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skate park monday

 jo jo feasting on her amazing timmy's new apple, caramel bagel. so good!  watching the action from the stroller
 my heart.  chris is an amazing dad.  he truly is. he adores his girls.  so thankful for this dude
 my life.  thank you god, you are faithful
 up close of my clan
 nate was holding her so she wouldnt fall. he is truly kind with his sisters, not just at the skate park, but when his friend is over and they are playing video games; he is still kind to them
 my new fav pic. he's a great son
 trying to get her walking....haha
 such a happy little thing

at costco tonight, she saw a guy that i would describe as "alaskan wild man/hill billy/unshowered scary man" she caught his eye and smiled and WAVED. the guy was so taken, so touched with this. i smiled at him and said "she thinks your special"
 my heart. daddy and his baby girl
and that wraps up the last few days, with some school tossed in there. ha. i should do a school update soon. so far, school is AWESOME. i truly think it gets better each year.  so thankful i stuck it out, thanks dad for not letting me quit!  chris supports me for sure and has helped me through the hard days, but a day a yr ago, i was on the phone with my parents, crying and so very discouraged about home schooling when dad pipped up and said "mel! dont you quit! you can do this! we believe you can and support you" i held on to that and kept going....

thank you mom and dad.  your support means flowers on dark day.  we love you guys