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the girls

 saturday i had some errands to do so i took ellie along with me. she LOVES and i mean LOVES going places.  i stopped and bought her a treat. this ice cream cost me 4.50!  for REAL!  that teeny, tiny scoop was almost 5 BUCKS!  she enjoyed it thou!

sunday we went to church as a family, as nate likes to call it.  i put eliana in the cutest outfit and shoes (thanks cry!) she looked like a doll. so cute. i tried to get a pic but this was the best i could get
 johana went to her class but would having NOTHING to do with the nursery!  i got paged after 30 mins.  as i walked down the hall to get her all i could hear was her screaming. she was so upset.  i asked if she cried the whole time....hoping i'd get a no...but they said yes, she cried from the minute i dropped her off till i picked her up. she was so upset. oh well!  ill try again!
 hanging out with me in the atrium
 i now call johana my little room destroyer. she has the ability to utterly destroy a room in under 30 seconds flat!  she is SO busy.
 me? make a mess? never! i love to throw things on the floor! hahaha
good thing shes cute, cause im keeping her! 


Jonathan said...

My god she has grown! what a cutie pie!

mel said...

i know! you guys NEED to come for a visit!