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a walk in the woods

 shawn took the kids pirate ship a part and made this war thingy.  the kids played on it for most of the weekend. they LOVED it.  i love how they made it their own. imaginations are a wonderful thing
 i dream of the day that i have woods in my back yard.  the kids had so much fun out there and to be honest, i enjoyed my time out there with them, watching them tell me all the cool things they found, the clues to the hidden treasure that they are 100% positive is in the woods...climbing trees and being as loud as they want!
 see. tree climbing, its in a kids dna to do
 my favorite weekend memory.  i was walking with the kids, the boys were leading the way, when a little hand reached out for mine and i walked and held hands with charlie girl. she stole my heart at that moment. love her!
 boys and their dog
 can you imagine having this in your back yard?  so much fun to have!
 we let the kids in the hot tub, but they were not allowed in with us. ha.  i went in both nights and stayed in until i pruned up!


Crystal said...

So fun that we let them in the hot tub... Then enjoyed it after they went to bed! 😎

mel said...

why do you think im coming back at the end of the month...hahahaha night time in the hot tub! wheeeeeeee