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 i FINALLY, after 3 WEEKS of trying to get a hair cut, got one last week. i NEEDED it bad!  i snapped a quick before pic with jo on the way out the door!
 done!  driving on the way home. i LOVE it, so easy to not do!
 the kids didnt know what to think, jo came right to me, the other two needed to warm up.  ellie kept touching my hair and saying"soft hair, so pretty" so i think she likes it
 back and side
 and 1 of the 3 braids. yes, braided!  again, i was 2 yrs over due for a cut! haha
 i told ellie she couldn't go outside to play, it was bed time after i fed jo.  so she sat down like this and watched.  i asked her what she was doing and she said "i cant go out, so i watch the kids" hahaha but she obeyed!


wk-eigenheer said...

Mel I like your new hairdo !! Do you keep your braides like I did or do you like many in our area donate it for wigs?
Thanks again for your update on your family ! Love Muetti

mel said...

yes! im totally donating it to a canadian company that makes wigs for canadian kids that don't charge for the hair/wig. heads up most american companies take the donated hair, make the wig then charge the kids for them!

welcome home muetti! enjoy your little rest before your next trip!

Crystal said...

I did like your hair long, so pretty, but short hair kinda makes you a hot mama! 😄

mel said...

i only had long hair cause of the mom bun. ha. i like having shorter hair, im totally wanting to cut it shorter soon.....