out of hers, then unloaded the car, put the groceries away, had a coffee, got jo up from her nap, changed her bum, had another coffee, made lunch for chris and called him in and had him wake her up. she was out cold! ha
 it's not often that i have a brain fart that is awesome! while i was at the $ store i saw colored sticks and velcro. i added bling and voila!  instant activity for ellie! but the prob is nate and his friend likes to play with them too! haha.  these simple sticks have kept the kids busy for the last few days and cost me 2.00 to make!  score for non t.v creativity!


p d day 2015!

 fri morning a dear friend and i went to st. john for the annual proff development day that the home educators of n.b outs on.  we had a great time, but then again ANY day away, with no kids is wonderful. haha  we talked the whole 2 hrs there!  talked all day and another 2 hrs back.  it was awesome. ha

the food was plenty!
 swag bags
 more food
 home educators!
 the book swap table.  we arrived around 9:30 so a lot of the good books were gone but i was able to score a few curric's so im happy. 
it was a lovely day and i left feeling like "i can do this!" i can home educate my kids and not mess them up! haha 0 comments


 today was beautiful! the wind was a blowing, so i took the older 2 kids to the park for a picnic/play time while jo stayed home and napped. i found a new park that i heard about and decided to check it out.  the playground was taken out this summer and replaced with a natural park.  the kids LOVED it. spent over 2 hours here! 
 trees/logs/stumps were in place of monkey bars/swings.  really, what kids doesnt want to climb on trees???
 so beautiful
 ellie was telling me "im ok mom, i am being careful" haha
 more logs
 and timmy's!
 balance ropes too!
 i went down the slide as well. it was a really fun park. totally reminded me of parks i went to in calgary
 a bench made from a log, and more tree stumps to climb over
 such imagination
 ellie was asking nate"what are you looking at nate?"
 we visited the ducks, but we had no food. we ate it. ha.  nate fell in the pond shortly after this pic was taken. and still stayed at the park for another hour.  we threw rocks and tried not to hit the ducks. ha

i am so glad i had the chance to spend some time outside, exploring on such a nice day.  soon the snow will be here....sob sob